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  1. Joe - I will look into it, thanks for the heads - up
  2. Hi - we have added this to the feature request list. I don't have a time line for development right now, but I certainly can see the need @SoCold, thanks for raising the issue! (and thanks to @Joe Tauser for tagging me )
  3. Hey people! Move into the Holiday Season - attend our Motion webinar ★Learn about Servo made Simple: the Unitronics Motion Solution that does the work for you★ ★No motion programming knowledge needed!★ ★It's FREE! ★ You've got a choice of dates - click to sign up for the one that suits you best! December 18, 2019 11:00AM EST >> http://bit.ly/2D5IGnh December 19, 2019 1:00PM EST >> http://bit.ly/332vxpC
  4. Our UniStream PLC - a powerful multi-function PLC controller with advanced communication support, built-in I/O configurations, and Virtual HMI – is a finalist for the 2020 Engineer's Choice Awards from the publishers of Control Engineering Magazine. Click here to VOTE FOR US! Once you create an account, you will find the UniStream PLC under the category of Machine and embedded control – PLCs. Here are some of the details of our finalist: UniStream PLC - Robust PLC Controller with a New Concept: Virtual HMI Powerful multi-function PLC controller that provides users with advanced communication support, variety of built-in I/O configurations, and Virtual HMI. Virtual HMI means that the PLC stores and runs the program logic as well as the HMI user application within the PLC itself, you can then view and operate your machine, or access your process via any mobile phone, PC, or remote display device. You design both applications in UniLogic. The UniStream PLC offers the same powerful features as other UniStream controllers, including communications such as Ethernet/IP, MQTT, SNMP, SQL, Web Server, FTP, SNMP, and more. Availability in three versions: Classic, Standard, and Pro Here is the product page: https://unitronicsplc.com/unistream-series-plc/#1449515769763-3521ed84-35551451602511853
  5. @Ausman, both do run as Admin...but somehow, in the wonderful world of WinDoze....this issue comes up sometimes, but not often enough of consistently enough to be able to trouble shoot.
  6. Hi @Nanashi I did some checking :-) In the wish list. In general as a quick workaround you can use flat button to cover all buttons that you wish to hide. In the wish list. This can done via Project-level Actions, scroll down to the DOK actions: 4. A way to be able to change the black background of the Trends, or just enable the user to choose between white and black, eventually with the white to have a black default border to divide it from the surrounding buttons and labels. Already available in latest version: It wasn't - but it is now, in the Download/UpLoad topic Thanks for taking the time to contact us--it does sometimes take us time to respond, but we try
  7. Just wanted to let you know that such a mechanism is indeed in the to-do list. I don't have a 'when' at the moment, will update when I do.
  8. Thanks for cluing me in, Aus--done. That page had a button 'create support request' - the page would be blank if the user had not ever created a request But it is really much more logical to bring them to the support portal - which didn't exist when the forum was designed.
  9. Thanks for the additional information--I'm checking up on this :-)
  10. Aus, it's because you are married. I am absolutely positive that the words 'I do' automatically turns that 'whatzhisname' part of the male brain into a vestigial organ. On the female end, 'I do' enhances not only name recall, but the ability to remember the entire family calendar and todo list. As far as remembering useless (and occasional useful) fact, it's because we predate 'Google is your friend'. We are all accustomed to having to actually remember stuff. We're dinosaurs...
  11. Can someone explain the issue to me real slow with real simple words...? Seriously, I understand that a note should be added to the specs for clarification, but I'm not sure what that should be...
  12. But at any rate, nobody seems to remember what the logo originally stood for!
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