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  1. Paul Rylatt

    We want to know!

    Is there any intent to upgrade Visilogic based PLCs with the same capabilities?
  2. Paul Rylatt

    Upgrade OPC support to OPC-UA? 

    Are there any plans to upgrade OPC to OPC-UA? Much of industry is moving toward OPC-UA for IOT interconnections.
  3. Modbus RTU is not a TCP protocol. Modbus TCP/IP is designed for sending over an Ethernet network (Vision optional) while Modbus RTU is designed to be sent over a serial network such as RS-485 (Vision standard). It is common to confuse the data layer with the transport protocol. Modbus TCP/IP = data layer; Ethernet = transport protocol. Modbus RTU = data layer; RS-485 = transport protocol. Modbus TCP/IP can be simplified as Modbus RTU with additional information in the data packet for sending over an Ethernet network.
  4. In attempting to load a new .C13 file onto (8) V130-33-TR6 units through the microSD card, (2) of (8) units successfully loaded the file while the remaining (6) beeped and then failed to load the file. Any ideas on what could cause this and how to resolve this issue? This has not occurred before.
  5. Create a .C13 clone file for each program, place in the System directory of a (micro) SD card and then the user can upload it from the SD card when it is time to change programs. They can even switch back and forth if they want to. If any user data has been saved in data tables, the user can save the data tables on the (micro) SD card when switching back and forth. The data table file can be downloaded to a PC for storage or even analyzed in software.
  6. For RS-485 on the Visilogic V130 units, if the unit is being used by as a slave only, will setting the baud rate to 115,200 allow it to talk to Masters set on a lower baud rate. I cannot find anything in the literature that verifies or contradicts this.
  7. Can more than one socket, i.e. Sockets 0 and 2, access Port 502 for MODBUS at the same time allowing both masters simultaneous access?
  8. For the V130, is it possible to connect to 2 Ethernet masters at the same time for polling? I have a customer using an Active-Active Redundant SCADA system polling with 2 masters at one time. They would prefer not to use an Ethernet Gateway and connect to the RS-485 terminal. If not, is there any thought to upgrading the O/S to handle this capability? If that is not planned or possible, do ANY Unitronics PLC's have the ability to communicate with 2 Ethernet masters concurrently?
  9. When I check for updates to the operating system from the Help drop-down menu, I get a dialog box stating "Live Update (179) Note that your version of VisiLogic is outdated. Download from http://www.unitronics.com/vision.htm".If I enter that address into Internet Explorer, I get "Webpage not found." This is for Version 9.8.0, the latest version. I ran "VisiLogicSetup_9_8_Build_00.exe" as an Administrator, Windows 7 Professional.
  10. Try putting the read and write functions on different rungs/rows. It may be possible that you are getting a timing race by having both functions on the same rung. Allow one function to fully complete before running a different function.
  11. Create a dynamic data table with a row counter. In this way, when adding rows the counter will increase and when removing rows the counter will decrease. It will even work when adding/removing rows internal to the data table, not just at the end. Store the row counter in its own data table with one row, Row 0. Also, store the max number of rows written to and store in the same data table and row as the row counter. Remember the first row is always Row 0. All processing loops through the row counter. It will even allow you to loop from the last row to the first row and in reverse.
  12. I tried to set up an email account at gmx.com but the website couldn't find the page for free email. Does anyone know of any other email services that will work with the email feature on a Vision PLC?
  13. Is there any plan to integrate Ethernet/IP into the Vision line or will that be for Unistream only?
  14. Two questions about the vector:struct function: 1. For the "Length" value, is there any way to make it variable, i.e. using a MI to change its size? 2. What does "Import" do, since it is not covered in the Help system? Thanks.