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  1. Damn me! I feel myself kind of idiot! So many spent hours! Ethernet cable was connected to expansion connector! Everything works now! Thanks for the great forum!
  2. No, PLC doesn't response for PING. PLC's IP is set to and my laptop Just tried with cross-connected cable. In fact, my PLC says "no network cable connected". PLC's information mode says "card initialized" and "link lost, auto-recover is off". As said, I have also tried another ET1-card and another PLC. Could there be a compatibility problem between software or hardware versions of PLC and ET1?
  3. Hi, I have a problem with ethernet-connection, the PLC is V1040 with V200-19-ET1 -ethernet card. I've been using ethernet-connection with Samba (Modbus TCP connection to SCADA software) and it worked fine! The problem is, that when I plug ethernet cable from v1040 to ethernet switch, switch seems to have no activity. Not even Link/act -leds doesn't turn on. When I keep touch screen pressed and enter setup, it show MAC address and IP of ET1, so PLC recognizes that there's ethernet card installed. I've been trying another PLC and another V200-19-ET1, different ethernet switch, different cables, even straight connect to my laptop with cross-connected cable with no results. No activity in ethernet connection. What am I doing wrong? Does V1040 have jumpers that are needed to change?
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