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  1. Thank you for trying to fix the issue, Unfortunately it still says I do not have permission to view the image. Could it be because I new to this forum?
  2. There are many different machines but the ones we are looking to replace the PLC and HMI in have 5 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs also they have2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs for speed refence and temperature control through an rtd module. Temperature range should be 200f-600f The screen size is 3.5 inches and the resolution needs to be probably 14 bits for better control. I am in North America but the machines are world wide and many different enviroments. I work in the rebuild facility but am looking to get into new product development. I am educated in Allen Bradley brand of PLC's and HMI's but think this could be a very good replacement and I'm willing to experiment for the good of the company and would be doing this on my own to present to the right people.
  3. Hello- We have many machines that use a panelview 300 micro HMI and a micrologix 1200 PLC alternatley the PLC's use an analog card for measuring temperature and speed. With the exception of the analog card the machines are only useing about 3 physical inputs and about 4-6 outputs. Panelview micro 300 are no longer being produced so I would like to try something with the same footprint and a color screen to give the machines an updated look for a suitible replacement. If this transformation was a success there would be many machines to update
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