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  1. From the album Unitronics Blog

  2. This major release of UniLogic, the programming software for UniStream programmable controllers, introduces Multi-Touch HMI screen technology, familiar to us all from the world of cell phones and tablets. Our new UniStream model, the USP-104M10-PLC, supports a range of gestures such as “Swipe” Navigation, Press, Press & Hold, Double-Tap, Press & Tap and more. Use these to boost your client’s user experience, as well as Two-Hand Operation to increase the operational safety of your end-users. Other important features in this release: CANopen: EDS Import, View, Edit, & Ladder Functions UDFB Online: view running values in UDFBs, including local tags MODBUS: Aperiodic/ Periodic Operations per slave, singly or in batches Receive SMS: new Ladder Element, plus Authorized Numbers option SQL: supports MySQL Server and an option to communicate via Port or Instance Name *Cyber-Security Update for FTP & VNC All applications using FTP or VNC must now use passwords of 6 to 8 characters that contain upper and lower-case letters and digits. Upgrading older applications with passwords that do not meet these criteria will result in a compilation error. Hardware Configuration New UniStream: Multi-Touch panel Hardware Configuration now offers the USP-104-M10. This multi-touch model offers gestures such as Swipe navigation, and enables you to trigger actions via Press, Long Press, Press & Tap, double-tap and more, including Two-Hand operation – a recognized safety measure. A single screen can contain elements configured to different triggers. This enables you to add a layer of safety to your screens. For example, you can implement a 2-point press (two-handed operation) that requires the user to press the screen in two distinct locations to activate a task. Communications CANopen EDS Import, View, Edit You can now easily import, view, and edit EDS files for CANopen devices, as well as automatically create PDO structs. New EDS Ladder functions EDS functions enable you to initialize the device with values currently in the EDS file, including values that you edit/enter via UniLogic's EDS utility. In your program, use the In Progress bits to condition the functions. Init Node EDS: Initialize a specific node with values edited/entered via the EDS utility. Init All Nodes EDS: Initialize all of the CANopen nodes in your project Restore Node Defaults: If your CANopen device enables this function, which refers to object 1011 in the node's dictionary, you can use this to reset all of the node's addresses to the manufacturer's default values. Heartbeat CANopen Properties now include Enable Heartbeat. Select this to send a heartbeat from the PLC, according to the time interval specified in the parameter Heartbeat time. The time range is 100 (default) to 100000ms (10 seconds). CANopen CPU Stop Mode Switching to Stop Mode will automatically send a reset command to all nodes. MODBUS New: Aperiodic via Ladder, Operation Batches This version offers the ability to create both Periodic and Aperiodic operations, either one at a time or in batches. Most application requirements are met by Periodic operations, which run according to the time intervals you set. However, you now have greater flexibility to: Use simple Periodic Operations to read/write data from/to many sensors, Use an Aperiodic Operation to write a single setpoint as the result of a run-time condition, Use an Aperiodic Operation to turn a group of outputs ON as the result of a run-time condition. Note that you can prevent an individual operation from running via a bit in the operation's Active parameter. Two new MODBUS Ladder Elements, Aperiodic InDirect and Aperiodic InDirect Group to enable you to trigger a single operation, or a group of operations, via your application. Troubleshooting MODBUS You now have new MODBUS troubleshooting options: A new parameter in the Remote Slave's struct, Drops can help you to troubleshoot projects with a large number of sensors, where the entire queue of operations may not be able to run during the scan. A Status field has been added to the MODBUS operation Parameters. This will hold the error codes from the MODBUS protocol itself. Note that it must be reset in your application. Other Communications SMS: Receive SMS + Authorize Numbers Use this new Ladder element to receive an SMS message and store it along with its metadata. You can also block messages from unauthorized numbers by creating an Authorized Numbers list in Modem Configuration. SQL Server Now supports MYSQL, and the option to use either Instance Name, or Port. Message Composer Float values are now supported. EthernetIP The Scanner Node struct now contains the parameter Connection status. This contains the response status of the connection attempt. HMI & Web HMI: FTP Image Widget Use this widget to stream files from an IP camera that uploads images to an FTP server. The images are cached in a folder on the SD card. Buttons the user to display images, clear the image cache, or to save the images currently being displayed. Data Table Widget This version brings added widget features. You can now: Assign Column Width/Visibility to each individual widget Move the focus and highlight a specific row in a data table by writing a value to the property Tag: Selected Row Index When a data table is displayed, touch anywhere within a row to select that row If you assign a Float value to a column, you can determine the location of the decimal point via by right-clicking the column and assigning it HMI and Webpage Editor Redesign Both editors have been redesigned for faster, smoother function, and load screens - even screens with many elements -faster than before. Other added features include "Snap" behavior: Rotation: While rotating, elements will now automatically snap to angles of 90-180° when approaching these angles. To rotate without snapping, first hold down the Alt button on your keypad, then click and begin the rotation. Alignment: Now, the active element is marked by handles. When moving elements, a snap to middle line is displayed. HMI: Live Trend Widget New Live Trend displays a running variable integer value as a curve on a Trend graph. You may define up to 4 curves. Unlike Trends derived from Data Sampling: Live Trend values are not drawn from a Data Sampler. Live Trends do not store any values, log any data, or create any files. They are convenient for tasks such as representing temperature values, where only monitoring is needed and logging is not required. Web: State Machine Button State Machine Button is now