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  1. Trying to control speed of dc motor with encoder feed back. I'm using KB, SCR drive with SI-5 signal isolator that takes a 0-10v signal from V350&V430 plcs with analog expansion modules. Measuring speed with basic frequency measurement in hardware configuration converted to feet per minute. So far I have fairly decent control using increment/decrement. Comparing set speed with actual speed and inc/dec output based on that. With some fine tuning this can probably give me acceptable control though I would prefer more stable control. Can somebody give me a general idea on how to ramp the motor up/down to set speed before inc/dec takes over. I have not found a reasonable way to do this yet in reasonable amount of time. Also, is incrementing/decrementing reasonable way to do this? What would "standard practice" be for this type of application, perhaps PID or just PI control or other? Any feed back is appreciated.
  2. Hello, Have setup temp control application using V350 PWM via HSO. Was able to run autotune in PID server which seemed to work correctly. Will not autotune directly from controller or run loop. Autotune function block is activated and status says its performing autotune but control value stays at zero. Any Thoughts
  3. Michael, Keith, Yes, you were both right, the furnace was not grounded properly. After grounding furnace better problem went away. Thanks for the help, Good Info. Steve
  4. Making furnace temperature control application using V350-35-TR20, Type K thermocouple ( omega KQXL-116G-9 ) input to IO-ATC8 module. Temperature/process value jumps dramatically every time power is applied to heating elements, up to 100° at higher temps. When power is removed temp returns to accurate reading as verified by other controllers. Using type K shielded cable, have tried grounding shielding to furnace or at other end in box. Have many other furnaces wired in similar fashion to stand alone temperature controllers without this issue. Any Thoughts?
  5. Hello, I am setting up temperature control application. Controlling a furnace using V350-35-TR20 (PID Control), thermocouple type K (Omega KQXL-116G-9 M ) input to TC module IO-ATC8. Have problem with temperature accuracy. TC reads correctly when no power is being applied to furnace, as soon as power is applied to heating elements temperature/process value jumps dramatically, the higher the temp the further off it is, up to 100°. when power is removed temp drops back to being accurate as verified against other controllers. I am using type k shielded cable. Have tried grounding shielding at either end of cable. Have many furnaces wired in similar fashion to stand alone temperature controllers without this problem. Any Thoughts?
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