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  1. Because of the high IP67 protection, do not have mechanical possibilites to set base parameters.. http://www.hengstler.de/gfx/file/shop/encoder/AC58/LSS_CANopen_en.pdf Now I solved the problem with USBCAN adapter and this way change the baud rate and node address. Thanks anyway, best regards.
  2. Hi Eyals, I don't have SUCOnet communication, I have Hengstler AC58 - CanOpen http://www.hengstler.de/gfx/file/shop/encoder/AC58/Datasheet_AC58-CANopen_en.pdf
  3. Hi, i have encoder Hengstler AC58 - cable (do not have mechanical possibilites to set base parameters - baudrate, node address), from user manual I found that the default node address 1 and baud rate 800kb/s. Is it possible via the LSS protocol settings node address and baud rate, although Unitronics does not support baud rate 800kb/s. Very thanks for any information and helps.
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