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  1. Cara Bereck Levy
    Joe Tauser - if you've spent 5 minutes on this forum,  you know Joe as a forum moderator, expert in all things Unitronics. If you have ever asked for help, you have probably benefited from his broad knowledge of control engineering.
    Joe offered some good, cautionary advice for those implementing IoT in their applications that appears in the May edition of Control Engineering, European edition,  in  an article on machine control technology developments, spotlight on IIOT, 
    Click here to see the May issue, the article is on page 33 - I've captured that page below:

    Legacy Applications Wanted!!!!
    **Call for 'Legacy' PLC application stories!**
    Our first generation PLC's are controlling applications decades (!) after their release.
    Do you use Unitronics' first generation PLCs?
    Let us know!
  2. Cara Bereck Levy
    We are pleased to present the Unitronics 2017 Roundup!
     Read on to learn about some of our proudest achievements in 2017.
    2017 was a year in which our tradition of excellence in innovation was recognized by:
    -         Frost & Sullivan, a major market research and analysis firm. Frost & Sullivan conducted an in-depth review of Unitronics products, specifically our 3 major product series--Samba, Vision, and UniStream--in relation to the dynamic, competitive market that challenges PLC manufacturers. Unitronics was awarded their Best Practices Awards for product innovations.
    -         Control Engineering, honoring our Samba 7" with an Control Engineers’ Choice Award in the category of Hardware – integrated HMI controllers. This was the 6th—yes SIXTH—year in a row that Unitronics' programmable controllers have received this prestigious industry award.
    Product Releases
    We welcomed two major additions to our UniStream line of PLC + HMI programmable controllers:
    -         UniStream 5" – PLC + HMI + I/O built into one unit
    Compact, contemporary, and connected, these bring you bring you all of the power and functionality of UniStream, the same elegant, color-touch HMI panel, and a range of built-in I/O configurations. It is available in two versions: UniStream 5" (B5) and UniStream 5" Pro (B10). Both series support important fieldbus protocols such as MODBUS, Ethernet/IP and CANopen, as well as SNMP, VNC, FTP, SMS, email, and communications via GSM/GPRS modem. 

    The Pro version also offers a built-in Webserver, audio jack, video support–and SQL, a plus for OEMs facing Industry 4.0.
    -         Multi-touch HMI panel
    UniStream USP-104-M10 offered our first integrated Multi-Touch panel, enabling gestures such as swipe, double-tap, press & tap, and more, including Two-Hand operation – a recognized safety measure.
    -         UniLogic
    The award-winning programming environment for UniStream received an all-new Hardware Configuration upgrade, and a number of added features, including CANopen EDS Import, View, Edit, and new EDS Ladder Functions, powerful MODBUS features: Aperiodic via Ladder, Add Aperiodic/ Periodic Operations per slave, singly or in batches. We also included support for MYSQL.
    Trade Shows
    This year, our team participated in major trade shows:
    •          PPMA Processing & Packaging Machinery Association, in the UK
    •          SPS IPC Drives in Germany and in Italy
    •          ATX – the Automation Technology Expo, held in both New York and Toronto
    •          OTC2017, the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas
    Contribute to our Roadmap for 2018!
    Many of our finest products and feature addition have been jumpstarted by a suggestion from you, a member of the automation sector.
    Don't be shy—write to us with your suggestions and ideas!
     Follow us on Social Media
    Click on the icons below to keep updated with the latest and greatest from the Unitronics team!
    Thanks for reading—may you have a marvelous 2018, and may all your applications run bug-free!

  3. Cara Bereck Levy
    Read about how  Nicolaides & Kountouris Metal Company LLC, manufacturers soundproofing and insulation panels, needed a system to efficiently cut panels to correct dimensions; their old cutting machine was inefficient and required constant operator supervision.  Learn how the UniStream 10.4  PLC+HMI from Unitronics automates their cutting system, boosting it more reliability and efficiency.
    Access the story here.

  4. Cara Bereck Levy
    Our very own UniStream 10.4" Multi-touch PLC+HMI is a finalist in Control Engineering's Engineers Choice award for 2018, in the category of Hardware: Integrated HMI Controllers!

    If you would like to help us maintain our 6-year winning streak (last year won by our Samba 7" HMI + PLC),
    please go here and place your vote!

