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  1. Hi Joe, Sorry, this reply is over a year in the making. Yes, the .NET SAP driver was specifically developed to perform production step confirmation transactions in SAP. The broader system is a .NET application with a fancy user interface. The operators bar code scan the relevant SAP production info into the HMI of the .NET application. The .NET application establishes connections with several production devices (thickness gauge, vision inspection camera, weight scale and a Vision PLC with multiple count sensors for tracking various defect modes). The manufacturing process is run and
  2. Not sure this is the proper location for my question, but will there be a .NET driver or communications protocol for the UniStream as there is for the Vision? I've used literally dozens of Vision PLC's simply because I can tie together PLC operations and production control operations with several other peripheral devices (bar code scanners, RFID readers, measurement gauges, keyboard wedge devices, etc.) into a single PC based application, then integrate it into my customer's production systems or warehouse systems (SAP, SAGE, MFG Pro, and custom SQL databases). I've hesitated migrating
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