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  1. Great - thanks I just love those moments when one little word triggers the thinking process or "opens" the eyes I was thinking about such solution but couldn't find any function to copy MF to DW. Found it through Help thanks to Your tip. And as swap function swaps only like this: 16bit -> from AA BB CC DD to BB AA DD CC 32bit -> from AA BB CC DD to DD CC BB AA So to receive my CC DD AA BB I had to do something like: Copy memory MF to DW -> Swap bytes 32bit -> Swap bytes 16bit -> Copy memory DW to MF And it works fine
  2. Hi, I have to read Siemens Flowmeter (MAG 6000) via MODBUS and all of this I want to do with V130. The problem is with Siemens' memory map (they are just oing it different than everybody else ) as they have swaped values. I have to read a float value which is of course 4 bytes (2 holding registers). As I read them, I get registers filled in V130 with data like this: AA BB CC DD. But to display those values as on Flowmeters screen I have to show them as CC DD AA BB. And here is my problem. When I read the value as MF, I have to change bytes order inside the MF register (from AA BB CC DD to CC DD AA BB) - couldn't figure out how to do that :/ or when I read the value as 2 x MI, I put them in the right order (CC DD AA BB) but than I have to put the together into one MF register - couldn't figure this out neither :/ (convert function from Math->Float->Convert menu is not giving me the right value). Any tips on this?
  3. System: Windows XP Settings: Tried everything - really. Forcing PLC, setting default values to U90 and PLC, changing U90 and PLC to other setting (eg.: 8/N/1, 9600, 19200, etc.) And nothing - I think I will reinstall WIndows today and let You know if it helped...
  4. Oh - I forgot to add that but it was one of the first things I've checked -> I mean if the port is not blocked and communication settings are correct.
  5. Hi. I have the same problem as Joe. The only differene is that I do not use USB adapter, I have COM port on my laptop. I can connect with V130 but not with Jazz. I use MJ20-PRG with 6 wire cable and MJ10-22-CS10 plug (also checked on MJ10-220CS10 - not working either). Laptop is working on power adapter (not on battery). I have tried dismounting PRG adapter, changing cable and changing plug - all seems to be ok. Moreover, the same set works on my friends computer. I have also tried to reinstall U90 Ladder and deinstalling COM port and installing it again -> still nothing. Any ideas what can be the problem? Because I am out for now and am not looking forward to the idea of reinstalling whole Windows. Regards, Luciak.
  6. Solution - if any one wolud have the same concern. What I did was putting another piece of code to set the Com Port into PCOM mode. The code was triggered by MB which I could set via ModBus. So it works like this: PLC is running and is transmitting data with ModBus via GPRS. When I want to connect to PLC with VisiLogic I just send instruction/order through ModBus to reconfigure Com Port info PCOM mode. And I can connect to PLC. After I finish working, I just reconfigure the Com Port to ModBus and disconnect. I have also added a timer (1 hour) which starts after I reconfigure the Com Port to PCOM. When it is done - Com Port is reconfiguring to PCOM automaticlly. It is just in case I forget to reconfigure Com Port to ModBus by myself.
  7. So the problemis: I have set, as described earlier, working on site quite far away. Moreover I have GPRS modem connected to that PLC. The PLC has some problem and is going into stop mode from time to time with Unitronics logo and some writings on the HMI (don't know exactly what it is as I haven't seen it - just heard the description on the phone). It look for me like there was some problem with communication between PLC and I/O module. I don't know what is the problem: is it the PLC, the module or the cable connecting them. Also I can not go there at the moment to test it for myself. After restarting PLC (hard way - pluging the power off) everything was ok again - at least for some time. So I figured that if I could notice the problem before the PLC would go into stop mode and restart it - it would help a little bit and PLC would work more or less fine till I can go there. (I would upload the new program remotely via GPRS). So is there any way I can check if the I/O module is working fine or communication has failed?
  8. Simple question - what does system bit SB90 do? It does not have a description in VisiLogic but it is next to SB 91 which is "I/O Exp. Module--Command buffer is full" so based on this and on my tests I think it has something to do with I/O Module too. Why am I interested in this? Well - I have 2 sets as mentioned in Topic description: - the first one is on site and is working hard - the second one is on my desk and I make it suffer As I tested with the one on the desk: - SB90 is "0" when I have I/O module configured in HW configuration, everything is connected correctly and PLC is in run mode. - SB90 is "1" when I have I/O module configured in HW configuration and disconnect I/O module during PLC running or when I have I/O module configured in HW configuration and PLC is starting (eg. after restart) with no I/O module connected Of course when I disconnect I/O module from PLC, every DI and every AI is not read from I/O module by PLC. My concern is that, at the moment, as I read the PLC running on site, SB90 is "1" but I get all the signals from I/O module. I started this tests because I had problem with the PLC on the site - it had just stopped and, as guy working there told my on the phone, You could see Unitronics written on the HMI panel. After restarting PLC (hard way - pluging the power off) everything was ok again. So what does that SB90 really mean? If it is somehow connected with I/O module - it would really help me, if I would have known what way it is connected. Any ideas?
  9. Hello. I'll try to as precise as I can because it is quite complicated. I have V130-33-R2. It has one COM port which is configured in ladder to Modbus RTU. Communication is ok - I read PLC via modbus. When I want to update programme in PLC or just have online look on registers - I plug in the cable and VisiLogic do some magig and reconfigures the COM port back to PCOM mode from Modbus. And here everything is ok also. I have such a installation: V130 -> via cable -> GPRS modem -> via GPRS -> SCADA server -> SCADA system And I can read registers via Modbus - everything's OK. The problem starts at this point (I'll just mention that this works with U90 Ladder and Jazz or M-91 PLCs). When I try to update program remotely like this: My PC -> via GPRS -> GPRS modem -> via cable -> V130 It is trying to connect and is failing - I get info as if the cable was not connected. I tried to send to SI 115 value 0 to change it to PCOM mode (from 1 which is Modbus) and it was ok - as I saw in Info mode in communication - it had changed. But it didn't help - still couldn't connect. Any ideas how to do that?
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