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  1. The complete text of my post was not posted. I included more detail on the errors I'm getting and was hoping to get some community feedback as well. I will also send this information to support. As far as my sending application, I will send it, but it happens with any project I create, not just this one. Here are the details: When I try to export to CSV (after selecting a "," as the separator and choosing a filename) I get a dialog box saying "UnOpOpr1" "The CSV file you have selected cannot support the exported values." I have tried changing the name of the file and tried it on brand new project files with the same result. Also, trying the other "Export Operands Description" choice generates a "Run-time error '429': Active X component can't create object" dialog and clicking OK shuts down VisiLogic. Any ideas?
  2. Hi, I've been developing my application in version 9.6.0 reached at this URL: http://www.unitronics.com/support/downloads.%C2'> What is the latest version? Is 9.6.0 a released version? I assume if I roll back to 9.5.0 then I'll have to scrap what I've done so far since it was developed on a "newer" version. More to the point, any ideas what could be causing the export errors?
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