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  1. Hi Tim! The socket limitation is a hardware one. I believe that a "new V570-compatible ethernet module" might be possible. This sort of thing is generally market-driven; if a number of distributors get requests and passes them on, for example. However, the V700 is a good deal, and the HMI screen is superior...you may want to consider it.
  2. LOL!!! Aus, they ARE watching you I am jumpy around electricity generally...many, many years ago, during my IDF service, we had an electrical heater stop working, one of those with metal heating spirals. (we used those for more than heating--I could cook a full meal by propping those suckers up and balancing mess tins on them...but I digress) So I found a screwdriver, opened it up, checked to see that everything was attached, tightened connections... Anyway, when I was finished, I plugged it in and was knocked halfway across the room (at least it seemed that far). We have 220 here. Back then, the fuses were wires that you cut to length and screwed into place (these probably have a proper name in English, but I have no idea what it might be ). And people usually used heavy-duty wires instead of the ones you were supposed to, because you'd get sick of the damn things burning out--so I was very lucky. Anyway, although I have no problem fixing things around the house, I call my husband when it comes to anything electrical more complicated than changing a light bulb, or rewiring a lamp...can't make myself touch wires coming out of a wall.
  3. Read about how Nicolaides & Kountouris Metal Company LLC, manufacturers soundproofing and insulation panels, needed a system to efficiently cut panels to correct dimensions; their old cutting machine was inefficient and required constant operator supervision. Learn how the UniStream 10.4 PLC+HMI from Unitronics automates their cutting system, boosting it more reliability and efficiency. Access the story here.
  4. Here's a great one - Clean drinking water for a remote village—without electricity. Learn how University of Johannesburg’s School of Engineering used Unitronics programmable controllers, a Vision1210 and a Jazz PLC, to accomplish this project and monitor ongoing status locally via the built-in HMI and remotely via GSM modem. Read about it here!
  5. Our very own UniStream 10.4" Multi-touch PLC+HMI is a finalist in Control Engineering's Engineers Choice award for 2018, in the category of Hardware: Integrated HMI Controllers! If you would like to help us maintain our 6-year winning streak (last year won by our Samba 7" HMI + PLC), please go here and place your vote! * Note that CE is using a new platform for this year's voting--you may need to register, a quick and easy process. https://gspplatform.cfemedia.com/pe/productProfile/59847faee4b0fa3a7242ee95 . https://gspplatform.cfemedia.com/pe/productProfile/59847faee4b0fa3a7242ee95
  6. Hi guys--Just wanted to note that the Help has been updated, and will be included in the next release.
  7. Coating Systems International deploys their products worldwide. They needed a low cost, flexible controller for machines with a payload of up to 500 liters., as well as an operator interface that could be easily customized to suit different markets. UniStream 7" fit the bill--as one engineer noted: “With the use of a base GIF animation file and almost unlimited overlay for conditions such as off, warnings or alarm status, a comprehensive screen can display everything the operator needs to know with little requirement to build up many different screens as has been done in the past, one screen replaces three.” To read about their fascinating implementation, click here.
  8. Eurotech had previously used Unitronics Vision series all-in-one PLCs to control their extrusion equipment, but had started using a competitor’s product. However, they switched back to Unitronics products following the launch of the UniStream line; these modular, all-in-one PLCs offer a flexible, easy to use control platform. Eurotech uses UniStream line, 7, 10, and 15" models . Read all about it here: https://unitronicsplc.com/testemonials-category-carrousel/?category=miscellaneous&tid=10406
  9. Located in Belgrade, Aqua Interma Engineering manufactures and install solutions for drinking water purification and waste water treatment. They select the right-sized PLC + HMI controller, Samba, Jazz or Vision430 to create applications that dose water with chlorine to eliminate micro-organisms and test the residual levels of chlorine in order to ensure water purity. Read about it here: https://unitronicsplc.com/testemonials-category-carrousel/?category=waterwaste-water&tid=10833
  10. Yup. There just isn't any more room in there. Try UniStream. Take a look at the new UniStream 5"
  11. What do you do if you have an existing system, different devices running on different protocols...and you've got to implement control, plus hook up via IEC104S to a SCADA...and that is only part of the picture. Well--if you are Rene Tomingas FIE of Estonia, you use Unitronics All-in-One PLC + HMI programmable controllers , models Vision1040 and V570, to get the job done! Read about it here: https://unitronicsplc.com/testemonials-category-carrousel/?category=Power-Energy&tid3170
  12. Check it out!!! Errdue, an Italian company that manufactures equipment for generating and purifying gases on the customer site, wanted to develop a new line of products. They chose our very own Vision350 for the job. Erredue got the functionality and communication support they needed, in a physically compact device that fit right in--plus, the V350's quality color touchscreen boosts them ahead of their competitors. Read about the application, and check out Engineer Claudio D’Angelo's rave review of the V350 PLC +HMI here!
