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  1. Keith, thanks for your detail infomation. One last question, will this circuitry independent from the machine's? Other words, will this 24+VDC shoot back and interfere with the 5+VDC internally? I hope it won't cause any issue to normal functionality of the game machine (???). Thanks again Keith.
  2. Keith, Thank you for your input. Would you please go further as to offer how to actually wire the coin mech (priorly attached) to the PLC (V130-33-TR20)? Also, in the PLC software, how to write the code up? Thanks again, Hoai
  3. Hello to all, I have a little project that I would like to ask for some pointers. There are these coin-op machines. The wiring schematic is attached. Basically, I would like to collect the quantity (number) of coins passed through slot daily, weekly, monthly, from each machine, or within any custom time frame. So, which model of Unitronics should I choose? and how the report can be extracted? ie, email, sms? How should I wire everything together? I'm pretty sure that each time a coin passing through the slot, it sends a pulse out to the CPU. Sorry, the more details the better as I do not have electronics background. Thanks. Hoai
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