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  1. They do get powered by the same source, as I've experienced the timing issue before. The cable is one I made myself shortly after the EX-A2X was released to replace the EX-A1, so while I know it uses an RJ cable and ends, I know it only uses 6 wires of the 8 and that they are different end to end. I was going to have him make a new cable. I actually just realize a customer sent in an EX-A2X so I can get the pin assignments myself.
  2. I can have him check the 0V side, but I doubt that to be the issue as everything has power and this is a straight 12VDC system ("L" model expansions). I'm beginning to suspect the expansion cable but again, since I can't just go look and check myself it's hard to make that determination. Anyone have the pin-outs on that cable? It is a custom made (~28ft long) cable.
  3. It's been a while since I've had to deal with this, as I've changed companies over a year ago, but one of my old customers contacted me and is having an issue with a V570-57-T20B that is plugged into an EX-A2X adapter. The adapter has a DI16 and RO8 attached. He is getting a blinking COM light, and obviously because of that nothing is working. These components are all installed on a fuel tanker truck, and they control the fuel delivery systems, so obviously this is a bit of an issue. He's replaced the EX-A2X, same result. Could this be a cable problem, or a problem with the DI16 (it is first in line after the EX)? Installation is a good 1k miles away from me, so it's not like I can just go look at it...
  4. We happened to have a small stock pile of 1N-4007 diodes on the shelf, along with 1N-4001 and 1N-5401's. I'm going to have the controls guys include the 1N-4007's on the next truck to be built, along with an Amperite on-delay relay to keep the PLC from booting when the engine is starting.
  5. Thank you Joe. We have some of the outputs controlling resistor suppressed relay coils (generally 12vdc) and others are directly controlling the coils on 9W and 10W valves (also generally 12vdc). The valve coils have no resistor or diode. I am assuming that if we can only install the 1N4007 at the E1B, this would be "better than nothing". Some instances this will be the only location to put the diode. Other instances we would be able to put the diode within inches of the coil. We do have a small digital storage scope with a 1x/10x probe. Not sure if it has a "one shot" mode or not.
  6. We have had similar issues on a particular group of equipment we built using the V570-57-T20B and V200-18-E1B, a couple "no application" faults and several screen freezes to name a couple. Because I, nor my co-worker, am not an EE or EET, what sort of test equipment can we use to test for noise or feedback? Some of the units have had multiple occurances, others none at all (that I am aware). Or alternatively, how can we better protect the PLC power & grounds as well as the inputs?
  7. FYI, it ended up being an un-used net that had a TD function block for the ASCII string...I guess it is tempermental, because one install it was fine, the other it caused the hiccup.
  8. I've had good luck with the Prolific PL-2303 chipset based USB/Serial adapters. The built-in DB9 on my Dell E5500 works quite well under WinXP but is very frustrating with Win7. It's a driver issue which causes it to be pretty much useless when updating the firmware/OS on the PLCs.
  9. Tech in the field did an install of two ultrasonic 4-20mA sensors for product tank level indication of a V570-57-T20B + EX-A2X + DI16 + RO8 + ATC8. The bit value assigned to the two inputs of the ATC8 are changing, but the display appears to lag and/or not update. I've looked at the VLP file and cannot see why it would act in this manner. If the tech does an initialize & reset, the display is updated. The only thing that I can even think of, is the the MI used as a source for the display was also used as a source for a string, as there were going to be serial slave displays, which are not going to be used. I have half a notion to tell the tech to disable that net of the VLP and see how it acts (it has a timer block incorporated). With the exception of the net for storing data in the string, this program has been used by our company for the past couple years w/out issue but I don't see how it should affect the screen display update...?
  10. Thanks guys, appreciate the input. We'll give it a try.
  11. I have a 24VDC flow meter that outputs from 1.7Hz to 55.5Hz and is NPN. This is obviously not an HSC but rather a low speed device, will I have to treat it as an HSC in order to use this with a V570-57-T20B and V200-18-E1B? It will have its signal wire in position I0 and that block is wired for NPN inputs. I have base programs for HSC flow meter applications, but not this. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. We are working on this using an Enfora, our webserver and an iOS app. It's just simple information fed to a string, the graphics/UI are handled by the webserver/iOS. I should say by "we" I mean our IT guy...
  13. I need to make some updates (potentially) to a program that was written with 9.2.0. I have 9.0.1 on my computer, and was going to update to match. However, the only version online that I can find is 9.3.0. The person in the field has 9.2.0 so the file needs to be compatible with that version. Is there a place I can download 9.2.0?
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