    * Note that CE is using a new platform for this year's voting--you may need to register, a quick and easy process.
    . https://gspplatform.cfemedia.com/pe/productProfile/59847faee4b0fa3a7242ee95
  5. Cara Bereck Levy
    Coating Systems International  deploys their products worldwide. They needed a low cost, flexible controller for machines with a payload of up to 500 liters., as well as an operator interface that could be easily customized to suit different markets. 
    UniStream 7" fit the bill--as one engineer noted: “With the use of a base GIF animation file and almost unlimited overlay for conditions such as off, warnings or alarm status, a comprehensive screen can display everything the operator needs to know with little requirement to build up many different screens as has been done in the past, one screen replaces three.”
    To read about their fascinating implementation, click here.

  6. Cara Bereck Levy
    Eurotech had previously used Unitronics Vision series all-in-one PLCs to control their extrusion equipment, but had started using a competitor’s product.  However, they switched back to Unitronics products following the launch of the UniStream line; these modular, all-in-one PLCs offer a flexible, easy to use control platform.  Eurotech uses  UniStream line, 7, 10, and 15" models .
    Read all about it here:  https://unitronicsplc.com/testemonials-category-carrousel/?category=miscellaneous&tid=10406

  7. Cara Bereck Levy
    Located in Belgrade,  Aqua Interma Engineering  manufactures and install solutions for drinking water purification and waste water treatment. They select the right-sized PLC + HMI controller, Samba, Jazz or Vision430 to  create applications that dose water with chlorine to eliminate micro-organisms and test the residual levels of chlorine in order to ensure water purity. 
    Read about it here:

  8. Cara Bereck Levy
    What do you do if you have an existing system,  different devices running on different protocols...and you've got to implement control, plus hook up via IEC104S to a SCADA...and that is only part of the picture.
    Well--if you are Rene Tomingas FIE of Estonia, you use Unitronics All-in-One PLC + HMI programmable controllers , models Vision1040 and V570, to get the job done!
    Read about it here:

  9. Cara Bereck Levy
    Check it out!!! Errdue, an Italian company that  manufactures equipment for generating and purifying gases on the customer site, wanted to develop a new line of products.
    They chose our very own Vision350 for the job.
     Erredue got the functionality and communication support they needed, in a physically compact device that fit right in--plus, the V350's quality color touchscreen boosts them ahead of their competitors.
    Read about the application, and check out Engineer Claudio D’Angelo's rave review of the V350 PLC +HMI here!

  10. Cara Bereck Levy
    Did you know that Unitronics Remote Operator, the mobile app for the Vision™ and Samba™ series, is available--at no cost--from Apple’s App and Google Play stores?
    Remote Operator application enables you to remotely access your Unitronics controllers using your smartphone and tablet. Via the app, you can view and operate the controller’s HMI —as if you are physically touching the controller. Using Remote Operator you monitor automation processes, press keys and touch HMI objects, change parameter values, view Alarms and process value Trends. You can define and access multiple controllers from a single mobile device.
    We invite you to download the app, give a whirl--here's a link to our handy Quickstart guide to help you hit the ground running:
  11. Cara Bereck Levy
    Let me tell you--this is going to be GREAT!!!!
    We are proud to introduce an addition to the UniStream family that is going to be a favorite among those of you who enjoy the compactness, the no-hassle approach of the All-in-One Vision series.
    UniStream 5" is a PLC+HMI+I/Os , with the impressive UniStream user panel built-in, available in a number of I/O configurations, that you program in UniLogic.
    Below is the official release document--you can access specs, etc, over here.
    UniStream® 5”: PLC+HMI+I/Os
    Compact. Contemporary. Connected

