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  1. Hello, I currenlty busy with a project Unistream 7" + 2x 8DI/DO and a EX-RC1 + 3xPT4x, 2x4AI2AO + 2xAO6. Followed the instruction on the webinar. What took me some time was that you have to upload a ladder programm with Visilogic to the EX-RC1. They don't show it in the webinar - because standard the EX-RC1 is pre loaded with a program - which has an auto configuration for digital inut and output. But when you want to use it for analogue input/output you should change it - by uploading the program in Visilogic withe the serial (9 pins) cable and RJ11 connector. When you follow the webinar - the example is shown for maximum of 16MI. In my case it exceeds 16MI - so I had to change the program. After a lot of 'trial and error' I came to a simple sollution by stripping most of rungs out - and only used the minimum of code. To get the second set of 16MI - you have to change the start adresse by adding 16 (so 1016=start adres first vector, 1032=start adres second vector), and bassicly follow the instruction in the webinar. When the first vector is sent/receive through the canbus MB0 and MB1 blocks the sent/receive off the second vector. I attached the visilogic file - feel free to use it - or comment on it - I'm not an experienced programmer so constructive criticism is welcome. EX-RC1 - example more than 16MI.vlp
  2. Hello, Unitronics sent me an update file for the OS and a small modification in the program Unilogic which cleared the problem. The bug in CANBus was known and will be corrected in the next update. When you have an Unistream and EX-RC1 with IO with ONLY input or output (for example PT4x or AO6) the problem occurs.
  3. Goodafternoon everybody, My system setup is; Unistream 7" & 2x 8DI/DO and additional EX-RC1+3xPT4x,2x4AI-2AO,2xAO6. (I'm posting another question about the ex-RC1 and Unistream 7"- but that's another story) Today I upgraded the firmware of the Unistream from 1.6 to 1.7.62 due to the fact that Unilogic software was updated. The ladder program works - compiles correcte - no errors. After the update I didn't get any communication from the EX-RC1. I didn't change cabeling, correct baudrate. The program in the EX-RC1 is working - no error. I see data getting form the IO's to the EX-RC1 - but no communication between Unistream and EX-RC1. End of the day - I downgraded the Unistream back to version 1.6 - and everything worked again. It seems a new bug - any Idea's ?
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