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  1. Hello, I have a V350 on the field. The PLC is connected to the internet with a DTU modem which acts like an IP to Serial bridge. The DTU is a transparent serial bridge betaween my computer at the office and the PLC on the field. On my comuter I have a virtual com port which directs all the communication to the serial port of the DTU whcihis connected the COM1 of the V350. I have no problems reading data from the V350 using my SCADA software. But when I try to download a new software using Visilogic. If there is a communication error with the V350 during the download, the Visilogic is trying to "Reconnect" at this time I see that the V350 communication speed changes from 38400 to 57600! After monitoring thecommunication I found out the when the Visilogin is "retrying"is actually send the following command to the V350: "/00CPC1T0AFFFF44". This command causes the V350 to change baud rate. The problem is the if the V350 changes its baud rate the DTU doesnt! So i cant communicate remotlley with the V350. How can I prevent the Visilogic from chnaging the V350 baud rate? By the way the same problem exists with U90 and Jazz controllers. Best regards, Itamar.
  2. Hello, I am using Tibbo SCADA doftware called Aggregate. Aggregate suppot OPC, but it looked like one cannot add tags to the OPC server node manually. The tags are called Assets in aggregate and they are discovered automatically with an "OPC discover wizard". The wizards worked fine for the "Matrikon OPC server for Simulator" but it doesn't discover any items (PLC's) from the UniOPC. Can someone help me add the OPC server to Aggregate? Thanks!
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