    Unitronics’ newly-released UniStream® 5"- a multi-function programmable logic controller in a superbly compact hardware profile: PLC+HMI+I/O built into a single unit.
    All-in-One, compact PLC + HMI with built-in I/Os fills a niche in the programmable controller market—serving OEMs and system integrator who need space-saving controllers that deliver the functionality to control complex machines, while creating a competitive advantage via a color-touch HMI panel.
    This All-in-One controller is available in two series: UniStream 5" and UniStream 5" Pro. Both series support SNMP, VNC, FTP, SMS, email, and communications via GSM/GPRS modem.
    The Pro version also offers a built-in Webserver, audio jack, and video support, as well as SQL, a plus for system integrators and OEMs facing Industry 4.0.
    The Hardware
    UniStream 5", with its resistive color touch-screen reduces space and wiring requirements, and eliminates the need to set up Panel-PLC communication.
    Built-in I/O configurations vary according to model, offering digital, analog, high-speed and temperature I/Os. Users can expand the configuration up to 2,048 I/O points.
    Built-in COM ports include Ethernet, 1 USB host and 1 Mini-B USB device ports; additional add-on ports for serial and CANbus are available.
    Powerful Programming
    The rich feature range of UniStream includes auto-tuned PID, data logging, data tables and Recipes, data sampling displayed via built-in Trends and Gauges, Alarms, multi-level passwords, and plug & play communications for CANopen, CAN Layer2, MODBUS, EtherNet/IP, and more.
    A Re-Use paradigm enables the programmer to build Ladder and C functions, design HMI screens, and create Web pages in multiple languages including Asian languages—then save it all in a Library to reuse in other projects.
    Another benefit to the bottom line for the OEM and system integrators is Unitronics standard policy of customer care—no hidden costs or tiers. All software, utilities, and support—including membership in Unitronics’ Community Forum—are provided at no additional charge
  12. Cara Bereck Levy
    This major release introduces a number of new features that will boost your productivity, such as wide Ladder nets and dynamic I/O configurations. You can download it from here: https://unitronicsplc.com/software-visilogic/
    In addition, when you install this version and open it for the first time, a pop-up will allow you to access app store links for Unitronics’ Remote Operator for Mobile app.

    Remote Operator for Mobile
     The Help menu now offers a link that will access the App store. In addition, the Help topic Remote Operator via Mobile App now contains QR codes that you can scan with your mobile to get the app.
    2X the Space
    VisiLogic Ladder nets are now wide, and reach completely across your PC screen - no empty areas.  This gives you twice the editing space.
    Switching I/O Configurations
    Once you have added I/O Expansion Modules to your project, you can create variations called 'IO Module Configurations'.
    Configurations are hardware profiles that enable a controller to run the application if it has a physical I/O configuration that is different from the full I/O Configuration in the project. Each profile that you create has an index number.
    You determine which configuration is active by storing a value in SI 205. The application will run according to the selected Config without error.
    To enable your program logic to run correctly when switching configurations, you must map the digital inputs and outputs to MBs, and use these MBs as program conditions instead of Input and Output operands. Since analog I/Os are linked to operands, they do not require any special handling.
    Run As Admin
    VisiLogic and other software utilities are now set to "Run as Admin".
    Navigation Tree
    Simple, static HMI elements such as lines and circles now appear on the Project
    Navigation Tree under Static.
    Remote Access:
    You can now Jump to Display in Alarms when running Remote Access.
    V700, SI 184: Port
    SI 184 Indicates which port is installed: 0-none, 1-serial, 2-ethernet,4-Profibus
    PID Server
    You can now export using different pictures and data formats. Note that the Excel file is saved as .xls file that cannot be opened in office 2013 but can be opened in office 2010 .
    HMI Zoom
    You can now zoom  HMI displays to twice their size, when editing displays for V700 and V1040, V1210 .
    Separators are now supported when importing/exporting.
    You can also select whether to import Fast operands, preset/current of timers and counters.
    The CSV of operand descriptions now includes a row of operands types.
    While importing, VisiLogic now displays a progress bar.
    Data Table Import
    When importing a .UPD file,  you now have options to Select all and Clear all
    Project Memory Map
    Project memory map now displays topic sizes.
    SMS Configuration (V2xx only)
    SMS configuration  now supports Eastern Europe language set.
    VisiLogic GUI: Russian
    The VisiLogic Interface can now be translated to Russian.
    Comments are fully printed when printing Ladder.
    Data Table export
    Each Data table field can be assigned a special caption and format for export to Excel.
    FB Protocol, CRC
    A new type, CRC-16/BYPASS is now supported.
    Keyboard symbols
     Virtual keyboards now have the underscore symbol where the copyright symbol was held.
  13. Cara Bereck Levy
    So. You may be smack in the middle of your first Smart Factory project...or you may be wondering what all the hype is about..or, you may be looking around for a brand of programmable controllers that will talk to an ERP SQL database.
    No matter what your particular scenario is, we invite you to attend our webinar to learn how easy it is to communicate data via SQL, from the production floor up to management levels using Unitronics  All-in-One PLC + HMI controllers.
    To sign up, click here

  14. Cara Bereck Levy
    We've had some nice application stories recently
    Here's a cool one about  timber drying kilns that require reliable, automatic temperature control - and implement it with Unitronics Vision350 PLC+HMI controllers
     Read about  the Timbersoft Kiln Drying application  here.

