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  1. How many PID's?

    We are in the process of automating a support portal that is intended to also provide a knowledgebase. I hope that will help!
  2. How many PID's?

    Hi guys! I'm glad I saw this! Selli69, you are entirely right about the PID loops. I just contacted the website team, and told them that the information needs to be added to the product details, and included in the catalog. I have also requested that it be added to the spec sheets, that will take a bit more time. It is not going to be in the Help; most model-specific information is not in the Help, because our documentation team is, indeed, very small , and, since models are added, and features change, I do not want to have outdated information. I wish we had a team the size of Siemens...but, so it goes. Selli69, please feel free to contact me personally about documentation issues--we do try, and very often edit, or make additions, according to user feedback. You can pm me, or write to cara.levy@unitronics.com--as you prefer. oh--and here is the full list: JZ20-R10: 1 Loop JZ20-R16: 1 Loop JZ20-R16HS: 1 Loop JZ20-R31: 1 Loop JZ20-T18: 1 Loop JZ20-T20HS: 1 Loop JZ20-T40: 1 Loop JZ20-T10: 1 Loop JZ20-UA24: 4 Loops JZ20-UN20: 4 Loops --------------------------------------- JZ10-11-R10: 1 Loop JZ10-11-R16: 1 Loop JZ10-11-T10: 1 Loop JZ10-11-T17: 1 Loop JZ10-11-R31: 1 Loop JZ10-11-T40: 1 Loop JZ10-11-PT15: 4 Loops JZ10-11-UA24: 4 Loops JZ10-11-UN20: 4 Loops
  3. Hi Tim! The socket limitation is a hardware one. I believe that a "new V570-compatible ethernet module" might be possible. This sort of thing is generally market-driven; if a number of distributors get requests and passes them on, for example. However, the V700 is a good deal, and the HMI screen is superior...you may want to consider it.
  4. Silly coincidences make me jump!

    DownUnder Gremlins!
  5. Silly coincidences make me jump!

    Happy New Year
  6. Silly coincidences make me jump!

    LOL!!! Aus, they ARE watching you I am jumpy around electricity generally...many, many years ago, during my IDF service, we had an electrical heater stop working, one of those with metal heating spirals. (we used those for more than heating--I could cook a full meal by propping those suckers up and balancing mess tins on them...but I digress) So I found a screwdriver, opened it up, checked to see that everything was attached, tightened connections... Anyway, when I was finished, I plugged it in and was knocked halfway across the room (at least it seemed that far). We have 220 here. Back then, the fuses were wires that you cut to length and screwed into place (these probably have a proper name in English, but I have no idea what it might be ). And people usually used heavy-duty wires instead of the ones you were supposed to, because you'd get sick of the damn things burning out--so I was very lucky. Anyway, although I have no problem fixing things around the house, I call my husband when it comes to anything electrical more complicated than changing a light bulb, or rewiring a lamp...can't make myself touch wires coming out of a wall.
  7. Read about how Nicolaides & Kountouris Metal Company LLC, manufacturers soundproofing and insulation panels, needed a system to efficiently cut panels to correct dimensions; their old cutting machine was inefficient and required constant operator supervision. Learn how the UniStream 10.4 PLC+HMI from Unitronics automates their cutting system, boosting it more reliability and efficiency. Access the story here.
  8. Here's a great one - Clean drinking water for a remote village—without electricity. Learn how University of Johannesburg’s School of Engineering used Unitronics programmable controllers, a Vision1210 and a Jazz PLC, to accomplish this project and monitor ongoing status locally via the built-in HMI and remotely via GSM modem. Read about it here!
  9. Our very own UniStream 10.4" Multi-touch PLC+HMI is a finalist in Control Engineering's Engineers Choice award for 2018, in the category of Hardware: Integrated HMI Controllers! If you would like to help us maintain our 6-year winning streak (last year won by our Samba 7" HMI + PLC), please go here and place your vote! * Note that CE is using a new platform for this year's voting--you may need to register, a quick and easy process. https://gspplatform.cfemedia.com/pe/productProfile/59847faee4b0fa3a7242ee95 . https://gspplatform.cfemedia.com/pe/productProfile/59847faee4b0fa3a7242ee95
  10. "Store DTI to File" Ladder function

    Hi guys--Just wanted to note that the Help has been updated, and will be included in the next release.
  11. Coating Systems International deploys their products worldwide. They needed a low cost, flexible controller for machines with a payload of up to 500 liters., as well as an operator interface that could be easily customized to suit different markets. UniStream 7" fit the bill--as one engineer noted: “With the use of a base GIF animation file and almost unlimited overlay for conditions such as off, warnings or alarm status, a comprehensive screen can display everything the operator needs to know with little requirement to build up many different screens as has been done in the past, one screen replaces three.” To read about their fascinating implementation, click here.
  12. Up load can not be preformed due to in complete data within PLC 99%


    V280 HMI PLC 0.png

    V280 HMI PLC 1.png

    V280 HMI PLC 2.png

    V280 HMI PLC 3.png

    V280 HMI PLC.png

    v280-plc -pc.png

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      Cara Bereck Levy

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      Please either:
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  13. Eurotech had previously used Unitronics Vision series all-in-one PLCs to control their extrusion equipment, but had started using a competitor’s product. However, they switched back to Unitronics products following the launch of the UniStream line; these modular, all-in-one PLCs offer a flexible, easy to use control platform. Eurotech uses UniStream line, 7, 10, and 15" models . Read all about it here: https://unitronicsplc.com/testemonials-category-carrousel/?category=miscellaneous&tid=10406
  14. Located in Belgrade, Aqua Interma Engineering manufactures and install solutions for drinking water purification and waste water treatment. They select the right-sized PLC + HMI controller, Samba, Jazz or Vision430 to create applications that dose water with chlorine to eliminate micro-organisms and test the residual levels of chlorine in order to ensure water purity. Read about it here: https://unitronicsplc.com/testemonials-category-carrousel/?category=waterwaste-water&tid=10833