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  1. Someone mentioned a bug--I didn't follow. Can you please describe it for me so I can pass it on?
  2. Yes- absolutely. I double-checked with the appropriate real-time guru (guru-ette? ) regarding interrupts. and yes, Enhanced indeed! This is a fascinating thread! If you have direct questions/requests for me, please, please tag me or something - I'm not following threads as closely as I like because the upcoming version release and elevendy other things are keeping me very busy.
  3. OK, guys--I kicked this request upstairs. I'll try to post back when I get a response.
  4. Glad to have helped! thanks for letting us know!
  5. I'll look into it. What are y'all looking for in there?
  6. Ok, dudes - let me get all the ducks in a row over here, or herd all the cats into a single file: You are asking for an FB for VISILOGIC? We are in the UniLogic forum... Help me out here.
  7. Joe, we've been at this for too long
  8. It is in the VisiLogic Help file - if you have downloaded VisiLogic, press F1 to open the Help.
  9. Hotwires, I am sorry about the cost to you. However, I also must thank you. Your queries were among those that are spurring us to add features to MODBUS- and I also want to thank you for working with us on the beta. Over the years, our feature development road map has been greatly enriched by power users coming up with questions and asking for features!
  10. Ok--I get it We have a version release coming up quite soon. At this point, the product and the Help are quite mature. The pdf manuals are actually the same material that is in the Help, just arranged in the hierarchy that is traditional to print - and I do know that many people do prefer to sit down with a manual. I will make this a priority, right after the release. and they will be accessible in the site. BTW - here is the Timers document, if anyone is interested, which I just sent to Andrew. In addition, we have an overhaul of the Youtube channel planned, so that material will be easier to find for those that prefer a video. Happy weekend, people--yup, it's the weekend over here! UnLogic Timers.pdf
  11. Andrew, do you prefer the organization, the hierarchy of a manual as opposed to online help? BTW - I just sent you something via PM, I wanted to know if you found it helpful regarding the timer issue.
  12. Just to clarify: the 'run as admin' is necessary for UniLogic at all, the Install does behind the scene gymnastics, so it isn't an issue. Also, I just spoke to the Saraguru - just be aware that although this will be added to the Utilities he mentioned, it is going to take a little time. We try :-) We're trying :-)
  13. There are certain elements that may not have Help topics yet; but context-sensitive Help will appear for those that do.
  14. Six year winning streak! We are very proud to announce that Samba 7" joins the ranks of Unitronics’ products that have been honored by Control Engineers’ Choice Award. Samba won the award in the category of Hardware – integrated HMI controllers. Read more about it here.
  15. Unfortunately, I can't do anything about it, Joe is right. The Help for FBs is separate from the Help for the VisiLogic main program, because the FBs themselves are separate modules, which allows FBs to be updated independently. A limitation of the .chm Help format is the inability to link to individual topics in other .chms. I just this minute did something that should prove helpful, though. I don't know whether or not to feel like an utter idiot for not thinking of this 10 years ago - because the issue is at least that old - or very proud of myself for thinking of it now, at 6:30 am in the sunny Middle East, before I've even -good lord - had my coffee. The next version of VisiLogic Help will contain a topic called MODBUS Slave Addressing, which will at least come up in Search. tell the user to click on a link to open the MODBUS.chm, and look for the topic Slave Addressing. Not very elegant, but at some sort of improvement. It will be in the next VL release.
  16. Hi guys! In which cases do you want to use the R/W mixed? Uni to Uni, Uni to Visi, Uni to other?
  17. Hi people! You may want to check out my blog post regarding our UniLogic Tech Tidbits on YouTube:
  18. If you haven't checked out the Unitronics Youtube for awhile, you may want to check out our UniLogic Tech Tidbits Playlist. The most recent Tidbit shows you how to create your own, reusable HMI Custom Controls. After you create a control, you can drag and drop it from the Solution Explorer, export/import it between projects as .uluce files, or add it to the Library. You can also define tags that are local to a specific Custom Control, these tags will be exported/imported along with the control. It's all in the link below!
  19. My apologies. The request was looked into, and has proved impossible to implement - or rather, not impossible, but not practical in terms of the facts. The gauges are rendered as a graphic image. To enable these values to come from tags would mean that the PLC would need to draw the values, and calculate the locations, and in the case of the circular gauges, the ranges are radial...the overhead required is just too much. Again, I apologize. The request was indeed added, but could not be honored, and I should have reported this.
  20. There is a Help Topic: Customizing your UniLogic Environment. It has a .gif that shows how to float panes
  21. I have to thank Joe Tauser for that. He did an LOT of QA on those timer diagrams.
  22. It is certainly possible. If I get more requests, I will submit a feature request. The HW docs now live in a management system, for reasons having to do with standards, and this co,pmlicates matters. When we originally set up the HW Library install, the docs lived in a network folder, which made it very easy for us.
  23. Hi Define a Data Sampler with multiple feeds, as explained in the Help topic Trends. The feeds show up as curves. (Use the topic HE: Trends, NOT Creating a Trend graph. While I was checking this, I discovered a bug in the Help file) There is also a how-to video.
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