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  1. Hi Shane, Got it ! Many thanks for you help. Justin
  2. Dear Forum, HMI: USP-156-B10. S/W: 1.17.58 I would like to be able to put the HMI screen into 0% brightness or alternatively some kind of screensaver state after a period of no screen touch activity. I can do this in the Vision controller but unsure how I do this in UniStream. Is this achievable? Please let me know how I can do this, I don't seem to be able to find any "system registers" I can use. Kindest regards, Justin
  3. Thanks guys for your replies.... I realised my mistake with regard to calculating the ML modbus address for enhanced vision. Makes sence now - thanks Bill. I will opt for the Unitronics PCOM protocal anyway, it's a lot easier and quicker to work with given I have over 1000+ tags in my HMI database. - thanks Ofir. One more question.... If I want to connect my HMI on TCP/IP say on port 20257, does that mean port 20256 will be free for going online via Visilogic over TCP/IP?
  4. Dear Forum, I have an existing RedLion G310 HMI display that is currently connected to a V120. Communication is via Modbus RTU. I am in the process of replacing the V120 with a V350 so I can expand my Ladder program. Unfortunately for me the Mosbus Slave addressing in the V350 is now different to the standard vision and is Hex based. This now means if I want to read say, ML's I have to enter a very high Modbus address, which exceeds the "Max enrty value" of 465535 in the Redlion HMI. Which gives me a problem. I do however have another protocol option. The newer version of Crimson software (Redlion HMI programming environment) support "Unitronics" in the form of: Unitronics PCOM ASCII Master (serial) or Unitronics PCOM ASCII TCP/IP Master My V350 has an ethernet port installed and I have tried to communicate using the Unitronics supported TCP/IP protocol rather than Modbus TCP/IP...... but without any sucess! My settings in the HMI for communiaction to V350, are as follows: V350 IP address: Port: 20256 Unit number: 1 Link type: use dedicated socket ICMP ping: disabled connection timeout: 5000ms transaction timeout: 2500ms Is there anything I need to set up in the V350 apart from the IP address: Any special FB's? do I need to set the same port number (20256) somewhere in the V350? different port number? Any help or advise would be greatly appriciated. Justin
  5. Thanks for your quick replies. The "Convert to color" facility didn't work when converting V120 to V350, it stopped on "hardware elements" for some reason - no error messages came up from Visilogic (8.3.0) either. I converted V120 to V570 insead and that worked fine, then I changed my hardware back to V350 Now I can re-build my displays and make them look even better!! Thanks again! Justin
  6. Dear Forum, I have a very large V120-22-R6C project that I would like to migrate over to a V350-35-R6. I have saved the V120 to the latest Visilogic release 8.6.3 My question is, what is the best and most efficient way to copy over my PLC ladder code?I understand I will loose my HMI displays. I have tried to simply do a hardware conversion but the Visilogic software will only open up as new V350 project. Kind regards, Justin
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