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  1. Hey All, Here's a strange one, anyone have an answer for this? I have a V570 project that I built a few months back, all seemed good until the middle of last week. seems that every morning when the machine is powered up, we find that all saved settings for the machine (stored in MI's) are at zero, as though the PLC was Initialized. luckily I have all these settings hard coded into a subroutine so it is just a matter of "loading default settings". but, still annoying... I'm about ready to put a new PLC in and see what happens, but thought I'd reach out to the masses and see if anyone has experienced this. JohnR
  2. Hey Aus, No, actually the battery was my first thought, and I changed it last Friday , and SB8 = 0 any other mind numbing ideas? JohnR
  3. Hey, Thanks Flex....... I knew there had to be a more elegant way, I actually looked at the vector find earlier, but wasn't sure what to do with the trigger (A), I always forget about using things like SB1...... nets may be free, but it's always nice to do things in a cleaner, less cluttered way..... Regards, JohnR
  4. Hey All, I have a project I did a while back with a V570, revamping an older relay logic machine with PLC/HMI controls, and as I've done with some other retrofits I am saving runtime data in a data table which then gets retrieved using DataXport, then some Quality Control type person uses that data to document performance. On this machine, I have been asked to implement "downtime" reporting. If the machine has been off for "X" amount of time, the operator must enter the reason for the machine being down before he can start it back up. The logic of this was not too difficult, after "X" amount of time the "Start" button becomes a "Go to downtime screen" button", where the operator selects one of sixteen predefined downtime codes, then it returns to the main screen where the Start button is now the Start button. So far, so good..... Now in my logic for selecting the downtime code, I have a screen with sixteen buttons that will be labeled with their predefined codes, these buttons are assigned to a block of sixteen MB's, and I am using a Bit-to-Number function to decode which button was pressed, then storing that number fur use in my report. But, the Bit-to-Number gives me the decimal value of the binary sequence of the block of MB's; 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 and so on up to 32768 Which I can deal with, but I'd rather just give them the numbers 1-16 on their report.... Now I know I can whip up 16 lines of equal-to/store to accomplish this, but I was hoping to find cleaner/neater way of doing this. Anybody got a better way of doing this? JohnR
  5. Hey Flex, I will check out those AP's when I get a little deeper.... I've made a little headway, seems the used PLC I'm playing with has an issue, I did some wiggly-jiggling on the ethernet card connection and my comms popped up (both straight or crossover cables). Still not talking wirelessly, but also not sure of the integrity of these AP's, but I think at this point I'll back up and start with just two AP's as a single P-P bridge (instead of four configured as Multi-point bridge), baby steps...... JohnR
  6. Hey All, I'm working on a project with a couple of V570's that I would like to connect to a wifi network, mainly to avoid running cables to them. I'm no IT whiz, but but it seems like this should be pretty straight forward. I have 4 old Access Points from a different project, which I have setup as wireless bridges, with each having the MAC address of the other three loaded as their contact list. The LAN IP's have been set to the same subnet that I use for all my wired PLC projects that connect to our network (all of these I can connect to from my workstation. My thought process was that I can connect one of my AP's to the network, and an AP to each of my PLC's, and through some computer magic they would all be happy and talk to each other. One thing I am seeing at this point that confuses me is; In info mode on the V570, on the ethernet screen, there is a box telling you if you have communication, when I plug into a computer it shows "communication established 100baseT", but when I plug into one of my AP's I get "no link for tcp communication". I know the AP LAN ports are good as they have all been plugged in to configure. Anyone have any suggestions? Or have experience making this work? Or a better way to go about setting up something like this? Regards JohnR
  7. Cam, thanks for the input...... This is an experiment at this point, if I prove to myself that it is doable then I will buy some industrial grade AP's. Right now I'm just playing on my test bench. My main issue at this point is why the PLC wont talk to the AP, and since you mentioned a crossover cable (although most devices are auto negotiating these days) I did try a crossover from the PLC to AP, but still no connection. I'd prefer hard-wire for reliability, but it is a movable machine in a harsh wet environment and just thought a wireless link might be a good route to go. Anybody else out there have any thoughts on this? JohnR
  8. This is a PT100 input, which is based on a resistance measurement principle where 0-degrees C = 100 ohm, and changes about .4 ohms per degree. so it would seem that 1-320 ohm is basically the range of a PT100 sensor. So if you ever have the need to precisely read a resistance in a project, there you have it....... JohnR
  9. JohnR

