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  1. Hello I want work with with 2 PLC both are V570 models. I am working with data tables (recipes). Want to use one of the PLC as master, another as slave using modbus functions to write/read data tables. Basicly I am searching for example , how to do this? how to configure both side, master side and slave side.
  2. Thanks for your reply, I did it and it works but I need something else.. To import export all data table to or from excel it is possible??
  3. Thanks for your reply, I did it and it works but I need something else.. To import export all data table to or from excel it is possible??
  4. Is there any possible way to import/export data tables from PLC to SD and back? Having structure like this (Picture1, Picture2) And if it is , how please help. Very important to me, have excel in my project with SD card.
  5. Maybe there is more than using "Create Delimited line" and "write delimited line" ladder utilities to import/export my data table from PLC to SD and from SD to PLC?
  6. I made bigger vector length, file name is constant string 8 char. that what i get Solved this but i need something else...
  7. Hello I am working with recipe control and data tables at the moment using SD card. I need example to import/export data tables, because one that I found write only 1 cell in excel, and that cell becoming full of "0CSV" words. So basicly I want to do , pushing button on HMI and all data table from PLC would be exported to SD card or existing Data table from SD card would be imported to PLC data table memory with same name. I attached file with my try to do this... 1st it wrote a lot of "0CSV" in one cell, now it doesn't work, just shows MI6-> status integer message of 128 then i try to export..
  8. Hello, I am trying to imports/export data tables from PLC to excel csv files. 1st try was mess , on one cell i got a lot of "0CSV" message, now i getting message from "Write->SD delimited" MI 128 and not succesfull bit come on.
  9. Hello, I am making recipe control with v570 so I want add operand like timer to it. So I had timer operand in my data base , so that I can edit it, but I didn't find out where can I store it? (to output) So I trying now DW operand in database but I can't store it to timer... Basicly what I am trying to do is to write time in HMI, save it to SD card, PLC data table and give this operand to timer (launching it). Please any suggestions.. stuck at it
  10. Hello I got program that can edit data tables. And now I want to execute this program, so the question would be how store MF, TD (float, timer) operands from my data table (MF0, MF1, MF2, TD0) to DW operands so that can be my physical outputs?
  11. Hello I have ladder code from examples to edit data table (recipe) and to write this row to SD card data table. In my mind I will have data table example 100 rows, 5 of them will hold recipe and 95 will be empty. So I want to make another 2 things with data table: 1. Edit data table row (recipe) just to rows that hold any data (that is not empty). So I want to see just these rows who hold information. 2. Insert new recipe, it would show only empty rows, hiding rows that hold data. Any suggestions or any help? Thanks for helping.
  12. Hello all, I am trying to do recipe control fully controllable from plc using SD card, I have program that read DT from SD , there can edit DT rows and save them in SD card. So I want to make more administration options like add new row (new recipe) or delete existing row from Data table. As I saw there is block to delete row, but didn't see to add it ;/ any suggestions ? And would be another question , how to set my data table information cells to outputs/inputs? Something like heating temperature 100degree and colding temperature -20 degree of celsius. I need to use some relay logic to turn off heating panel?
  13. Distance, I mean that I could edit program , erase , upload, download project to/from PLC without any programming cable. It's like programming PLC from another city. It is possible to do something and if it is, so what I need ?
  14. Hello, As my topic says I am beginner with V570, so need information about distance control this controller, I think it would be good some information about SCADA and Ethernet communication realizations. For my project I am using SD card, so if it possible I want to edit , run, stop projects from a distance.
  15. Hello, I am beginner with these controller and wanted to ask maybe is some examples or information about Data tables which are using inputs/outputs (analog & discrete) to control object ? Working with outputs/inputs examples would be good too. I want to make fully controllable program there you can edit/use data tables for real objects using SD card.
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