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  1. Thanks Joe, I have figured that out. It was because the IP setting and the wrong address from the VFD manual Hang
  2. Hi Joe, Sorry to reply you late. Thank you for your help. I figured it out yesterday and work late, so I didnot get a chance to reply you. The problem was the master IP setting. I though the master's IP will be only for master; slave IP for slave. So I set both the master, which is the PLC and the VFD at IP 1. Also, the manual of the VFD gave me the wrong command address. I figured that out with trying some address around the address from the manual. Thank you again for your help. You replied real fast. Regards, Hang
  3. Thank you Joe. I connected the PLC with the VFD today and did some test for the modbus control. I downloaded the modbus master file like the webinar shown and change all the settings into my requirements, but it won't work. The status message is 5, which means no connection. I dont know why. I think all my wirings and setting are right. I dont know how to upload pics, hope someone can help me. Thank you.
  4. Hi there, I have a project that need to use V1210 modbus to control a VFD which is Hitachi WJ200. Im new to PLC and never done anything about modbus. But I watched the webinars and got the frame of the software. Now, I still don't know how to connect the PLC with the VFD. I can program the PLC and make it the master, but I don't have a chance to program the VFD. I saw on the other forums that people are using March 3. I don't know what is that and I don't think that will help. So Im here to see if anyone can tell me from the basic steps how to set up the connect between the PLC and VFD through modbus. Appreciate for the help. Regards
  5. can you please send me a link about the advanced webserver example? Cause I can find it anywhere on the Unitronics website
  6. I have a customer that he wants to be able to see the data and also edit the data through his computer. I saw some forums said that there is a javascript code can work for that, Can someone help out on that? Im new to programming, so I need some detailed help. Thanks
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