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  1. Hi Cara; You point out the PWM for Vision PLC's - PWM is On Board -- BUT ---- This point here is for a PWM in an I/O Module >> IO-D16A3-TO16 and this is done in 1 Hz increments ( as tested) also: >> EX-D16A3-TO16 also : >> EXF-RC15 An interesting note also about the PWM in the Expansion -- There is NO MB Trigger Bit Used If these are in HELP -- let us know where they are. Search by PWM does not show them Dan
  2. Looking at an application to monitor KYZ Pulses from Energy Meters. These are Relay Contacts and can pulse upto 10/sec. ( recommended voltage on the common is 5 VDC -- an issues with 24 VDC? - from experience ) Anyone with experience with these: Using standard inputs on the PLC ( Slower, but debounce may be less of an issue) Using High Speed inputs where debounce may be an issue. I am going to do some tests, but other experiences also help. Dan
  3. DanT

    SSI shaft encoder

    HI; SSI is not supported. Look at a CanOpen device. You will need to install the V100-17-CAN Module for CANO Dan
  4. Hi; I got curious and hooked up a IO-D16A3-TO16 and tested the NPN PWM Output Frequency in MIxx ( I used MI10) set to 25,000 Hz. Duty cycle to 500 (50.0%) Scope shows a nice 40uS squarewave ( 25,000 Hz) 1.2K load on NPN Output bit of a curve on the rising edge, sharp on the falling edge, little bit of jitter Dan
  5. DanT

    SQL in UniStream

    Hi Sunit, Have you downloaded the UniStream Examples form the website. ( scroll further down below the UniLogic Download file) - it is a zip file There is an SQL Example in there. Dan
  6. Hi; How are you calling HMI's to display? Use --|P|-- to call displays from ladder. Post your code, we can take a look. Dan
  7. I have looked at your program. A Few Issues : Program : Net 3 -- 3 Logical Different Statements in the net. Separate into 3 separate Nets . Unitronics Nets prefer 1 Logical Statement per net. -- Makes for easier troubleshooting later. Repeat for net 6 - separate into 2 nets Configuration: You do not have to setup the PWM outputs -- That is done as part of the PTO Configuration internally. There is an example program Help-Examples etc PTO for V350 -35-TR35 Attached is the Unitronics Sample , modified for the TR20. This has been tested and works (Visilogic 9.8.79 Beta) ( No Motor attached for my testing, Simulation using resistors as load: 4.7K on Out 6 to +24V, Wire from Out 6 to IN 0 ( Config as High Speed Input , ML3, NPN Inputs) ( The number below the direction arrow is the feedback from Output6 -- like an encoder input -- Just show that the Output is actually pulsing ) Use the Example as a guide. V350-TR20_PTO example plus Jogging-A.VLP
  8. Hi; I got curious following this, so I opened up a V1210 I have here, and poked around with a meter. This is for a tech to follow. This is to answer the question - Where is the 3 V going to? Probably not recommended by Unitronics, but helps troubleshooting the issue. No External Power connected to the unit. Battery is on the Power Supply board at the Left. Meter Common on Battery - Terminal ( on right side) Check Battery + Side is UP at the terminals on the side 3V? Yes - OK No- Bad Connection maybe Check R404 - Both Sides - beside the Battery - does it have 3V? Yes - OK No - Bad traces- or bad resistor - Stop, go to END Connector J401 Right side - pin 1 ( arrow) 3V ? Yes - OK J401 has a cable connecting it to the Main Board - White Wires. No - Go to END On the Main Board J1505 Pin 9 ( numbering is reversed on this connector) 3V? Yes-OK -- -- If No 3 V Here, then the Jumper Cable is suspect- Go to END On Main Board 6 pin connector J1506 - Lower Left Corner - Pin with Arrow and Middle pins right side 3V - OK. If No Voltage, go to END. This traces the Battery Voltage onto the main board. If you have voltage here, then issue is probably elsewhere. END Do not attempt any repairs, the unit may be covered under warranty !! Contact your distributor or Unitronics Support for a Case Number and RMA.
  9. DanT

    Modbus TCP/IP & RTU for UniStream

    UniStream supports MODBUS RTU and Modbus TCP. ( All Unitronics Controllers Support MODBUS ) Look under Specs-Protocols
  10. DanT

    What is Industrial Internet of Things?

    Hi Joe; Thank You. Very interesting reads. I wonder if anyone has done an actual Cost - Benefit analysis of AN IIOT device. Cost - Cost of the Device, Cost of the Physical Installation, Cost of the Network Integration, Cost of the Database Integration, Cost of the " Now how do We Use this piece of information" Cost of maintaining this device ( device failure, network failure, internet failure,troubleshooting) , Cost of impact on the process cycle time of this device, Cost of Network/Data Backup/Data Security of this device. Benefit - Is it worth it ( this device) and the Is it worth it ( on the whole ) How much of a burden is all this on the network - Internal and External. Is the data useful - now, hourly, daily, monthly, review of past event, ever? The Data Gobler is everywhere and getting bigger and we are encouraging and supporting it. Listen to the song "In the Year 2525" and then look at when it was first written and released. Just my own thoughts. Dan
  11. Hi; Replacing the fuse may not cure the problem. Other internal damage is possible/probable. How old is the Unit? Unitronics Warranty is 2 years from Shipment from Unitronics. Contact Unitronics Support for a Case and RMA. ( Israel or US ) They will discuss and help you. Unitronics DOES NOT supply any repair parts or boards for their products. Dan
  12. Is the Snap On Module properly seated on the back of the V700? What is the load you are using? Have you tried to loop the Analog outputs into the Analog inputs for testing? I do not have a V200-18-E6B to test with, but I took your program and checked your nets on a V570/E3XB setup. Program attached -- modify the hardware for your setup. 1092862925_USCITEPROVA-V570.vlp
  13. On the V200-18-E6B, there are 2 Places to Supply 24 VDC to the Snap On Module. They have different purposes also. Check the Spec Sheet - Page 4 and Page 7 0 and V1 at the Lower end of the connector are for the Outputs 0 and V2 at the Upper End of the Connector are for the Analog's <<<<<<<< Which are you using? Check it out. You Linearization and Analog Output Settings are OK. Dan
  14. I have a V350 Demo sitting on an IP address. I have run into this issue before. One solution I have implemented is to Reset the PLC at Midnite. This can be done thru SB300. Also , The Vision Series PLC's can handle only 1 Internet connection at a time.