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  1. Hello, I have one M91-2-UA2 PLC programmed for one analog input and one analog output. My analog input settings is between MI0 - MI20 and my analog output settings is above MI20. I downloaded my program in the PLC and check it on line by changing the values of my MI's and everything was working fine. I switched OFF my power supply because i wanted to give 24v DC to output terminals to measure the analog output and then I switch it ON, when I get on line I realized that the values above MI15 was not be saved and all of them was 0 (MI0 - MI15 was ok). I saved new values on MI15 to MI100 and switched OFF and then ON my power supply, the problem is the same , zero values from MI15 and above. I test my PLC like that for 3 times. I updated my PLC version to 3.90 biould 03 and the probem is still there.I mesaure the battery and the voltage is 3.06 V DC. Do you know anything about my problem ? Any ideas or sugestions are welcome. Thank you in advance. Best reqards Stavros
  2. Hello, I recently bought an EX-A2X-r expansion adapter. Could you please tell me what is the deffernt between the EX-A2X and the EX-A2X-r. Thank you in advance. Stavros Georgiou Automation engineer
  3. Hi, Can I establish master-slave communication between Jazz with rs485 module and a V570 PLC? V570 master / Jazz slave Thank you.
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