  15. Cara Bereck Levy
    We are truly proud to announce that Frost & Sullivan, a major market research and analysis firm, has honored Unitronic's with the Best Practices Awards for 2016.
    The prestigious award for Global Advanced PLC Product Line Strategy Leadership was given after Frost & Sullivan conducted an in-depth review of Unitronics products, specifically our 3 major product series--Samba, Vision, and UniStream--in relation to the dynamic, competitive market that challenges PLC manufacturers.
    Read all about it here: https://unitronicsplc.com/press-release/?prid=12146

  16. Cara Bereck Levy
    If you haven't checked out the Unitronics Youtube for awhile, you may want to check out our UniLogic Tech Tidbits Playlist. The most recent Tidbit shows you how to create your own, reusable HMI Custom Controls.
    After you create a control, you can drag and drop it from the Solution Explorer, export/import it between projects as .uluce files, or add it to the Library.  You can also define tags that are local to a specific Custom Control, these tags will be exported/imported along with the control.
    It's all in the link below!
  17. Cara Bereck Levy
    Hello - welcome back! The holidays are over, the New Year is here.
    Here at Unitronics headquarters, we are at work, setting up our development Road Map for 2017.
    As Unitronics users, you know that we pride ourselves on listening to our user community.
    And so, we ask you:
    What would you like Unitronics to develop in 2017?
    You can post suggestions to this blog, PM me, or email me at cara.levy@unitronics.com.
    Here is a summary of Unitronics major developments in 2016, many of which were the results of user requests – so, without further ado, I hereby present:
    The 2016 Unitronics Roundup!
    First, Hardware:
    New Samba models
    Samba now offers the TA22 configuration in 3.5", 4.3", and 7" screen sizes.
    ·        SM35/SM43/SM70 J-TA22 comprise 12 digital inputs, configurable as 1 hsc/shaft-encoder, 2 analog/digital, 2 thermocouple / pt100 inputs, and 8 pnp plus 2 analog outputs.
    ·        SM70-J-RA22 offers a 7" screen and the same inputs as the TA22; the outputs comprise 4 relay and 4 npn outputs.
    New Jazz models
    ·        JZ20-T20HS offers 6 digital, 2 analog/digital, 2 analog, 3 high-speed inputs, and 8 transistor, plus 5 high-speed outputs supporting PWM via hardware configuration.
    ·        JZ20-R16HS offers the same inputs, plus 6 Relay Outputs.
    UniStream additions
    UniStream welcomed new I/O Modules:
    ·        UIS-WCB2 Wide I/O comprises two temperature and 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, and 10 digital inputs, 10 digital pnp outputs including 2 high-speed outputs.
    ·        Slim temp module UIS-4PTKN Comprising 4 RTD inputs that support PT1000/NI1000.
    KNX connector
    UniStream supports a KNX to MODBUS Gateway device, available as GW-KNX1.
    Our Remote Operator mobile app for the Vision™ and Samba™ series, a major user request, was released in 2016—here are links for Apple and Android:
    Here are some of the features we added to UniLogic in 2016:
    User Access Control (UAC)
    UAC enables you to require users to log in via the HMI application, and restrict access to HMI elements, including whether an element is visible or enabled.
    SQL Connectivity
    ·        Access SQL databases via IP address or Hostname
    ·        Build SQL Queries and execute them via Ladder functions
    ·        Connect Data Tables to SQL databases and transfer data
    HMI Screen to Web Page
    Click to convert existing HMI Screens to Web Pages.
    Reusable HMI Custom Controls
    Create your reusable HMI Custom Control, drag and drop it from the Solution Explorer, export/import it between projects, and add it to the Library.
    Hardware Interrupt: UID-0808THS
    A new Scenario, Measure Length, supported by the UID-0808THS module, allows you to implement length measurement via hardware-based interrupt.
    HMI File Selector Browser
    Enable your operator to select files from an SD/DOK/memory stick, store the Path and Name of the selected file in a Data Tag.
    Video Streaming Widget: RSTP
    Allows you to provide the RSTP url in the format required by your particular application and device.
    HMI Indirect Images
    Display indirect images hosted on the SD card or DOK.
    HMI Trends: FIFO
    Display a Trend as Standard or FIFO.
    HMI email Configuration Widget
    Your users can add recipients in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields of an e-mail via the HMI keyboard.
    Web Server –  new features
    ·        Trends: view Trend graphs via web browser.
    ·        mailto fields, and a new widget enable your users to add recipients in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields of an e-mail via the HMI keyboard.
    ·        A new Web Data Tables Widget allows a user to view, edit, and enter data via web browser.
    Print to pdf
    The Tools tab on the UniLogic ribbon offers Print Project, enabling you to print your Hardware Configuration and Ladder Modules.
    Data Tables
    ·        New Functions: Convert .CSV to UDTF, UDTF Count counts number of columns and rows
    ·        email .csv files as attachments.
    You can now run Modbus via Serial COM Module/USB ports
    ·        Explicit Messages support for both Scanner and Adapter in addition to I/O (Implicit) messaging.
    ·        Scanner Node support doubled, from 16 to 32.
    DNS Resolver
    Ladder Function: resolves a server IP address from its host name.
    Advanced Functions
    New functions for counters, Immediate Reset + new Scenarios
    Advanced Layout
    Pin/unpin, undock and float pane options. If you use two monitors, float panes onto different monitor screens.
    USB keyboard support
    Just plug a keyboard into the UniStream USB port.
    Alarms - Additions
    ·        Language Localization for French, Russian, Polish, Finnish and Czech.
    ·        Alarm History Widget

