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  1. HI; V200-18-E46B and V200-18-E62B have NPN Outputs rated at 100kHz HSO/PWM (others are only 50kHz NPN Out) Vision Models V350 and V430 with TRxx Have NPN outputs rated at 200kHz Max DanT
  2. Hi; Good Catch Flex, Brain Missed that MB part, SB2 is a one shot on POWER UP Only- First Scan thru. If you want to re-initialize the setup , do the re-init with a -|P|- in the same net, in parallel with the SB2 . DanT
  3. Hi; Is the Ethernet Cable Plugged into the Ethernet Port ? and are the LED's Flashing for connectivity? The Expansion port uses a RJ45 Connector also, and is often confused with the Ethernet port. Check the PLC using INFO Mode ( Password 1111) Ethernet Upper lines show Ethernet IP and current status Middle allows you to view and set parameters - IP, Sockets Press Monitor to see if any data is reaching the PLC ( selectable by the port ) Are the PLC and PC on the same network? Check the address of the PC. Can you PING the PLC IP Address from the PC and get a reply? DanT
  4. Hi Crin; This should be in the Vision Forum. In VisiLogic, Under View, click on HW Configuration Then click on the SM70-J-R20 Box Look for the Tab High Speed Inputs Top is for the Hi Speed Counter Lower is for Rate. Set them up and linearize the Rate to the Scale you want. DanT
  5. Hi; The PNP outputs on the JZ20-UA24 are not set up for high speed outputs. There is an example program for the JZ20-T1 which apparently can do a High Speed output when setup properly. Consider stepping up to a SAMBA SM35-J-TA24. This unit has the HSO Functions- with step control - as well as Analog In and Out. Will cost more, but save a lot of time and effort(grief) attempting with the JAZZ, and get a color screen as well. DanT
  6. Hi; UniLogic 1.26.90 and later Method 1 : Having UniLogic on a local computer and a USB DOK PLC UniLogic Management Remote Update USB Link to the PLC ( Ethernet if you know the IP of the PLC) I used my DOK and started it remotely. You can also select a SD Card BE SURE the USB DOK is > 4 GB !! Method 2 : Setting up a USB Action File on a DOK for a NON LOCAL UPGRADE - firmware or project Help - Search Actions - UniStreamPLC(PLC without Built-in HMI Panel) There is a checkbox for Firmware Upgrade and Project Upgrade Recommend testing these with a handy UniStream PLC before deployment. DanT
  7. Hi; Have you downloaded the zip file with UniStream Sample programs? -- Just under the UniStream Download. There are a large number of example programs done by topic. There are a couple of sample programs using the UID-0808THS in there to examine and help you get going. As Joe Tauser and others re-iterates often here : Take a crack at it and create your own code and then we can help you along. Dant
  8. Hi; The JAZZ 10 Programs will work in the JZ20 PLC's of the same Model -- like -R16. Basically you just have to change the Model Number of the PLC. Open the original Program, save it under a NEW NAME, then change the Hardware and save the program. Going from a JZ10-11-R16 to a JZ20-R31 : Open the JZ10-11-R16 Program. Save the program under a NEW NAME. Change the Hardware to JZ20-R31, and Save. Now the program has the extra I/O of the R31. Modify the new program to suit the application. One thing to also do, is when changing and testing programs, SAVE the Program with a New Name -- like an INDEX Number until the program is complete. This way, you can backtrack if necessary. DanT
  9. Hi; The file you are refering to is a system file from the Updates when you updated the UniStream OS - via UniLogic File_System.tar.gz 505,730,000 Bytes 507.730 MegaBytes well with in the 4 GigaBytes Limit That particular folder - UniStream Files - can be deleted once the UniStream has been updated to the New OS. Is your program writing files to the Micro SD Card? How Often? How large? Into specific folders? Are you exceeding the number of files in the folder? DanT
  10. Hi; Some further information : IF the SD Card has been formatted in FAT Format : By design, FAT carries a few limitations: Maximum file size is limited to 4,294,967,295 bytes. Maximum files within folder is 65,536 (i.e. a directory must not be larger than 2,097,152 bytes). A root directory on FAT12 and FAT16 can hold max 512 files/folders (there is no such limitation for FAT32) DanT
  11. Hi; What are your inputs? Digital -- NPN/PNP -- Jumper is Factory set to PNP. Hi Speed inputs have to be defined in the hardware setup, and MI/ML/DW Assigned. Analog - these all have to be defined in the Hardware setup -- Type and related MI , and the Jumpers have to be set accordingly - See Installation sheet. Have you checked the input terminals with a meter? DanT
  12. Hi, What size are the cards and how full are they when you have the Locked Issue? How many files in the directories you are having issues with? DanT
  13. Hi; 1 further note: The UID-0808THS accepts only the A and B Signals from the encoder. The Z output can be used on another High Speed input, and then dealt with in the program. DanT
  14. Hi; Download the UniStream Example Programs from the UniStream Download Section. Just below the UniStream Down Load. There are numerous examples to illustrate many of the features of the UniStream. Pay attention to the Properties Box on the Right. DanT
  15. Hi; The IO-D16A3-RO16 High Speed Inputs cannot do quadrature encoder inputs. The proper High Speed module for UniStream is the UID-0808THS . There are several "scenarios" to choose from to work with encoders and High Speed Outputs An alternate is the new Ethernet IO Modules -URB-TCP + URD-0200D ( 5V Encoders) or URD-0200E (24 VDC Encoders) Read the URP Manual -- These are expensive Note that the EX-RC1 may do the Loadcell Functions, BUT, the EX-RC1 does NOT have any Battery Backup! You may have to use POWER Up Values once you have the setup values defined properly. DanT
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