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    Unitronics Logo

    Heh. The designer who made it is looong gone. I'll see if I can jog the memories of people who have been here longer than my 21 years...
  2. Cara Bereck Levy

    VNC operation does not set General.Touched Bit

    heh--@hotwires, I remember that! And you're right. R&D is in Israel, my buddies here stomp bugs! Generally, bug fixes are released along with versions. Service packs are usually to address Windoze versions--they change stuff, we have to update to support it, and we include any fixes that we have made along the way. as far as the timeline--less than a week isn't gonna happen.
  3. Cara Bereck Levy

    Help learning PLC

    Why I disable automatic updates to Windoze...
  4. Cara Bereck Levy

    Unitronics on TV

    Nah. But very cool--thanks for reporting it! This happens every so often. Now I'm thinking of doing a blog post called Accidental Sightings, or Unitronics in the Wild :-)
  5. Cara Bereck Levy

    Setup vs commissioning - a matter of language?

    As the only native English speaker in our R&D department, I've heard some doozies--but that is definitely one for the annals! For a number of years, the head of Support here was a guy who spoke 6 languages. English was his 5th, followed by Hebrew. Some of the constructions he would come up with in English would have me ROTFLMAO--the meaning would be clear, though, I must say. I'd see a thread of his that was clearly started by an Asian language speaker using a translation tool - but the beauty of it was that as engineers, they understood each other .
  6. I am curious - do these two sentences mean exactly the same thing to my fellow English speakers? The software slashes setup and programming time. The software slashes commissioning and programming time! Thanks for your input
  7. Cara Bereck Levy

    Unitronics Logo

    I just put together 5 boxes of bound books to donate--I read e-books almost exclusively, I need space...but I haven't gotten rid of anything near and dear to my heart. Which means that you will NOT find any of my SF titles in those boxes!!!!
  8. Cara Bereck Levy

    Unitronics Logo

    LOL!!! I love you guys. If I ever win the lottery, I'm flying you all to headquarters for beer and burgers! Here is an even older logo...
  9. People, over here at headquarters, we are curious. As you know, we are now embedding our PLCs with technologies that enable them to support IIoT, technologies such as MQTT that are need for Industry 4.0 applications. We want to know: Do your current projects require IIoT support? Are your clients expecting your solutions to support Industry 4.0? What features would you like to see in Unitronics controllers to help you with these projects? Do you feel ready for this stage of technology--do you feel that you have the knowledge, the resources that you need? Remember--your feedback helps us to set direction for R&D. We would love to receive application stories involving MQTT
  10. Yes--it has happened before--I fixed it. I'm really sorry--I tried something this time that I hope will prevent this from ever happening again. .chm Help is a Microsoft invention, and the compiler hasn't been updated--or bug-fixed--since 2012. The database behind the Help sometimes corrupts, and loses objects--even though it compiles without error. I have a feeling it is due to nesting...anyway, I rebuilt some stuff. Hope it fixes the issue once and for all.
  11. Hello there I just spoke with the head of the Support department (8:30 on a Sunday is the beginning of the working week here in sunny Israel) He asked if you were running VisiLogic as an administrator (all of our programs should be run this way. If so, and you are experiencing these difficulties at any rate--please contact Support, either by writing to support@unitronics,com or by opening a ticket here: https://support.unitronics.com/index.php They are trying to reproduce the problem as we speak--we will be releasing an official version in the near future, so if there's a bug, we are going to stomp it immediately. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thanks for reporting your problem
  12. Thanks for tagging me. @Ausman I'll check into a re-design of the download page.
  13. @Ausman, I'll check into it
  14. Cara Bereck Levy

    EDS Import Ethernet IP

    Lo siento esta función aún no está lista, pero está en la lista para el desarrollo futuro
  15. Hi guys! We don't deal with software configuration in the product sheets, only in the Help. The Help does show the frequency range/units, and does show that you need to link an MI. Hope this helps
  16. Cara Bereck Levy

    how to get help.png

  17. Hi :-) I see that the Help topic Vision700 - Using Ethernet does not have a specific reference to Keep Alive for V700. I'll look into this.
  18. Cara Bereck Levy

    EDS Import Ethernet IP

    oh--sorry! My eye skipped right to EDS--somehow I did not see the Ethernet/IP part. I will submit a feature request--thanks!
  19. Cara Bereck Levy

    Circular Gauge Suggestion

    Thanks--I will submit this as a feature request!
  20. Cara Bereck Levy

    EDS Import Ethernet IP

    Hi--sorry for the delay in my reply! Ask and ye shall receive 😃 Seriously, if you haven\t found it already, here it is"
  21. Cara Bereck Levy

    Circular Gauge Suggestion

    Hi--I'm sorry, I missed this when you posted it ! Do you have an image, or a link to show what you mean? I fear I am rather old-fashioned--I'm not familiar with what you describe
  22. Cara Bereck Levy

    Silly coincidences make me jump!

    heh Aus, the odds at 1 in 8640 definitely mean gremlins - no other explanation, cobber! I'm only just going through the forum now after a long vacation - took advantage of the fall holiday cycle to do some traveling.
  23. You can use CANlayer2 FBs for CANbus, and FB protocol for serial.
  24. Cara Bereck Levy


    Feet inches pounds ounces stones leagues...cubits!!!! and much much more.... Interesting articles - I liked the map in the second one, very handy for locating who uses what where.