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  1. Problem resolved! Thanks very much for your input. All floats installed and working, except one that fails to switch. RS are sending me a new one tomorrow morning.
  2. Good Morning, I have recently expanded my system with a 0808T module. I'am trying to use float switches to start or stop a pump. http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/level-sensors-switches/3389744/ I'm unsure of how to correctly wire them for sink or source. Currently, I have +24vdc and one wire on the sensor into CM0. The other wire of the sensor into I0. I really appreciate the help you guys give.Again these seem like silly questions but Iam slowly expanding my knowledge of wiring. Let me know your thoughts, or any other information you may need. All the best.
  3. Hi, Im having trouble understanding the wiring requirements for the UID-0016R. Am I correct in thinking that I should run a wire from the CM point to every Output in the group? Then run a wire from each Output to the appropriate relay? Many thanks
  4. Thanks very much Alexander! Apologies for the double post, my PC had a funny five minutes...
  5. Right, I think I've cracked it! Just a few more questions! Can you pre-set on the HMI for 2 timers but through the same numeric box? I.E link two timers to the same numeric box... Ideally, I'd like to have another 10 second pause in the pump use and then add in another zone after. Let me know your thoughts on how to do this! Pump Control.ulle Pump Control.ulle
  6. So, my aim is to control a pump. Timer Counts down (t1) -----> pump ON for 'x' seconds ------> Timer Finishes, Pump turns off When pump has turned off, 'pump interval' timer begins (t2) When interval timer has finished counting down ---------> power goes to t3-------> pump ON for 'x' seconds'. Essentially, im using many different timers for to control one pump. T1 is for the first flooding zone for the pump T2 is an interval timer, needed to stop flow of water, so indexing valve can re align. T3 is for the second flooding zone for the pump Any thoughts on a quick solution? As always, thanks for your help guys!
  7. Mit Selihc


    Is there such thing as a RTC based 'stop-start' function in Unistream? I intend to have a simple way of controlling lights based on time. So, say from 10:00am until 3:00pm, I want the lights to be true. I know there is a similar function in Visilogic, I'm just getting to grips with Unistream, so it's taking me a while to update myself! I guess another way could be to store the RTC time in a INT16 tag, and have a HMI entered numeric as your 'stop-start' condition. Then use a 'compare- Equals' FB to compare the RTC time and the user entered time. In my thinking, this will provide a 'set' 'reset' condition for the light output. Let me know your thoughts!
  8. Hi I've already posted about this in the Visilogic forums, but I've recently upgraded to UniStream. For my application I'm using a water quality sensor that has RS485 comm protocol. Can I use the RS485 socket on the CPU to communicate with this sensor? Or do I need a dedicated Comm module? http://www.aquaread.co.uk/downloads/manuals/Aquaread-BlackBox-Manual.pdf UniStream looks great! Just getting to grip with the differences between it and Visilogic! Thanks in Advance
  9. Hi, My application is water analysis, the Ip68 rating is useful! so I aim to have all of the separate electrodes sending information to my PLC, which I can then use for test purposes and display on the HMI. I have in mind a good multi-parameter water analysis electrode to be used with my v1210. It can't be connected directly to the PLC, however the company offer a 'Blackbox' that enables RS485 protocol. Can sensors communicate with the PLC over RS485? Here is the instruction manual to the Black Box: http://www.aquaread.co.uk/downloads/manuals/Aquaread-BlackBox-Manual.pdf I've used analog input via 4-20ma before, but not rs485, any help would be great! Thanks
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