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  1. Hi @Nanashi

    I did some checking :-)


    1.     For the HMI trends to be able to choose whether to hide the buttons "Run", "Next Curve", especially "History" and "Take screen shot", just like some of those options exist in the HE:Trend - > FIFO style.

    In the wish list. In general as a quick workaround you can use flat button to cover all buttons that you wish to hide.


    2.  For the XY trend to have the "View Data Point" as well, and also to be able to choose whether to show or hide it, here and on the other kind of trends.

    In the wish list.


    3. A way to Safely Remove USB/DOK just like File Browser has. For example, there could be such an HE element called "Safe removal of DOK", or some ladder element for this option.

    This can done via Project-level Actions, scroll down to the DOK actions:



    4. A way to be able to change the black background of the Trends, or just enable the user to choose between white and black, eventually with the white to have a black default border to divide it from the surrounding buttons and labels.

    Already available in latest version:





    5.   Somewhere in the help file (for example, at the explanation of the timers, or at "downloading/uploading a project") to be written how the main screen is loaded upon power up or change of project, and that on downloading an update of the project will first load the last screen and then the main one. I, as a newbie with UniLogic and UniStream, have lost so much time thinking that my splash screen logic was faulty, or that there is a bug (cause I didn't have such problems with Visilogic). If there is such an explanation in the help file, I would be grateful if someone could point it up to me.


    It wasn't - but it is now, in the Download/UpLoad topic :)


    Thanks for taking the time to contact us--it does sometimes take us time to respond, but we try :D


    Global action DOK.jpg

    Global action DOK.jpg

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  2. On 10/27/2019 at 11:48 AM, Ausman said:

    @Cara Bereck Levy  @Saragani

    Given "Support"  is a prominent tab over all the forum, can we please get this incorrect address corrected.



    Thanks for cluing me in, Aus--done.

    That page had a button 'create support request' - the page would be blank if the user had not ever created a request :)
    But it is really much more logical to bring them to the support portal - which didn't exist when the forum was designed.

  3. On 10/18/2019 at 1:47 AM, Simon said:

    Hi @Cara Bereck Levy I would agree with the above from @Joe Tauser and @Ausman.  

    The way the ranges are currently expressed in the datasheet are scientifically correct (15 bits : 0.61uA/Bit(0~20mA), 0.49uA/Bit(4~20mA)) , but takes a  few steps of logic and caulculation to turn that around to something that is useful for the programmer.  It should be expressed in terms that apply directly to the programming, as @Ausman has done.

    The sign bit is meaningless if the signal is always positive or zero.

    Thanks for the additional information--I'm checking up on this :-)

  4. 10 hours ago, Ausman said:

    This is fascinating.  I am absolutely hopeless at remembering names.  It is exceptionally embarassing when I only recall it much later after the person's long gone out of view.  It's there, but the indexing system has gone astray.  But I remember the faces of gazillions of people, remember the instance of that bootlace pin falling off a wire during crimping, remember that intricate bit of that wiring diagram, how that complex bit of machinery goes together etc.  All that useless stuff that really is truly irrelevant (and can mostly be found again in a manual) seems to stick, but recalling a name when I see the face again?   Uhhhhmmmmm.....I know you fairly well but can't remember the name.  I put it down to having to meet so many new faces during my work.  My wife astounds me in her name recall abilities, and she often tells me to do word association, but this doesn't work either!   Maybe all us geeks have a "name remembering" error in the DNA?

    cheers, Aus

    Aus, it's because you are married. I am absolutely positive that the words 'I do' automatically turns that 'whatzhisname' part of the male brain into a vestigial organ. On the female end, 'I do' enhances not only name recall, but the ability to remember the entire family calendar and todo list.

    As far as remembering useless (and occasional useful) fact, it's because we predate 'Google is your friend'.
    We are all accustomed to having to actually remember stuff. We're dinosaurs...:D

  5. On 10/13/2019 at 1:06 AM, Ausman said:

    kpetro, have you changed the actual pressure and ensured that the readings over the full range are correct?  eg....0 bar = 0 on the plc read etc.

    @Joe Tauser  or  @AlexUT  I repeat that I don't work with UniStream, but could either/both of you please elaborate on why kpetro's numbers work when the info available in the spec sheet has the data format listed as 16 bit.  Based on that info my thinking is that Flex's final answer is correct.  But I am confused when there is also reference to 15bits in the resolution.  How does one change this output behaviour?  Is there more info somewhere else that fully explains all of this  ie how you actually know  what is coming out of the  module?  If kpetro is indeed getting correct correlation between actual and read, the card/module must handle things differently to what I would expect.

    EDIT:  I just paid more attention to the 2' compliment and that might account for part of my ask.  But it still doesn't explain why the numbers work for 4-20.

    cheers, Aus



    Can someone explain the issue to me real slow with real simple words...?
    Seriously, I understand that a note should be added to the specs for clarification, but I'm not sure what that should be...


  6. Wow-- @kpark, apologies. We are in the fall holiday cycle here, complete with a weekend bridge...I  haven't been in the office since Wednesday...
    Please note that in addition to what  @Ausman suggested (thanks Aus!), note that you can always:

    We are headquartered in Israel, but we also have offices and a support staff in the US; since support staff is located in countries with different time zones and different holiday calendars we  do cover most days of the year.

    The answer to your question is in the VisiLogic Help file - simply search for Asian, or CJK. I hope you already resolved your issue--again, apologies!

    cjk visilogic.png

  7. On 7/13/2019 at 8:18 PM, stressed.dave said:

    I have used the message box function to confirm/cancel a button action and this works well.

    I think that a useful feature would be the ability to trigger a similar looking pop-up  message box to be displayed on the current HMI screen from the PLC ladder code in order to ask an operator to confirm/cancel an action or answer a yes/no question thereby setting bits for the ladder code to act on as part of the machine control process sequence.

    We have added your request to the list.

    For now, we suggest that you can prepare "your own message box" using Custom controls,  or a rectangle with a text and 2 buttons; then assign a visibility bit to these elements and when you wish to pop up the message, you can set the visibility bit on.

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