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  1. Thanks for the additional information--I'm checking up on this :-)
  2. Aus, it's because you are married. I am absolutely positive that the words 'I do' automatically turns that 'whatzhisname' part of the male brain into a vestigial organ. On the female end, 'I do' enhances not only name recall, but the ability to remember the entire family calendar and todo list. As far as remembering useless (and occasional useful) fact, it's because we predate 'Google is your friend'. We are all accustomed to having to actually remember stuff. We're dinosaurs...
  3. Can someone explain the issue to me real slow with real simple words...? Seriously, I understand that a note should be added to the specs for clarification, but I'm not sure what that should be...
  4. But at any rate, nobody seems to remember what the logo originally stood for!
  5. Oy vey. This is as geeky as it gets!!!
  6. You are NOT--but I had to look up LCARS. I never made it to the Next Generation!
  7. It's smooth. It's simple. Our R&D department has created a complete Motion Solution that includes all the hardware you need - AC Drives, Motors, Cables both standard and robotic – all seamlessly supported by Unitronics’ PLCs, HMIs, & VFDs. You can enjoy the simplicity of obtaining all components from a single supplier, plus our efficient Ready-Made Motion code - read on to learn more! New Motion Solution: Servo Made Simple - Easy to Set Up, Painless to Program Unitronics new line of AC Servo drives and motors changes the traditional and complicated approach to Motion Control. Unitronics launches a complete line of AC Servo drives and motors – along with a surprisingly simple approach that enables users to implement Motion Control easily. Ready-Made Motion code, Embedded Diagnostic tools, Automatic communication setup, are just some of the easy-to-use features embedded in this new line. The offering includes 1 and 3-phase drives and motors, operating at a wide power range of 50W to 5,000W (0.06-6.7 HP) to suit any machine size, with robust, high-resolution built-in serial encoders (absolute: 23-bit, incremental: 20-bit), IP65. Simplicity translates into solid profit Unitronics, recognized for industry leadership by the prestigious Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Award, applies an innovative approach that brings time-saving benefits to motion control: · No coding needed: Ready-Made Motion code, provided with every purchase, enables Unitronics’ customers to test their completed system; this code can be opened and adapted to other applications via PLCopen standard functions · One software for all project needs: set up and program PLC, HMI, Servo, VFD, and I/O—no need to struggle with multiple software tools to build an application with up to 8 axes · Automatic communication setup: absolutely seamless · Minimal room for error: UniLogic software automatically analyzes mechanical properties and recommends safe values for the user application · Diagnostics: UniLogic includes a built-in powerful, high-speed scope to view servo run-time performance · Tune the system: using only one single parameter · Embedded Diagnostic tools: no PC needed. Use Via an HMI panel – or a virtual HMI screen on their mobile device – users can: - Set motion parameters - Monitor Axis behavior and I/Os - Execute movements, such as Point-to-Point, Jog, and Homing One Integrated Solution for Control & Automation The company’s Motion Control solution includes all the elements required for precise motion control: award-winning PLCs, HMIs panel, VFDs, I/Os, along with broad communication support, including Industry 4.0, and now Servo drives and motors. All products are programmed in the same, easy to use software studio, giving users a complete solution for control and automation from one supplier.
  8. Wow-- @kpark, apologies. We are in the fall holiday cycle here, complete with a weekend bridge...I haven't been in the office since Wednesday... Please note that in addition to what @Ausman suggested (thanks Aus!), note that you can always: write to support@unitronics look in the Knowledgebase and open a support ticket at :https://support.unitronics.com/index.php We are headquartered in Israel, but we also have offices and a support staff in the US; since support staff is located in countries with different time zones and different holiday calendars we do cover most days of the year. The answer to your question is in the VisiLogic Help file - simply search for Asian, or CJK. I hope you already resolved your issue--again, apologies!
  9. And that looks like an excellent project! Would you consider doing an application story? pleeeze
  10. I really need to check in here on a more regular basis! LOL!!!
  11. @chrishavenga, I checked up--your request is in the to-do list, but has not yet been scheduled. Thanks for submitting it
  12. I have to admit I have never pulled cable. However, similar laws apparently govern fishing line :-)
  13. Hi! We have added your request to the list. For now, we suggest that you can prepare "your own message box" using Custom controls, or a rectangle with a text and 2 buttons; then assign a visibility bit to these elements and when you wish to pop up the message, you can set the visibility bit on.
  14. Hey Joe! Will check and get back to you--thanks!
  15. Interesting comments, thanks. Among my other textual duties, here in UniLand, I write most of the marketing content. After seeing HMI controller, I thought that might be how someone looking for a PLC + HMI might search for such a device....
