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  1. Hi NoamM..... Thanks for the response. After further looking at what we are trying to achieve, although entering the Alarm description into the Struct and also into a table for messages is double handling, the additional table gives us the opportunity of truncating the text to something simple in the email/SMS. That being said, I still consider it would still be a concept worth considering
  2. Hi... I have recently been down the path of unsupported modems with Unitronics support and while fully understanding their position on supported only, its a frustrating exchange to get simple information. If you want to keep it simple, use the supported modem. We use, (Based In Australia), Cybertec modems, http://cybertec.com.au/support.php , and have done with Unitronics for many years, they are super reliable. We use them with a closed APN on Carrier Telstra to provide easy remote access however Telstra will also provide a public IP on a Corporate/business account, it will change every modem power cycle but works. I have recently discovered that Unistream inserts an extra CR/LF in an SMS string which is a bit annoying and I cannot get a non supported modem to start up to receive SMS due to incompatible init strings. Both these problems are mine and mine alone if I don't use supported modems, fair call for support but as I said, annoying. I would LOVE to be able to easily build my own Modem definition without going to all the trouble of using COM TX /RX to make it happen but I cnt see that feature being made available. Our clients love SMS as it is a solid back end message about remote site status, (WWTP), we use SNMP and email via a monitoring server but the solid old school SMS is the preferred medium. The Cybertec 4G support 3G UTMS and LTE and can be set to either mode or Automatic and a re multi band as well. JH
  3. Is there a means of accessing the Alarm Descriptions in the Alarm Manager? I would like to access them to dynamically insert the text into an SMS and Email Message. I cannot find any relevant pointers in the Alarms Struct
  4. Hi.... I have recently loaded Visilogic 9.8.09 on a current model Acer Notebook running Windows 10. It was loaded as administrator however I had to run Visilogic as WIN7 compatibility to get it to run. The Notebook became totally unstable and locked up every time it went to sleep or was even restarted. I had to uninstall Visilogic to get it back to an operational state. I have not tried an install again. Has anyone else had any experience with Windows 10. Thanks john
  5. Hi All.. I stumbled across this conversation by accident. I started my programming life with Machine Code and Assembly Language in the Mid 70's on Mini Computers and early Microprocessors. We were all teaching each other back then. The two pieces of "advice" that were regularly bandied about were The last part is the coding, plan it , write it down, Flow Chart it, then don't top down code, implement your plan. Write your code like its meant to be understood by someone in 20 years time, 'cause you just might be the someone. I don't code a lot these days, mostly play with Networks and GPON but the rules still apply! Nice to see a proper flow chart Joe.
  6. Hi Saragani... Thanks for the update, I appreciate the feedback. It would be GREAT if you did do some work for increasing the efficiency of the screen update, this application works VERY well for us, we have 5 companies over 19 sites monitoring and controlling Waste Water plants remotely on a daily basis. John
  7. Thank you... That makes sense. By CRC, I assume you mean Circular Redundancy Check, so any file changes or even program changes would potentially affect the CRC generated? This also implies that a URC file is particular to a PLC and a site and that any URC created for a PLC cannot be simply copied, the file must be created from the PLC directly? ( I do not copy URC files, just checking). Also, where are the CRC's stored so that I can make certain that I am not "polluting" any previous image with any potential data store moves, adds and changes? If I update the application does the existing data, (CRC's) get updated? I have multiple clients each with multiple PLC's that I administer. If a single client has multiple sites then there are a larger number of URC files to be searched for a matching URC, eg if the client has 16 sites then there will be 16 URC files in the common profile directory to search for a match each time a screen changes. I will try to think of a way to re order the data store to reduce this. Unfortunately my network is 3G based and latency can be from 20mS to 1200mS, typically 250mS. Any updates to the efficiency of Remote Operator would be greatly appreciated. Cheers John
  8. Hi... I launch Remote Operator as a Remote Application, i.e. an rdp Application as opposed to and rdp DeskTop. This is used by clients to access remote PLC via a 3G WAN. It all works well except for the effect of a slow speed network. I do set UR2 file to VNC Mode and I do have URC files in a cache directory. HMI >> Mouse>> to button Press is very fast but update of screen is VERY slow. I would like to know; How does Remote Operator choose correct URC for a particular site? They are all in a common directory however there does not appear to be a setting in the ur2 file to point to the urc. Is there any way of improving the slow response? Network Speed is typically 3 to 7 Mbps User.config is edited to point to a User Drive for ur2 files and set vnc mode however I cannot find a pointer for urc files. Thanks John
  9. Hi... Trying to run DataXport on a 64 Bit Server 2008 R2 platform. When the project is run a Runtime Error occurs, Activex component cannot create object. Excel is NOT loaded on the server, this MAY be part of the problem. Version 3.1.9. Is this a 64 bit program? Any clues anyone? John
  10. Thanks Everyone. I have 13 570's running the same application. They are being used as Environment Controllers in Telecoms Eqpt Rooms and Remote Telecoms Cabinets primarily supervvising the Aircons. The internal sensor was a good simple way to monitor local temp and to track it and raise a gross overtemp alarm. I have applied the correction patch to all of the PLC's and in identical environments over 10 remote cabinets it ranges from 7 degrees over to 20 degrees over ambient. All cabinets are running a stable 30 degrees internally, (external ambient can go to 50 so the internal is deliberately higher). There are also an additional 3 controllers looking after Equipment rooms. One 570 was delivered in Late 2009 and the balance were delivered mid 2010. Of all of the controllers the one delivered in 2009 is within 2 degrees which is totally within expectation considering it was not realy meant to measure external temperatures. This is not a big problem however I thought it was worth bringing to the forum John
  11. Simon... We have circulating fans in the cabinets , same for all PLCsbth with correct display and without. PLC is Vertical I even let one run with the cabinet open all day, it is ina computer room running the environment controller so the temp inside is a stable 22 but it still reads 42. I have added a corrrection subtract to the program but still an inconistent result between identical PLC's of same config and model in same application. Just delivered 6 months apart. John
  12. Are you looking for a serial modem that supports bothway SMS as a stand alone device? If so it would need a protocol set supported by Unitronics. Is there support for SMS interface via Ethernet pending? I have never seen a modem/router that accepts SMS strings via Ehternet interface but if itexists it would be a nice concept. I would love to get Emils response to this idea. jh
  13. Hi.. Has anyone else experience problems with the Vision internal Temp Sensor reading about 20 degrees C high. I have V570 s reading over 20 degrees high compared to ambient. I have the same program in other PLCs reading correctly. (SI and SB 14) Where is the sensor physically and can it be affected by the snapon used etc? jh
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