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  1. At some point they added SB 111 which allows you to disable the virtual keypad entry (but does not substitute regular keypad entry like the V280). However, if you do this it will not display the cursor like on the V130 or V280. You could capture the keypad keystrokes (see SB 40-49) and put them in the appropriate memory address when enter was pressed, but there would not be any visual feedback (until entry is complete). You could also put a temporary variable on the screen then update it every keystroke and move the temporary data to the real memory address upon entry, if you really care you can manually draw the cursor on the screen (see DRAW LINE instruction). If you title your variables, then having the virtual keypad come up is not a disaster. If you fail to title your variables, then when the virtual keypad is active the user can forget which entry is being completed. I too wish for a V130 like option, and don't understand why they are so resistant to this ability. They did it for the V280. A poor work around, Troy
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