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  1. I am using Visilogic 8.6.3 on a V130. This has been well. I started a new project which is very similar to the previous project. But when I compile or download this to the V130, I get RUNTIME ERROR '9' Subscript out of Range Why is this? If I go back to the previous project and try to download it into the new V130, I don't get this error. In other words, the problem is not in my Visilogic software. Where do I find the problem causing this? Thanks
  2. Wow! really? I'm flattered! I'm working on a new fountain now. I'll send you the video when the project is finished. Thanks for your support!
  3. Oh Hi Emil...it's me...May from the Philippines: Ok. Thanks for the info. At least this way I can retain my older versions.
  4. I'm using windows 7 and got the UAC disabled. That's working fine. I am able to get it going ONLY if I register the version swapper each time I want to use either version. Is this correct? First, I register the version, then run one version first using the shortcut. Then if I run the other version, I will get an error so I need to register it again and create a shortcut. It doesn't create a new shortcut coz the previous shortcut is still there. But this time the shortcut will work. But the other version can't be used unless it is registered again Is it supposed to be this tedious?
  5. Thanks for the advise. Unfortunately, it's not too clear whether we are supposed to select modify, repair or uninstall. I first tried Modify but it didn't change the version 8.01. Then I tried repair and at the first try I was able to open the newly installed version 8.6.03 and closed it. When I tried to open the shortcut of 8.01 created by version swapper I get "application error". When I run the new version, I getg "runtime error bad collection index" I will try to uninstall and reinstall the new version and try all over again. Wish me luck
  6. awww. I just tried to install the new version but it already asks if i want to modify, repair or uninstall my other visilogic. how do i install it in another drive?
  7. If I install the 2 versions in different directories, I guess I can just run the old version with the old PLCs and the new version with the new PLC, right? that way I don't need to run the version swapper
  8. So, this means I can install different versions in different directories. If I do this, I guess I can just use the old version on my older PLCs and the new version with my new project, right?
  9. I have been using Visilogic 8.01 on several PLCs which I need to work on every once in a while. Is it alright to install two versions of Visilogic in my laptop? I can't afford shutting down my other PLCs on site caused by error problems due to differences in versions or OS. I had a problem like this one time and the version swapper didn't help or maybe I just didn't do it right. The solution was: 1. uninstall the newer version 2. install the old version used by the PLC 3. reprogram the PLC using the old version 4. uninstall the old version 5. reinstall the new version This was only acceptable under the circumstances at the time. Now, I cannot go through that same process each time. I'm asking this because I'm about to start on a new project and it might be good to use the latest Visilogic Version at this point. Thanks
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