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  1. @Aus, one of the slaves doesn't allow any transfer mode changes (nothing but ID) Anyway, issue solved - don't know why but the only solution was to set exactly the same settings on both lines (so 9600 8E1). As of that moment, all started working correctly. that's a bit odd, tbh as I'd expect UniLogic to either prevent setting two different modes or to handle them correctly. Wrt -11 - seems, that it was related to an incorrect parity. When changed the parity to a wrong setting on the first line (and disconnected the second line) I got exactly the same error code. cheers, Michal
  2. Hi, I'm using USP-070 with UAC-02RSC. I setup two MODBUS masters - one on COM1 (9600 8N2) and one on the additional port (9600 8E1). For each master I've defined 30 slaves with two periodic operations (period 1 min). The first modbus line works without any issues however on the second one I'm getting weird results - around half of reads are successful the rest returns status 3. Status of operation is set to -11. I can't find any documentation what it means. There are no dropped packages, and each slave was double checked to make sure it uses correct transfer params (9600 8E1). Any ideas what can be wrong, or what -11 means ? thank you, Michal
  3. Well, It didn't finish in one hour. How long should I wait ? The same occurs if I try to download one of your examples - tested with UniStream_070_Timers_for_UDFB - animation last for at least one hour (I've not waited any longer as it seems something is really broken). After a plc restart functions are not called. I can click buttons (images are replaced), but timers don't work (no change in current value). That issue looks like a showstopper to me.
  4. Hi, after upgrading UniLogic to 1.12.20 my controler has been upgraded to the following: #Version List: Kernel 15.02.01 Kernel_156 15.01.18 File_System 0.0.35 Bin_Files 1.12.7 PLCUpgrade 1.11.1 Now, I'm not able correctly upload any program - Finalizing downloaded project takes ages and after it's finished (the message in UniLogic: Download Complete. Please check your IP connection settings.) the uploading animation is still running on the panel. After rebooting there is a message about version mismatch. After power off and on I can see my application but it looks like functions are not called .... but MODBUS in periodic mode is working .... Even your examples are not working. What can be done to make it working again ? UniLog_Backup.zip
  5. Hi UniGuru, is it required to use that particular USB to serial adapter ? Is it enough to use one with Prolific controller PL2303HXD ? (I've Prolific PL 2303H and it seems to be not working)
  6. Hi, that solved the problem, thank you. However, I'd like to suggest adding special kind of an operation to Modbus configuration. That way all could be still just configuration. Also there is no way to find out when a new value has been read from a remote slave (is there ?), so what kind of condition should be used for such swap ? Regards, Michal
  7. Hi, I've a working solution on Vision V570 - reading a temperature via Modbus as a float (done with MODBUS FB R.F.R #3). However, I cannot make it working on a UniLogic. It looks like problem with a float presentation or convertion. I'm able to read an uint16 array and check that read values can be converted into float (IEEE754) but reading it through configuration as a tag with REAL type returns incorrect values. Is it possible to read real values from Modbus ? How should I do it ? Thank you, Michal
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