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  1. Well gee Joe, I was on your vendor list web page yesterday and missed this one completely..... Sometimes its easier to ask and have someone wave it under your nose than to do relentless research on the web 😌 JohnR
  2. Hey All, I have a little project where I want to monitor DC current in a panel where there is currently mechanical amp meters. I'm trying to find some sort of a DC current transducer 0-10Adc input (minimum), that will give me a 0-10Vdc output. A search of the web brought up little results, so I thought I'd ask the community if anyone has any suggestions... JohnR
  3. Very cool indeed..... I seem to remember seeing something like god mode in a Win7 forum years back, but I don't recall it being this simple to implement. Thanks, Aus Easter Bunny JohnR
  4. Define an array of MB's say, MB101 through MB132, these are the bit coils that your alarms will trigger. Use the Bit to Num FB (under vectors); A = the starting MB of your array, MB101 B = the DW where you want to store your "bit word", DW1 C = the length of you MB array, const 32 if MB104 is on, then the forth number of the DW will be 1 if MB128 is on, then the 28th number of the DW will be 1 and so on....
  5. Well, another couple of weeks of trial & error, and I'm still having this issue... I set up another computer with a fresh install of Win10 (thinking maybe something was amiss with the previous computer). DataXport ran for a day and a half before it popped up this same 3709 Runtime Error... And the error still pops up almost daily, getting pretty frustrating..... Anyone else have any ideas? JohnR
  6. Plus, with the Data Table method you can use the DataXport utility to copy the Data Table to an Excel file, saved into a folder or emailed to someone... JohnR
  7. AAAAHHHHRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!! Went a little over a week without an error, now suddenly I'm back to a couple times a day.... Win10 does not show any updates installed in the last two weeks.... Again I ask, am I the only one who is having this issue? Maybe I'll try a different computer, perhaps there is a ghost in this machine. JohnR
  8. Good news, I think.... Seems my computer received a big Windows Update late last week, and since then I have not had this error (mind you it had gotten to the point where it would pop up the error several times a day in the last week). And the problem seems to have started the last time I had a big update..... Time will tell.... JohnR
  9. Anyone out there in Creatorland have any suggestions? Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? I am running ver 3.1.23 of DataXport which appears to be the latest, and it is the only app running on a fresh Windows 10 PC I've tried adjusting my schedules, and how many sites I read from, and I tried writing to the local PC where DataXport is running, all with the same inconsistent issue. JohnR
  10. this is what I'm thinking, it happened every now and then when I was using Win7 and Office 2010 (installed locally), but the issue started happening more often when I upgraded to Win10 and Office 365 (cloud based). I'm thinking that sometimes we are stepping on each other, that is, the end user program goes out and reads the Excel files 4 minutes after I start my read/write process and perhaps he is trying to open the newest Excel [NOT RESPONDING] file before I'm done writing it....😴 I changed the times on my schedule this morning to give a bigger gap between my write and his read, we'll see if that helps.... JohnR
  11. In each Vision PLC, I take a reading every minute, which is saved to a Data Table. DataXport then connects with each PLC at a given schedule, copies the Data Table, and saves to an Excel file on a shared network drive. (some of the PLC's are read only once or twice a day, others are read every 15 minutes as the end user of the data wants close to real time updates). The end user of the data, reads the Excel file on a similar schedule (but not at the same minute) and puts it into fancy charts and graphs for every one to see..... run time error 3709 says; "The connection cannot be used to perform this operation. It is either closed or invalid in this context." I'm not sure if the connection in question is the connection from DataXport reading one of the PLC's, or from DataXport saving an Excel file to the network drive. And of course, the error always seems to pop up when I'm out of the plant for a couple of days, and then I have to listen to the end users griping about missing information... Which of course make me look like an incompetent boob having created such an unstable data collection process.... JohnR
  12. I've googled it too, but it seem all the posts are older and not relevant to windows 10.... And these fixes seem to point more to a VB error containing an "Invalid Procedure Call" rather than the message I'm getting from this 3709 error... Any other ideas out there guys? JohnR
  13. A few days ago, I ran the Windows Update and it installed a few updates but I did not see this one (KB4512486) listed among them. I went to the MS page about KB4512486 and tried to install from there but it said my system was up to date. And again this morning, error 3709 any other ideas?
  14. Hey all, I am running DataXport with 7 different PLC's (sites) in the project. Each site has it's own schedule, and there are no overlapping times. The PC that is running DataXport is a Win10 machine, and this is it's only function in life. It sits under my workbench, and I occasionally check on it. I have been running like this for quite some time with no issues except this; Every now and again, this error will pop up and DataXport ceases to run (it is still open, but not doing anything). When I click the OK button on the error message, DataXport closes and the error message goes away. I restart DataXport and it comes up running like nothing happened. Looking back at Call Log I find that the error does not correlate to any particular site, time, or day of week. Does anyone know what Run-time error '3709' is supposed to be telling me? Anyone else had this issue? Oh, and it also happened from time to time back when I was running this on a Win7 machine..... Regards, JohnR
  15. I collect a lot of data on multiple PLC's, and I started out using the email function of DataXport to send to different supervisors/managers. But another side to using the DataXport utility is that you can set it up to dump your files directly into a network folder, provided your PLC stuff resides in the same network infrastructure as the production supervisors office network. JohnR
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