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  1. We will be using Visilogic, however, I am tryign to get a hang of ladder logic simulation by using I-TRiLOGI. Are there any tutorials or good videos I can watch that may help me more so understand the programming associated with this project?
  2. Hey everyone, I am new to this forum, as well as new to PLC/ladder logic programming as a whole. I am creating a project with a group for school and I am having some trouble understanding where to begin with programming, and seek a lot of help/direction. We are using a Unitronics V350-35-RA22 PLC to drive a color sensing conveyor system. A description of our project is as follows: To begin, a vibratory feeder will be placed at the beginning of the conveyor belt with a color sensor placed towards the bottom of the feeder. Each block will then be manually placed upon the feeder where it will systematically fall onto the conveyor. When the block passes the color sensor its specific color (either R, B, or G) will be distinguished and be provided as data to the PLC. Depending on the color of the block that has been fed, the PLC will instruct the conveyor to move the block to its corresponding linear actuator on the conveyor belt. Lastly, the linear actuator will sort the block by pushing to its necessary placement on the belt. This placement is extremely important because at the end of the belt there are three different horizontally-sorted containers for each colored block to fall in respectively. A block diagram has been attached for a visual. My question remains, where do I start regarding how to program this system using ladder logic/simulation software? I understand a lot of specs are required for programming, of which I have. I guess I am asking more so for a sense of direction on how to program this using i-TRiLOGI. Thank you for your time and hope to hear back soon. Color Sensing Conveyor Block Diagram.docx
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