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    Conversion issues
  2. Hold on--wait--and when did the error occur? At start-up, while editing an app..? I don't see the context from the capture....
  3. :)Hi guys , The V1040 Big Screen Vision will be available during Q1, 2011. (A perk of working in R&D--I've just been playing with one. It's cute )
  4. Hi Damian Interesting... What Visi version? And what Windows are you running? And any other information that might be relevant, please.
  5. Simon, I understand If anyone were to record me, talking to myself while I am testing software...'Wait. What just happened? Is that a bug? Nah...I probably did I something stupid. Wait--did load the right OS? I better do it again...Wait--I think it maybe is a bug...Hold on. Did I select the right Swapper version...? .....' ad infinitum
  6. Simon, cobber--we're the ones who have to apologise It seems that that is on the feature list for the next release...well, so now you know what to expect! This version included Bug Fixes, but no added features. I have already fixed the document in the site--thanks for the heads-up!
  7. Hi Steve, The release of VisiLogic 8.6.3 was just announced at http://forum.unitronics.com/index.php?/forum/9-news-and-announcements/ Since a list of version changes and bug fixes were not published with 8.6.2, these have been included with the documents for VisiLogic 8.6.3. The download and documents are at: http://www.unitronics.com/Content.aspx?page=Downloads
  8. Hi guys Tim, you'll see the feature you requested in an official released version during Q1, 2011. It will show up in an Intermediate Version sometime before that. Thanks for the input! >When using Sting Library values in a list-of-text variable, you have to choose each entry one... by one...by one... That's really slow going when you've got over 200 to do... It would be great if we could choose to use a string value, then highlight a range within the string library, and insert them all sequentially into the variable<
  9. Hi,I'm Cara, Unitronic's technical writer.First of all, you are correct--the GUI was changed some time ago, and the Help was not updated. The text that formerly appeared in the function, now appears in a tooltip, if you hover your cursor over the function.You are also correct that the order of the operands was not defined in the Help. I took a moment to correct that (and edit the capture), and you will see it the next time I release a Help version.This is certainly relevant to other Math functions; I have put these on the to-do list; but I must admit that it is not high priority.Thanks!
  10. Nice! I also appreciated the care taken with the Info Mode--that's a consideration that is easily overlooked
  11. Nacho, no te preocupes...we can leave it there forever if need be :-)
  12. Okay--the topic was raised. We cannot implement it currently, but will in the next generation.
  13. Remember though: Whadda buncha geeks...er...froods
  14. The current reigning feline would just "love" that...though the junior dog would certainly enjoy having someone lower on the totem pole. I'm sure Emil will come up with something. He's the creative type
  15. Unfortunately, the importer tools are not compatible with the old forum, which ran on Snitz 2000
  16. Damian, as far as I know, there are not any forum platfroms that allow 'direct upload' so to speak. What we DO have now is: the Gallery, where you can keep a library of pictures. attachments, the lack of which was a huge, huge PITA Sorry to disappoint you:(
  17. Now that was a truly interesting glimpse as to how PLCs...changed things...for lack of a better term. This is, of course, exactly what technology does, whether it is a threshing machine, a printing press, or--today--mobile technology. Thanks!
  18. Joe--you could have tested that before I tweaked the settings. That's a 5-letter word
  19. Seriously-I'm curious, no pies Apart from more 'real estate' for the HMI, are there any particular features you are looking for in a larger screen? Have any of you been using such displays--do you have a preference, among manufacturers?
  20. Ok, Damian, I just tweaked the search settings. I searched for 'bug' and got results..let me know if you have any other problems.
  21. Please excuse Saragani. The August heat is getting to him!
  22. Emil is right; it is at an advanced stage, and looking good. Damian--duck! Lemon meringue
  23. Yes, R&D is taking notes. It is a good idea. However--it is August. I placed it as a time-based request, so it will pop up at the beginning of September, when all of the relevant people will be back and normal work resumes...
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