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  1. Thanks Ofir, Visilogic 8.6.0 (build1), OS 3.1(00). I was afraid i had to go there...
  2. Hi, I'm using the write delimited line FB to log data once a minute, starting a new file each day. The system was working fine for 24 days now. I have remote access (GPRS, TCP Call) to the system (V350-RA22) and using SD card explorer to download csv files. Today it seems like the PLC has created subfolders under excel\excel1, with folders being named ", ,40;32,5 ", ie the end (?) of data line that should be written into current daily CSV. SD card exlopers reads "Message key error", after trying to list excel\excel1\,40;32,5\,40;32,5. So I' cant remotely access this SD anymore. Any suggestions to remotely resolve this problem? Any idea what may be causing my PLC to create subdirectories? Thanks, madox
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