  13. Let me tell you--this is going to be GREAT!!!! We are proud to introduce an addition to the UniStream family that is going to be a favorite among those of you who enjoy the compactness, the no-hassle approach of the All-in-One Vision series. UniStream 5" is a PLC+HMI+I/Os , with the impressive UniStream user panel built-in, available in a number of I/O configurations, that you program in UniLogic. Below is the official release document--you can access specs, etc, over here. UniStream® 5”: PLC+HMI+I/Os Compact. Contemporary. Connected Unitronics’ newly-released UniStream® 5"- a multi-function programmable logic controller in a superbly compact hardware profile: PLC+HMI+I/O built into a single unit. All-in-One, compact PLC + HMI with built-in I/Os fills a niche in the programmable controller market—serving OEMs and system integrator who need space-saving controllers that deliver the functionality to control complex machines, while creating a competitive advantage via a color-touch HMI panel. This All-in-One controller is available in two series: UniStream 5" and UniStream 5" Pro. Both series support SNMP, VNC, FTP, SMS, email, and communications via GSM/GPRS modem. The Pro version also offers a built-in Webserver, audio jack, and video support, as well as SQL, a plus for system integrators and OEMs facing Industry 4.0. The Hardware UniStream 5", with its resistive color touch-screen reduces space and wiring requirements, and eliminates the need to set up Panel-PLC communication. Built-in I/O configurations vary according to model, offering digital, analog, high-speed and temperature I/Os. Users can expand the configuration up to 2,048 I/O points. Built-in COM ports include Ethernet, 1 USB host and 1 Mini-B USB device ports; additional add-on ports for serial and CANbus are available. Powerful Programming The rich feature range of UniStream includes auto-tuned PID, data logging, data tables and Recipes, data sampling displayed via built-in Trends and Gauges, Alarms, multi-level passwords, and plug & play communications for CANopen, CAN Layer2, MODBUS, EtherNet/IP, and more. A Re-Use paradigm enables the programmer to build Ladder and C functions, design HMI screens, and create Web pages in multiple languages including Asian languages—then save it all in a Library to reuse in other projects. Another benefit to the bottom line for the OEM and system integrators is Unitronics standard policy of customer care—no hidden costs or tiers. All software, utilities, and support—including membership in Unitronics’ Community Forum—are provided at no additional charge
  14. Nice story here: Bimetec, a company specializing in agricultural solutions, used a Unitronics Vision1210 and a 4.3-inch Samba programmable logic controller for this retrofit project. Read about how they boosted speed and efficiency by clicking here.
  15. Are you a machine builder/OEM? Are you new to Unitronics products - or would you just like to learn more about UniStream for your future projects? If so, this webinar is for you! Click here to sign up.
  16. Alert: this post will only interest SF fans So, here I was in Unitronics-land, in a meeting, thinking about how SF often predicts the technology that becomes reality. Then I realized that the anecdote I was about to tell - that deciding to implement " OK Google" commands on my phone, so that while driving, I could tell my phone to turn on Bluetooth and call my son hands-free, reminded me of Scotty saying " Computer..." - would make little sense to the whipper-snappers at the meeting. They a., don't know who Scotty is, and b., grew up with Siri - voice control is expected. The fact that I had resisted it until now, because I don't want Google to control every damn thing, would probably make no sense and mark me as a Luddite and certainly a fossil... That got me thinking of how Heinlein wrote about 'waldos', and how that actually became a term used for remote manipulators (cool story). Anyone out there have a favorite example of SF becoming real tech?
  17. Denis - thank you so much for posting!!! That is truly nice to read I'm going to forward that post to the relevant people - nice to get a public thanks!
  18. So. You may be smack in the middle of your first Smart Factory project...or you may be wondering what all the hype is about..or, you may be looking around for a brand of programmable controllers that will talk to an ERP SQL database. No matter what your particular scenario is, we invite you to attend our webinar to learn how easy it is to communicate data via SQL, from the production floor up to management levels using Unitronics All-in-One PLC + HMI controllers. To sign up, click here
  19. What Joe said Yup - things we COULD not have implemented with a standard micro-controller. And people - like it or not, the whole Industrial Internet of Things/Smart Factory/Industry 4.0 is real, here to stay, and the COM abilities of Linux are absolutely crucial. We - the Unitronics royal We - keep current...because eventually you, as automation professionals, will need this type of connectivity. Transition is the name of the game, and as professionals you know how to adapt Yes, it is very different - but, once you get the hang of it - it is good, well worth it in my humble opinion.
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