available for Web pages as well as HMI display; use the value of a register to display variable text within a button, and to drive multiple Actions via the button. HMI Element: Password A new attribute, Password Length, allows you to enter a number to limit the number of characters, 1-32, that the user can type into the field. Asian Language Support UniStream now supports the WenQuanYi Zen Hei font which supports Chinese, simplified/traditional, and also Korean. HMI Elements: Digital Schedule & Digital Time When checked, a new attribute, Retain AM/PM Space, retains the Placeholder space for AM/PM when H24 (24-hour format) is selected. Usability Boosters UDFBs: Online Values View online/debug values within UDFBs, including local tags, along with a counter 'since last update': simply right-click the Call UDFB function in the Ladder, and select Monitor. Drag Tags: Assign Tags via CTRL + Drag & Drop A new, easy way to assign tags is via CTRL + Drag & Drop. Press and hold down the CTRL keyboard key, click a tag, and then drag and drop it to assign a ladder parameter or an HMI option. You can drag tags from the tag database window, or a tag assigned as a ladder parameter or HMI option. Formula: Drag from Ladder You can now drag any Formula directly from the Solution Explorer, instead of placing a Formula Ladder element via the Ladder Toolbox and linking it to a Formula. Start Online after Download If you download the same project into UniStream, and are connected to the unit, Online mode now begins automatically. You can cancel this behavior via the UniLogic Project tab, by clicking Options and deselecting Start Online after Download. Handy "Find" ptions The Ladder ribbon tab contains two new icons: that enable you to find rungs that are disabled, as well as rungs marked "ToDo:". To mark a rung, enter the text "ToDo:" including the colon. (the text itself is not case-sensitive) The complete list of features, as well as Bug Fixes may be found at
  3. We invite you to take part in our webinar: SQL - Adding a Piece to the Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory Puzzle. UniStream PLC + HMI controllers support MS SQL and My SQL, server and can connect to SQL databases. This enables you to set up UniLogic to communicate SQL data ERP/MRP servers - sign up to learn how!
  4. Great thread. This is what a forum is FOR!
  5. Hi Flex--I'm trying to see what I can do about is the spring holiday season, work schedules are spotty. people take vacations, I need to pin down one of the IT guys for this one.
  6. And Unistream Webserver Rocks! This is almost a year old - since then, we have added all sorts of new features, including 'Convert HMI Screen to Web Page':
  7. Zoom: I have submitted a feature request--I don't even know if it is possible, but I'm having it looked into. I gather that NAS is network storage? This is only for backup, correct?
  8. Umm...I have no idea what you mean...could you send me a screenshot? Also, maybe right-click it an see what it says in the properties, and show that as well.
  9. Ausman, thanks for the tip, I will check that out -- looks a handy thing to have!
  10. TMOULDER!!! Wow--good to hear from one of the best power-users and beta testers ever seen around these parts! It's been awhile Guys--we've got the ability to lock elements in place. It isn't the most prominently-placed icon in the interface, but it is down there, right next to the Grid icon. When the lock is clicked, it turns red, and any elements you try to grab have red corners. I hear you about the Zoom - the Grid isn't much use because the squares are too small. On my way to put in a feature request!
  11. Ok, the issue has been added to the R&D list, and will be checked out - no promises as to actual development yet!
  12. Hi Vidmas30! Sorry, but I don't see the images you mean--can you please send me a link?
  13. Someone mentioned a bug--I didn't follow. Can you please describe it for me so I can pass it on?
  14. Yes- absolutely. I double-checked with the appropriate real-time guru (guru-ette? ) regarding interrupts. and yes, Enhanced indeed! This is a fascinating thread! If you have direct questions/requests for me, please, please tag me or something - I'm not following threads as closely as I like because the upcoming version release and elevendy other things are keeping me very busy.
  15. OK, guys--I kicked this request upstairs. I'll try to post back when I get a response.
  16. Glad to have helped! thanks for letting us know!
  17. I'll look into it. What are y'all looking for in there?
  18. Ok, dudes - let me get all the ducks in a row over here, or herd all the cats into a single file: You are asking for an FB for VISILOGIC? We are in the UniLogic forum... Help me out here.
  19. Joe, we've been at this for too long
  20. It is in the VisiLogic Help file - if you have downloaded VisiLogic, press F1 to open the Help.
  21. Hotwires, I am sorry about the cost to you. However, I also must thank you. Your queries were among those that are spurring us to add features to MODBUS- and I also want to thank you for working with us on the beta. Over the years, our feature development road map has been greatly enriched by power users coming up with questions and asking for features!
  22. Ok--I get it We have a version release coming up quite soon. At this point, the product and the Help are quite mature. The pdf manuals are actually the same material that is in the Help, just arranged in the hierarchy that is traditional to print - and I do know that many people do prefer to sit down with a manual. I will make this a priority, right after the release. and they will be accessible in the site. BTW - here is the Timers document, if anyone is interested, which I just sent to Andrew. In addition, we have an overhaul of the Youtube channel planned, so that material will be easier to find for those that prefer a video. Happy weekend, people--yup, it's the weekend over here! UnLogic Timers.pdf
  23. Andrew, do you prefer the organization, the hierarchy of a manual as opposed to online help? BTW - I just sent you something via PM, I wanted to know if you found it helpful regarding the timer issue.
  24. Just to clarify: the 'run as admin' is necessary for UniLogic at all, the Install does behind the scene gymnastics, so it isn't an issue. Also, I just spoke to the Saraguru - just be aware that although this will be added to the Utilities he mentioned, it is going to take a little time. We try :-) We're trying :-)
  25. There are certain elements that may not have Help topics yet; but context-sensitive Help will appear for those that do.