    Upload Download the Unitronics way.

    Yeah Aus, I have some programs that use the Transfer >PLC>PC or Transfer> PC>PLC, and it does make more sense..... Now, A-B uses the Download to PLC and Upload from PLC contention, so it must be correct........🤔 JohnR
  10. JohnR

    Upload Download the Unitronics way.

    I find this terminology perfectly acceptable..... You have to look at it from the point of which device is the larger resource. Yes, when you are connected to your network and/or the internet, you are downloading information TO your computer and uploading FROM your computer. But, in the case of connecting that little PLC to your computer, the computer is the larger resource, as it contains all the information that you need to download TO the PLC, and if you are sucking a program out of a PLC, then you are uploading FROM the PLC Just my 2 cents.......
  11. Hey All, often times, when I copy a .vlp file from my desktop to my USB thumb drive I get the following warning; I then copy the vlp. from the USB drive to my laptop or another PC I never have a problem with the program when opened, Just curious what "properties" this is referring to...... JohnR
  12. Flex, In my case it's not so much how it was saved, but rather a result of something I've done....... If I have a project open that I'm working on, saved as serial connection, then a some point I change the comms to I/P and go online with a different PLC and use Remote Access to look at something (and that's the caveat, you can do that because Unitronics doesn't compare the online to offline), then I go offline and back to my project, and then later forget I changed comms...... Ooops...... It's an "old-timers" thing, forgetfulness......... :-) JohnR
  13. I've burned myself on this this kid of "fun" more than once...... I'll be working on a project at my desk, and do a download intended for the serial connection to the project on the bench (and having forgot that I was online via I/P to a machine out in the plant earlier in the day), I inadvertently send the download to a running machine causing an interruption on the plant floor....... A little quick thinking when I realize what happened, make a quick download of the correct program back into the machine and get it back running..... Make embarrassing apologies to those who understand by blunder, and tell those who don't that the machine just "glitched"........ All in a days work, :-) JohnR
  14. JohnR

    Upsizing utility

    +1 on Joe's thoughts, I have a V570 project I did a couple years ago, and was kicking around the idea of going to a V700, but I will have to resize graphics on every display..... JohnR
  15. Hi Gonzalo, I follow what you are trying to do, and appreciate the fact that you do have a true safety circuit, but I would still be concerned that by not using the safety circuit when making adjustments you could be putting the user in harms way.... I don't pretend to know exactly what you are controlling, or what hazards are present, but please be mindful of the users surroundings and what could happen........ Is there any stored energy (air, hyd, water), that you need to release before entering the area? If you are going to pursue this, I would at least make the "MCR" a keyed switch (and one that the key can't be removed in the Run position), and the user must have possession of the key while making adjustments. Regards, JohnR
  16. Now, we also do not know what the OP's reason is for wanting to do this, but my first guess is that he wants to create a "safety" of sorts, isolate the outputs so the user can perhaps make adjustments to a machine without shutting down. Now we have to bear in mind that just because the outputs are turned off, the program itself is still running, and any inputs that can change the state of the logic, WILL! And when the outputs are turned back on, the machine may not be in the same state it was. SURPRISE! So, now we could take that same "MCR" contact and inhibit inputs so the program sits still where it was..... And that gets us to the old saying; "JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN, DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD" If this is indeed a pseudo-safety circuit, then we have opened up another can of worms. At least here in the US, a safety circuit is not part of the running program, but instead a separate mechanical (usually redundant) safety relay that takes power away from the PLC's I/O. And that leads to a whole different conversation........ JohnR
  17. Flex.... you are correct if you were to just put a contact in series with the output. my suggestion is to replace the outputs with MB's, set/reset, toggle, or any latching contacts are now done in the logic with the MB that MB then controls the physical output, with the inhibit/start/stop/MCR/whatever-you-want-to-call-it contact before the physical output. JohnR
  18. Or you could replace the output coils with MB coils, then map the MB coils to the associated output coils, then make an MB that you set for your stop condition, and put an inverted contact for that MB before each output you want off. JohnR
  19. JohnR