  18. Cara Bereck Levy
    This was an excellent year - a year of growth - for the Unitronics community. We now number over 20,000 members!
    I can back this up with hard statistics for 2016:
    We welcomed over 3,000 new members to our user forum… …who made 2,100 posts … in 526 new topic! We all benefit from forum members who devote big blocks of time to helping others. These people put a lot of effort into writing detailed answers to questions and aiding others in trouble-shooting their applications.
    This year, three of our top posters from 2016 were again top contributors to the Unitronics community. 
    Our top UniGuru MVPs for 2016 are:
    Joe Tauser Barry Lanier (forum name: Flex727) Ausman In recognition of their fine work, the profiles of our MVPs will be marked with a new icon for 2016:
    In recognition of their fine work, the profiles of our
    MVPs will be marked with a new icon for 2016:

    Our most valuable commodity is, always, time—to volunteer that time to help other people using your expertise is truly worthy of respect--thanks to you all!
    Youtube Channel
     The official Unitronics Youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/UnitronicsWebinars is growing. In 2016, our top video clips were the:
    Webinar: HMI Tricks and Tips for VisiLogic, with over 8,000 views:  
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MwhQkdbC6s PLC Training: Introduction to UniLogic, HMI + PLC Application Software, with over 6,000 views: 
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV30MkDQYPk WEBINAR: Unitronics Vision -  CANOpen, also with over 6,000 views:
    Media -  We're in the NEWS!
    Unitronics was featured in a number of trade magazines in 2016—if you missed these articles, check 'em out now!
    IEN, Industry Interview feature:
    How Will Industry 4.0 Influence the Future of PLCs?
      IEN feature article. Hardware Division
    Benny Magrafta, Unitronics R&D Manager, Software Division, was extensively quoted:
    HMI checklist: What to consider when shopping for an HMI solution
      IEN - Industrial Products in Spotlight
    IEN featured an application based on the UniStream PLC + HMI, 10.4, a project done for Djurdjevic is a meat production company based in Serbia
    Is it possible for an automated system to run so efficiently you forget it’s there? We are proud to continue to bring you Unitronics true All-in-One value: our complete range of automation products and software from the pioneers of the PLC + HMI controller, backed by Unitronics unparalleled sales and tech support.
    Enjoy them in 2017!!
  19. Cara Bereck Levy
    The R&D gurus at Unitronics headquarters have been hard at work - and so, we present you with:
    >drum roll<    UniLogic 1.18.37  >drum roll<
    Here are a few version highlights:
    SQL Connectivity: Highly convenient and easy to use, UniLogic enables programmers to build SQL Queries and execute them via Ladder functions, including data transfer data between UniStream’s Data Tables and remote SQL databases. 

