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  1. This exact same problem just happened with a different computer. This new computer has never had a serial port other than the one supplied by unitronics. It happened again while i was saving my .vlp to my laptops internal hard drive. I am attaching a screen shot of the error i get when trying to open visilogic after the blue screen.
  2. Has anyone else had problems getting the Blue Screen of Death while using Visilogic? It has happened to me once a day for the last 3 days and about 10 times over the past couple months. Each time after i reboot my computer i have to uninstall / reinstall Visilogic and i lose the .vlp program i was working on when the error happened. It has happened both when saving the program to my laptop's hard drive and while downloading to a PLC. Unitronics support suggested i use their USB to Serial converter. I ordered it and hopefully that solves the problem. Anyone ever see something like this?
  3. I ended up sending back the EX-RC1's i had the issue with. Hopefully i don't have any more problems.
  4. I am having an issue communicating with my EX-RC1s. I can go into online test mode (see all of the live operands) and everything in the Communication - PC Settings screen seems to work just fine, but whenever i try to download or verify i get an error message. ----------------------------------- PLC reply - Error - (error 7) - Time-out value is probably too short. Call Stack: clsDownloadSequence.prvSendBinaryData clsDownloadSequence.prvCheckIfOldHW clsDownloadSequence.prvOpenComm clsDownloadSequence.prvVerify --------------------------------- Details: Visilogic 9.0.1 I have uninstalled and reinstalled Visilogic (also deleted the Visilogic_C folder before reinstalling) I have got this error on 3 EX-RC1s I have got this error using 2 different computers (one has dedicated Serial Port) I have changed my Unitronics MJ10-22-CS25 cable I get the same error when connecting directly or over my CANbus network I have tried a new (black) .vlp program I have no problems at all on my 1040. Baud Rate 57600, Time Out 10 sec, Retries 3 (i have tried different numbers) I am currently talking to support but wanted to get anyone ideas.
  5. I think it should be similar to the "Source Vector: Offset" or "Destination Vector: Offset". Just don't have it change the description.
  6. One small suggestion for the UniCAN Send Block. (It may happen on other communication blocks). When selecting Destination Start Address MI it brings up the description of the address of the same numbered MI for the sending .vlp program. This seems funny to me because the description of that file from the sending program has nothing to do with the same MI of the receiving program. Also, if there is no description it adds the description of "Destination Start Address" to the sending program. For Example... If sending MI10 from PLCX to MI20 to PLCY. While setting this up in PLCX it would change MI20's description on PLCX to "Destination Start Address". It seems silly to do it that way...
  7. I was searching for free HMI graphics (e.g. LEDs, Toggle Switches) on the web but didn't find much. The ones that come with Visilogic are adequate but i wanted to see if any of you know where i can find some other good ones. Thanks!
  8. Has anyone ever used an EX-RC1 as a standalone PLC? I'm using a few of them to do a lot of logic in a CANbus system and was hoping they would continue to function if the CANbus was disturbed.
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