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  1. VFD, inverter, AC drive - engineers call these adjustable speed drives by different names, but all use them to control motor speed and torque. Now, you can obtain your VFDs from the same supplier as your PLC + HMI controllers. Unitronics VFDs can be used as a stand-alone product, or as part of a complete All-in-One package with our PLC+HMI controllers: UniStream®, Vision™ and Samba™. This simplifies workflow by enabling you to: Obtain your VFDs, PLC + HMI controllers and related components, as well as technical support, from a single supplier. Operate your VFD directly from the controller’s HMI panel Use the same programming software as the PLC control and HMI application, to: Set-up and configure multiple VFDs in a snap Monitor and debug your VFD Remotely Access your VFD For more information, check out the VFD page in our website: https://unitronicsplc.com/vfd-variable-frequency-drive/
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    error download -2147220096

    @MohammedI'm late to this party, and I understand that all is well I still wanted to address this: In the VisiLogic Help, under the topic Positive Transition Contact ( Rise ), there is a sub-topic Decreasing the Number of Transitional Contacts--you may want to check it out.
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    Run Time Errors

    Gonna do that @Joe Tauser, thanks!
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    Run Time Errors

    Hey Joe--is this with a particular Vision/Samba, or across the board?
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    Got any Application Stories?

    Hi Dave!! That was great to read--very happy that you have found our HMI + PLC controllers suit your needs so well! Would you like to collaborate on an application story? We publish them here, on our site. We also sometimes use these stories, or quote them (with proper attribution, of course!) Let me know if you are interested
  6. Have you: - Gone to battle a automated machine project with drawn sword--and won? - Done a complete system retrofit that would make your mama proud? - Finished a turnkey control application with a leftover budget so large that your bank is asking you for a loan? Seriously--if you've done something cool using Unitronics products, tell us about it! We are now collecting application stories to be published in 2012. For more information, please write to cara.levy@unitronics.com.
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    Upload Download the Unitronics way.

    At this point in time...no reversal is going to happen...😢 A little history: when I joined this joint - over 20 years ago - any existing documentation had been created by the R&D staff, and they used Siemens as the model for terminology. They brought me in because they were about to create the M90, and, for the first time, Windows-based software--they wanted someone who could build a Help file. They also wanted a native English speaker--there were non in the company--to do this. I was completely new to this world; I acquired the terminology of automation, so to speak, by reading a few Siemens manuals. So any glitches in terminology...are my responsibility
  8. Joe Tauser - if you've spent 5 minutes on this forum, you know Joe as a forum moderator, expert in all things Unitronics. If you have ever asked for help, you have probably benefited from his broad knowledge of control engineering. Joe offered some good, cautionary advice for those implementing IoT in their applications that appears in the May edition of Control Engineering, European edition, in an article on machine control technology developments, spotlight on IIOT, Click here to see the May issue, the article is on page 33 - I've captured that page below: Legacy Applications Wanted!!!! **Call for 'Legacy' PLC application stories!**Our first generation PLC's are controlling applications decades (!) after their release.Do you use Unitronics' first generation PLCs? Let us know!
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    VisiLogic Examples.png

    From the album: Unitronics Blog

  10. People, over here at headquarters, we are curious. As you know, we are now embedding our PLCs with technologies that enable them to support IIoT, technologies such as MQTT that are need for Industry 4.0 applications. We want to know: Do your current projects require IIoT support? Are your clients expecting your solutions to support Industry 4.0? What features would you like to see in Unitronics controllers to help you with these projects? Do you feel ready for this stage of technology--do you feel that you have the knowledge, the resources that you need? Remember--your feedback helps us to set direction for R&D. We would love to receive application stories involving MQTT
  11. How to get Help with Unitronics Products DO Check the Help file. Press F1 to open the Help. Use the Table of Contents, Index, and Search function to find information. Look at the Example programs: UniLogic: Download examples via the Help tab. VisiLogic: Examples are installed with your program. View our how-to videos for: UniLogic | VisiLogic | U90 Ladder. Search the forum. Post in the forum—if you haven't found your answer. Be nice. Did someone respond? Thank them. Ask you a question? Answer. Please—respect the community. Most of the people here are volunteers! When you DO post, please: Include Software Version and Controller Model. Describe your problem - clearly. Your project - attach it to your post, via the Attach icon. This enables people to open, for example, the TCP/IP CARD INIT block to check your settings. If you cannot post it, make sure your captures show enough information. Pictures of function blocks without the corresponding dialog boxes are usually worthless. DON'T Don't be afraid to try different ways to solve your problem before posting. Faulty code will not break your PLC. Experiment! You will learn - and probably have fun. Don't expect ready-made code to solve your problem. Every situation is different. You will have to work - but we will try to help you. PLEASE Answer questions - ALL the questions. There is a reason for every question asked. Thank the people who help you. Report on how you resolved your problems—this helps other people in the community. Contacting Unitronics Support You can: Use the Support Portal to open a support ticket http://support.unitronics.com/index.php Write to our Support team at support@unitronics.com We all make mistakes. Good luck, and happy programming!
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    We want to know!

    Hi Paul, The platform of those lines does not allow it. While we continue to support--as well as release new features--for these lines, these advanced features are supported by UniStream and the products that will follow it.
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    How to get Help with Unitronics Products: Do's & Don'ts

    I'd never heard that term before!!! A quick Google showed that "Support Portal" is more frequently used by a factor of 10--but I have no doubt that "Supportal" will catch up!
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    Unitronics Blog

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    how to get help.png

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    UniLogic Sample Apps.png

    From the album: Unitronics Blog

  17. Hey-- @viscoelastic! Ask and ye shall be given! It can be and will be done. No timeline, but I imagine it will be in the next version.
  18. Ok, just snorted my coffee! Yeah, being smacked in the face by a wet tail during a milking gets me cursing in four languages. Been many years since I milked a cow, though To return to topic--I will ask. I doubt it is possible, but I will report back.
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    These days youngies have it easy!

    I'm partial to the Lobe Ranger myself...
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    These days youngies have it easy!

    THIS I agree with wholeheartedly. This is probably why I never let them go...
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    These days youngies have it easy!

    Historic reasons. I can't remember exactly why, because...CRS
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    These days youngies have it easy!

    Codger-ette digression: I still have about 4 feet of vinyl. Rarely play them, but I love them. Replicated a lot of them in my digital collection, invested in a good DAC and good speakers. The sound is beautiful. Yup. I realized one day when listening, to a proper digital version of a number I know very well (specifically BB King doing The Thrill is Gone), that my memory had been filling in nuances missing from the crappy MP3 I had in my playlist. On a similar: I keep downsizing my library of bound books. Still have shelves of favorites...and have purchased some of them as ebooks. I prefer reading on my tablet to reading a bound book. Wait! Does that disqualify me from the codgers club?
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    These days youngies have it easy!

    You had rocks. Rocks! Luxury, I'm telling you, pure luxury. We wished we had rocks! We made do with wet clay and triangle shapes.
  24. A SEVEN-year winning streak--our UniStream Multi-touch programmable logic controller is the Grand Winner of the 2018 Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Awards, winning out over 80 finalists spanning more than 25 product categories! Click here to read all about it!
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    Reset HSC by ladder

    I'm glad that the question was answered, even if it was not the answer you might have preferred--sorry that it took some time to be answered. It was a holiday weekend (Purim) over here in UniLand . Always feel free to tag me directly with @Cara Bereck Levy. (but please don't send me support messages directly, or post them on my profile, I often miss these)