  16. Hello from Unitronics headquarters Many of you probably know that Unitronics invented the OPLC: the Operating Panel + Programmable Logic Controller - which today, we call the PLC + HMI, or All-in-One controller. Recently, I've noticed that there seems to be a shift in terminology--the HMI controller. Is this, in your experience, the more common term in use today?
  17. Sorry--I missed this when it was posted--apologies! I've submitted your question to the team, and I will update you when I receive a reply
  18. Hello there I just submitted your requests to the team leaders--I will let you k now what they reply.
  19. Hi people! For those of you who missed the launch of the UniStream PLC...I wrote a blog post Check it out!
  20. Hi people! Our newest product was developed in answer to customers who needed UniStream performance--but who do not require an integrated HMI panel. >drum roll< Meet the UniStream PLC This unique PLC, unlike other UniStream controllers, does not have an integrated HMI panel--however, it supports HMI applications just like any other UniStream. The secret is Virtual HMI. This means that you can mount the controller on a DIN rail in a cabinet, and access it from: any mobile device that supports VNC the new UniStream Display (USL) any UniStream Modular HMI panel (USP) any UniStream Built-in (on the panels integral to the device) The UniStream PLC is a line of PLCs with built-in I/Os that may be mounted on a DIN-rail. Unlike other UniStream Controllers, does not include a built-in HMI screen. This PLC is appropriate for applications that need UniStream power and functionality, but that either do not require an HMI application, or that require a distributed HMI. All UniStream PLCs support Virtual HMI--they can display HMI screens which you design in UniLogic in exactly the same way as for any other UniStream controller. You can display the HMI screens on: UniStream Displays (USL), included in this release. UniStream Displays are a series of color touch-screens that support VNC. UniStream Modular HMI panels (USP) UniStream Built-in (on the panels integral to the device) Any device screen that supports VNC The series is available in three versions: Pro, Standard, and Basic. When you select your UniStream model in Hardware Configuration, only relevant options are available in UniLogic. Differences between B10, B5, and B3 Feature B10 Pro B5 Standard B3 Basic I/O Expansion via Uni-I/O Yes No Remote I/O Expansion via Ethernet I/O Adapter (URB) Up to 8 1 VFD 32 2 MicroSD Yes No* Add-on COM modules 3 2 System Memory 6GB 3GB 3GB MODBUS Slaves Unlimited Up to 8 Ethernet/IP Scanners 16 1 Ethernet/IP Adapters 32 8 Web Server Yes No No SQL Client Yes No No MQTT Yes PID Loops 64 2 Data Sampler/Trends Yes No CSV files: creating/ reading Yes No FTP, server/client Yes No Saving Data Tables to SD Yes No* Screenshots Yes No Sending email attachments Yes No USB device (programming port) Yes No** -------- Check out the product page, view installation guides, here. ----------------------------------From our official press release: The UniStream PLC is based on proven, award-winning UniStream hardware and UniLogic software that enhances your ability to implement all of the control tasks required by your machine or process application. A multi-function controller that matches a vast range of application requirements, the UniStream PLC provides users with advanced communication support, including Industry 4.0, and introduces a unique concept in Virtual HMIs. Virtual HMI – A New Approach to Automation UniStream PLC combines two technologies in one product: Virtual HMI– As an Industry first, the PLC stores and runs the program logic as well as the HMI user application within the PLC itself. This brings you a unique advantage: you can view and operate your machine, or access your process via any mobile phone, PC, or remote display device. Controller Hardware – The powerful controller has built-in I/Os that can be expanded to more than 2,000 I/Os, including digital, analog, high-speed and temperature, as well as communication modules supporting Modbus, Ethernet/IP, MQTT, SQL, SNMP, and more. Along with the UniStream PLC, Unitronics has also released a line of compatible displays, offering customers a full package for varied PLC and HMI requirements. Award-winning Programming Software UniStream PLC is backed by UniLogic® all-in-one programming software, which cuts programming time up to 50%, and includes Built-in Trends and Gauges, auto-tuned PID, data sampling, complex data tools, Recipes and more. UniLogic offers OEMs and System Integrators a faster and easier programming solution as all tasks can be programmed using the same software environment. Users can build the PLC application, design HMI screens, create web pages in multiple languages, and save it all in a library to reuse in other projects. The best of two worlds: Robust PLC Hardware with Virtual HMI With its robust hardware and extremely efficient time-saving programming software, the new controller benefits users in multiple ways, simplifying and speeding projects, while offering outstanding configuration versatility. “Unitronics is well-known for outstanding innovation, and with our new UniStream PLC, we’ve done it again,” says Boaz Karmy, VP Sales and Marketing, at Unitronics. “Richly featured and powerful, yet compactly designed, the UniStream PLC raises the bar by providing unique Virtual HMI features and versatile hardware configuration, using the same programming environment.” –
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