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  1. Is it possible to use the RS232 output from my Mitutoyo KA200 counter for position feedback. I'd like to install a Vision 560 to control the drive motor which positions 1 axis at a time on my 3 axis milling machine. I've attached a PDF copy of the Mitutoyo KA200 counter RS232 interface. Mitutoyo KA200 RS232.pdf
  2. Is it possible to use the RS232 signal from a Mitutoyo KA200 3 axis DRO for position feedback to control the movement of an axis to a target position.
  3. I also looked at Newall's SHG-PV Linear Encoder which may be more suited for my application. I can't seem to find any examples of writing protocol to read the 24v signal. Also does anyone have issues with running Visilogic in Windows 8.1, my new laptop only has Visilogic and Copley CM.2 running and is shutting down sometimes along with being very slow sometimes.
  4. What's involved with developing a protocol to talk with the encoder. Where would I find the information on how to create that protocol.
  5. After some discussion with the local Unitronics supplier I've decided on the V350-35-TR34 / V350-J-TR34. The technical folks at Unitronics suggested moving away from the Hiedenhain LS 803 because of the 5v signal, my choice here is the Sick encoder TTK70-AXA0-K02. I had to buy a new laptop so I can download and learn the Visilogic software. The stepper drive choosen is the Copley Controls STP-075-10 Data Sheet and Nanotec stepper motor pdf Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. I need help with picking the proper hardware and how to accomplish, I'm green but will learn. I have a milling machine that needs a new feed drive and motor. It drives the 3 axis through a common drive powered by 1 drive and motor. The drive uses clutches to direct the power to the appropriate axis. Which of the HMI/PLC combo units would be suitable to control the drive using 3 Hiedenhain LS803 linear encoder as feedback for positioning on each axis. I want to enter a target position on the HMI then move the appropriate axis at a specific feed rate, when approaching the target position the motor ramp down then stop at the target position accurately. I've choosen Copley Controls Stepnet Plus TEL-090-10 drive for Nanotec ST8918L6708-B stepper motor.
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