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  1. Hi there, I have an installation with 2 softstarters that use rs485 modbus and an ethernet gateway that is the master of that ring I can send and receive all data needed using Modscan32 over TCP connection on laptop to both softstarters so far i havent been able to get a response from the softstarter when using the PLC - error code 5 and 4. SO I guess the question is, does the slave ID get sent along with the 'message' when using modbus ip function blocks, so the gateway knows where to forward the message?
  2. Thanks for your help, i'll try as you suggest without splash screen and go from there
  3. Sorry its been night time sending file now Thanks
  4. can i email it to you
  5. Hi Saragani At this stage I cant confirm the OS version I will have to travel to site again, I believe it is the newest that came with the visilogic software 9.8.31 as I haven't been prompted for an update, and the PLC is only a month old As for the program I can email it to you apparently I am only allowed to upload .01MB and the file is 1.5MB Thanks Kieran
  6. hi there I was debugging a program on a V700 over a direct connected Ethernet link to the PLC and laptop while debugging eventually visilogic would randomly close with the attached error screen I could easily restart visilogic and reconnect the link to continue debugging so more of an inconvenience than anything any help would be appreciated
  7. Hi there I was using remote operator for a new v700 install When I went to enter a value onscreen the remote operator was using a different keyboard layout to the PLC and so couldn't enter the value correctly Photos attached for reference taken of PLC and remote operator, any insight would be appreciated also I am using the latest Remote Operator
  8. Well I don't know what was happening yesterday but today it works perfectly with a 1 min 'keep port closed timer' thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking down the same path so used the TCP close port option, after a delay had been reached using condition of SB148 socket connected status bit, then kept it closed for 30 seconds I could see in the ladder the socket was closed but remote operator was still working. Maybe I need to wait longer for the time out? I have attached the file I was testing with remote operator test file.vlp
  10. Hi I am using this software for a company to keep tabs on a remote PLC we have just had the issue where someone has left there computer connected on remote operator and so no one else can check on it, also used a bit of data, Is it possible to have a maximum connection time either in the Remote program or something I could add at the PLC end? Any ideas would be appreciated Kieran
  11. Thanks for all your replies. I have since installed a replacement v430 that has fixed the issues Modbus up and running with correct values into correct MIs I now have the fun of explaining to the masters that their 2 min scan update time is quite hard to work with.... Clients love using our remote operator though over fiber internet, just like being onsite
  12. Thanks Yes I have double checked that, and as you say I would get nothing if it wasn't set up correctly
  13. I think I might have it! the add on port is an v100-rs4x so its isolated where the built in one is not, I am now trying to find an rs485 isolator to try in the bus to the plc and see if that helps otherwise I will just have to swap up to a v700 and use an add on rs485 port since the Ethernet is inbuilt. Thanks for your help
  14. By verifying I assume you mean looking at the value? I have the MI in a watch list and there are no actions set for that MI yet it will be stored into my program MIs when working correctly it seems that the Motorola is sending the values correctly because the add-on rs485 port works correctly on both the samba and v430 and get the 3 MIs filled correctly its just when using the built in port I have issues For testing I made up a basic program for both plcs and just swapped them over to see the results so no changes were made to the Motorola in between using devices I took a photo of the hex returned in info modes serial monitor and it was 1e 10 00 8d 00 03 12 4c on tx and rx but that doesn't means much to me
  15. Hi all I am using a V430-j-t38 with add on Ethernet card. The problem I am experiencing is with the built in Com port, I have set the dip switches to rs485 and we use this port as a Modbus slave from a Motorola Ace3600, I am being sent a Vector of values in MI 141,142,143 The problem is my plc interprets the information wrong and loads all the data into MI 141 as 19456 when at the moment it should be 36, 1796 & 666 but the current values it should send don't really matter I seem to just get 19456 The data being sent doesn't seem to be a problem nor does the PLC really because through testing we have tried, A samba running same code as v430 slave but with add on rs485 port - works correctly The V430 using an rs485 instead of Ethernet add on port - works correctly The samba as master sending data to the V430 through inbuilt port also works correctly The problem only is when using the inbuilt port connecting to the Motorola PLC Can anyone make any suggestions? I know its not the Modbus config or com init blocks because it is receiving data its just messing up the values somewhere Thanks Kieran
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