    HMI Custom Controls: A programmer can create an HMI Custom Control, and then drag and drop it from the Solution Explorer, export/import it between projects as .uluce files, or add it to the Library.  Programmers can also define tags that are local to a specific Custom Control; local tags are exported/imported along with the control.
    Other convenient features include an HMI email Configuration Widget, the ability to edit email accounts via UniApps as well as UniApps interface translations for Russian, Polish, and Chinese. To enjoy these as well as other additional features and enhancements, download it from  http://unitronicsplc.com/software-unilogic/

    U90 Ladder version, 6.6.24 + New Jazz® 2
    We have also released a new U90 Ladder version, 6.6.24.  This version brings you the option to create a download File (*.d90) without connecting to a physical PLC.
    You can then use the *.d90 file to create zipped project via UniDownloader Designer to be used in Unitronics' UniDownloader software utility (*.udc)
    This version also supports a new Jazz® 2 controller model, a compact, full-function PLC that comprises an excellent built-in I/O configuration, plus an integrated
    text display.  
    The new model, JZ20-UA24, offers 15 inputs:
    9 digital, 1 high-speed counter, 2 inputs that can be wired as analog or digital, and 2 analog inputs that can be wired as thermocouple or PT100 . The output configuration includes 5 relay, 2 transistor, and 2 analog outputs.
    Like all Jazz® 2 controllers, JZ20-UA24 brings you 48K (virtual) Ladder Logic memory, a built-in mini USB programming port, and is 30 times faster than Unitronics’ standard Jazz® controller, allowing industrial control processes to enjoy more power, speed and functionality at the same low price.  
  20. Cara Bereck Levy
    **** Starring Samba in the role of theater grip! ****
    People--high cool factor here
    Compact, Cost-Effective Samba PLC+HMI Opens Creative Avenues for Local Theater!
    “Motion Control with Unitronics PLCs has allowed us the freedom to reach for new heights of visceral creativity while expanding our technical innovation in a fast and cost-effective manner”.
    The Eagle Theatre in Hammonton, New Jersey partnered with Unitronics’ distributor, Bayview Bearing and Supply, to introduce innovations to a regional theater. Using a Samba PLC with 3.5” color-touch HMI and onboard I/O, the theater implemented a simple motion control application for their set pieces. Since the initial installation, the Eagle Theatre has expanded the application, creating more complex moving sets that greatly enhance the mood and themes of their productions.
    Full story:
    The Eagle Theatre in Hammonton, New Jersey is South Jersey’s only year-round professional Equity theatre. They are dedicated not only to bringing great theater to the region, but also to bringing innovation to their productions.
    To achieve those goals, the theater decided to add moving elements to their sets for one of their productions. Three screens needed to descend at a consistent speed, but at different times. The team at the Eagle Theatre initially tried to use electric winch packages, but these were slow and too noisy to use during a performance. With only one week until the show opened, the theater reached out to Bayview Bearing and Supply, a Unitronics distributor, for help.
    Bayview Bearing was able to solve these issues by implementing a Samba all-in-one PLC with 3.5-inch color-touch HMI.
    They worked with Jared Smith, a contractor with Deerfield Electric, who built the panel and installed the unit. The Samba controlled Vacon 20 VFD’s (Variable Frequency Devices) and World Wide Electric Gear Motors in order to move the set pieces. Each of the moving pieces was assigned a virtual button on the Samba; these buttons raised and lowered the screens, while also displaying their current position. Not only did the new system work beautifully, Bayview Bearing was able to get it up and running with enough time for rehearsals with the new system before the show opened.
    Not only was this particular performance a success due to the Samba, working with PLC control has created new options for the Eagle Theatre moving forward. Ted Wioncek III, Co-Artistic Director at the theater, explains “motion control with Unitronics PLC’s has allowed us the freedom to reach for new heights of visceral creativity while expanding our technical innovation in a fast and cost effective manner.”
    In fact, the Eagle Theatre has already expanded the motion control application to other shows. For one production, the entire set shifted constantly, with the walls moving in and out independently of each other. A major theme of the show was misdirection, so the moving set was used to reinforce that theme within the physical space the characters interact with. As Ryan Mayer of Bayview Bearing explains, this isn’t a typical motion control application, “this is automation technology meeting the art community and producing fantastic results.”
    To learn more about Bayview Bearing and Supply, visit them online.
    To learn more about the Eagle Theatre, visit them online.
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