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  1. Hello , is there is a restriction on the number of files in the directory "/data tables" on SD card?
  2. Thank you for your response Could you describe the process?
  3. How to convert a number to string ?
  4. Hi. Will be the V1040 with flat.panel for the food industry? Will it be possible to use PROFIBUS for this device? This PLC is used in 90 % of my applications. Does the VISION batch have prospects for new applications, or is it in decline? Range of UniStream doesn't suit me dimensionally.
  5. Hi Which type of communication modules RS485-modbus RTU is suitable for Samba 7" ? It can be used V100-17-RS4X ?
  6. Hi, I have problem with connection to PC-PLC JZ10-J-UA24. I can't connect via JZ-RS4. I think this problem happend after setting SI140 = 600. I'm able to connect when i set up PLC to Bootstrap-mode, but there is only Update OS available. It's impossible to download my program with SI140=599 - it's impossible to connect. In info-mode it shows SI140=0 and i just can't modify it. Thank you for your help.
  7. Communication task operates without a single error (status == 0), data is not lost, just not in force at the time of registration (NEt 3 in the picture).
  8. Thank you for your reply, but it didn't really help. I need to know in which exact moment are the loaded data valid in the succesfull end of procedure readcoil.Meanwhile after the end of every communication master-slave i have to wait some"undefined" time. It's not very sophisticated solution.
  9. Please could you explain how works the timing when i use modbus-master RTU. Right after the end of communication with slave (procedure readcoils), data won't update.In memory (MB1200...) there are data from the previous communication. When i try to load them with delay 10 ms then they are updated. what is the guaranteed period of validity of data? Or what should i do to guarantee validity of a data? Task is in attachment. target : V1040 visilogic: 9.7.44
  10. ​Please send me more specifications about application ​Enhanced PLC Webserver.vlp. If is it possible, please publish or send the table of variables in closed tasks. I don t have close info about buffer capacity, used strings width, without is it really hard to do that. Thank you.
  11. SMS SEND returns:SEND FAIL BITMAP ==1 if I send characters 1234567890123 ...> 70 characters and it is not sent. If I send characters 1234567890123 ... <70 messages are sent and FAIL BITMAP == 0 In the CONFIGURATION SMS language = ENGLISH
  12. How many characters can contain Sending SMS.Help states 160 characters (English). When I try to send more than 70 characters (English) an error will fail bitmap.SMS not sent. V570 + modem ENFORA
  13. Please table of error codes Status Messages feature CONFIG SMS
  14. I have a problem with VISILOGIC v 9.7.0. When i want to send sms and i click on SEND SMS icon on the ladder it says "UnFBCom1"," Run Time error 2006". After that VISILOGIC crashes. It has nothing to do with project i'm working on because even in sample programs when i click on SEND SMS on the ladder it crashes too. I followed recomended advices: UAC is turned off I run as administrator I reinstalled VISILOGIC - including upgrade available soft. Nothing helped. OS: WINDOWS 7 profi,64-bit, I run it on Win Vista and the same thing happened. There is no problem using version 9.4.0
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