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  1. Hi; IO-AI1X-AO3X is not a valid I/O Module. What I/O Modules are attached to the unit? or Snap On Module What is the OS in the V290 ( and how old is it) and what version VisiLogic are you using? OS -- Touch Screen for 5-8 seconds, to get into Info Mode, enter 1111 and then go to system( up/down arrows) Dant
  2. Hi ; A few things to check : Electrical Noise can be an issue. Are the PNP outputs controlling relays ---- are there suppressors on the relay coils? Are the relays controlling other relays or solenoids? Do they have suppressors? Check the relay contacts visually- smoky or pitted? do they arc when switching? -- replace the relays and add suppression to reduce the kickback. ( locate the article about Electrical noise suppression -- and see pinned top of this section -- Flyback Diode -- Great advice ) Check your power supply. Also -- upload the program into U90 Ladder and compare it to the original - ( Memory Glitch) -- Check the battery -- via info Mode -- SB9 1 = Low Battery DanT
  3. The JZ10 Needs the JZ-PRG Programming Kit to communicate and program. Contact you local distributor if you do not have the kit. There is a Dongle for the Port in the JAZZ and a RS232 DB9 connector- MJ20-22-CS10 - and a 6 wire cable in the kit. DanT
  4. Hi; What are the communications parmeters used in the Inverter? If RS232 or 485 - Do you have the V100-17-RS4 or 4X Com Board installed, and Initialized in Visilogic ? Also in the Inverter( Inverter Manual) If Ethernet, do you have the IP Address Set up. Can you Ping the Inverter and the PLC from your computer? Is the Inverter using Modbus Protocol? Can you read any of the Modbus registers in the Inverter? Post your program and we can look at it. What version VisiLogic are you using? DanT
  5. Hi Paul; Have you programmed a PLC Before? Have you downloaded and installed Visilogic 9.8.65 on your computer? www.unitronicsplc.com downloads Visilogic Visilogic 9.8.65 Open Visilogic, and click on Help, Open Up Examples, and look thru them., Convert them to work with the V700 ( Hint -- Convert to Color), Build them download them, test them , understand them. There are the basics to review, and then there are RS485 examples under Projects, Communications. Ccreating your own small test programs and build up from there. Also review the Inverter communications parameters and how it wants to share data - eg. MODBUS find the data you want to send and receive from the Inverter. We will not write your programs for you. Unitronics Moderators here are Volunteers, Professionals who give their time to help others with their programming efforts. We can review your programs and guide you. DanT
  6. Further question-- When the PLC was first powered up, before download - was there data showing on the display? If not - maybe an internal connector. else - check your program and SI noted above. DanT
  7. Hi Go Online with the PLC Look At SI7 V280 LCD Contrast should be 50 to 100 Also Look at SI9 LCD Back Light Intensity -- 0,1,2 I believe DanT
  8. Hi; Email Servers ( having unsecured email services) for use with VisiLogic -- try SMTP2GO.com , you have to set up an account and use the password provided. Dant
  9. Hi; Have you tried : Connection -- Communication-PC Settings 6th Tab - System Mode -- Get ? if it responds, then switch to Factory Boot and then try the OS Download again Also - V570's like to communicate at 115,200 Baud Dan
  10. H; Form your post above : Maybe I could just export PLC operands, then write my program to new PLC and import these operands? Look under Connections, Export PLC Operands to Text File This will do what you need to do to get the data from Battery backed up memory in the old unit. Then import the data you want ( like PID information) into the New Unit. This feature can also be handy sometimes for troubleshooting because it is a record of the current state of the PLC Dan
  11. Anton; Does the V 290 have a snap on I/O Module? Is it seated properly? and do you have the power also connected to it? and to the V290 3 pin terminal The 24 VDC Supply should be a regulated supply Where is the DC-DC regulator? On a Snap On I/O Module? The 5 V regulator for the Main unit is on the motherboard.. Hot old is the unit?
  12. Having read thru this, just a few notes from my experiences and having a V130 beside me to play with : V130-Info Mode, Com 1 Baud rate seems low at 9600, -- Using any Modbus or Other Serial Protocols? Normal Com1 Baud rate is 57,600 Was this changed in the program with a Com Init ? Have you looked at the Com 1 Buffers in Info Mode? ( Serial Option 2) +/- will clear the buffer Try the standard Get PLC Info Com Buffer should be similar to this : /00DED* when successful V130- Info Mode - System - Mode with show the RUN, Stop, Reset, Init Options Changed the Com Jumpers in the PLC to RS485? Also In the in Visilogic Communication - PC Settings Communicate with OPLC -- Direct Selection has the Dot beside it. Try a longer time out 2,4,6,10 seconds. Checked the cable from the CS25 Module to the PLC? Is it 4 Wire, rings out OK ? ( A 2 wire cable will NOT Work because the grounds are missing !) If you are using a USB Adapter with the CS25, Adapter drivers up to date? Same adapter as when you first programmed the PLC ? or is this one different? ( I have good adapters that work on Windows 7, but NOT on Windows 10 - because of Picky Microsoft, So I also have USB Adapters specific for Windows 10( and Marked them) ) ( All adapters I have are from the same brand, and same models! - just older and newer versions ) Dan
  13. Contact Unitronics Support and ask for the one you need.
  14. Hi; Unitronics Supports Ethernet/IP, but cannot import the EDS Sheets. Assembly Structs have to be built manually. Anyone done an Ethernet/IP Setup for the SMC EX600 Valve Banks ? Willing to share the Basic Structs? Dan
  15. Hi; Ausman : The Double rail was added in 9.8.79 for the VFD's, VFD's on upper rail, I/O Expansion on the lower rail. Primary addition to 9.8.79 was the VFD functions and added a few administrator things like registration. Dan
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