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  1. I finally make it setting up the sb 168 after INIT the corresponding socket, and then storing a #1 value in the si 104!
  2. Hi!, What was your plc leadder configuration to acomplish it?
  3. Hi!, I am currently working on an application for android that effectively change the MB of a plc visio 350 I am trying to send tcp packets using very similar code in my android app, trought the pcom protocol to understand the plc, but so far only managed to effectively convey a single message, thereby changing the state of a MB . After this is impossible to establish anew a connection to the plc through the tcp-ip over ethernet network, and must power cycle the plc to again achieve establish connection to it. Even when Im using visilogic on the same network with a tcp(call) connection mode on socket 1, prior to sending packet with the android application, I get a positive response from the plc, but once sent the package with the android application and turn on or off a MB I get no answer from the plc, not even the visilogic, after that I must reset plc to be able to establish connection again. I tried even using the same code that has Ardivaba here with the same results. I think that could be the failure to close the socket in the plc, but not know how to do it correctly. Please anyone who can help, I really appreciate it ricolinofeliz
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