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  1. Hi all, I am using a V570 and have a Binary Image which shows an off/on switch (uni_R_off, and uni_G_on). There is also a text box behind it. I am using VisiLogic v9.3.1 When conditions exist that I don't want the operator to be able to use this switch I want to hide the binary image and have the text behind it visible. I use a hide bit on the binary image. This sort of hides the image, but a blank grey block still sits over the text where the image is. I have checked the transparent background box, but that doesn't make the grey block disappear and allow the text behind to show through. Is there a way to completely hide the binary image? Thanks, Dan
  2. I am working on a project using a V570 w/ V200-18-E1B I/O module. I am trying to set up the hardware configuration, particularly the High Speed Inputs (Reload). On other projects using a V130, when I select Input 0 on the High Speed Inputs (Reload) tab, and set it to Shaft Encoder (x4), the 'Select Counter Value' box pops up and I can select MI, ML, DW for the variable type. However, in the project using the V570, I can select only the MI (ML and DW don't appear in the drop down). The weird part is, is that on the High Speed Inputs tab (without Reload), I can see all 3 choices. Any idea as to why this is? Is it a bug in the programming software? According to the V200-18-E1B tech specs, the high speed counter input has 32-bit resolution so I am expecting to be able to use ML or DW. Thanks Dan
  3. I'm using a Vision 130, talking CanOpen SDO messages to a Kollmorgen AKD drive. My question is, is there a 'message complete' bit in the V130 unit that would be true when a message is complete? I can see the CanOpen Transfer In Progress bit (SB242) and the CanOpen Transfer Failed bit (SB243), but I don't see a bit that indicates that the message was successful and completed. I am trying to sequence messages to the drive, but need to know that the previous message was completed successfully before I start the next message. Thanks, Dan
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