    User Interface

    Now, I'm certainly not saying that I religiously follow these suggested guidelines from the book. As I said, I usually design/build things the way I see them, and show the users what's going on, some get it, some don't. As Aus said; "I have realised over the years that there are definitely humans that don't have natural intuition at following anything computerish. Carefully step them through a process until they've got it, and a week later they can't do it again, even though everything is on screen clearly displaying what to do" But, I do appreciate the pretense of the book. As the programmers, we all know well what a given control really does in the big scheme of things, but giving the user a defined control that makes sense to how he thinks the process works is what makes a good user interface. And I imagine getting to this point would be easier with a whole design team dealing with every step from conception to finished product, gathering user input and all kinds of thoughts of how it should operate........ But, when you are a one man band, trying to bang out something usable against a deadline, you don't always think about how the user will perceive it...... Flex- Interesting what a little joke dredges up...... JohnR
  20. I've used a lot of V280's over the years, they use to come with the battery installed, and not accessible without opening the unit up, but a couple years they changed the case design and included a battery compartment cover with the battery stored in a plastic bag within, and a sticker on the side reminding you to install the battery JohnR
  21. JohnR

    User Interface

    Like many others in this field, I am the "controls guy" in a manufacturing plant, and I am often the "Judge, Jury, and Executioner" when it comes to building controls for some new process. Sometimes it is hard to predict how the end users will take to a design, there are things that seem simple and obvious to me, and completely baffle the user. I have a third edition copy of About Face, this is an excerpt from the first chapter that kind of sums up the goals of the designer/builder. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Goal-Directed Design is a powerful tool for answering the most important questions that crop up during the definition and design of a digital product: Who are my users? What are my users trying to accomplish? How do my users think about what they’re trying to accomplish? What kind of experiences do my users find appealing and rewarding? How should my product behave? What form should my product take? How will users interact with my product? How can my product’s functions be most effectively organized? How will my product introduce itself to first-time users? How can my product put an understandable, appealing, and controllable face on technology? How can my product deal with problems that users encounter? How will my product help infrequent and inexperienced users understand how to accomplish their goals? How can my product provide sufficient depth and power for expert users? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Things that make you go Hmmm........ Regards, JohnR
  22. Hey All, I've been out of our plant for a few months recovering from some surgery, but I do log into a PC I use about once a week. This PC is running two instances of DataExport, each collecting data daily from two different control systems, and I typically just let them run in the backround. I have been running it like this for a few years, but lately one of these has been dropping out and popping up a window showing "Run-time error 3709", "The connection cannot be used to preform this operation. It is either closed or invalid in this context." Has anyone out there seen this before, or know what the error is trying to tell me? Regards, JohnR
  23. JohnR

    Run-time error 3709

    well, a week since I cleared my log files and it's still running.............. odd the the "run time error" description does not lead you that direction.... stranger things have happened, just you wait and see.......
  24. JohnR

    Run-time error 3709

    Thanks for the input Cam, I'll look at that tomorrow and see if it helps. BTW, back at work after 3 months of sitting on my behind.......... JohnR
  25. JohnR

    Run-time error 3709

    Bump........ Creators? Anyone? JohnR