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  1. Hi; Yes, the SD card can be used to download a new program into the PLC. In VisiLogic, Projects - Create the download file. Format the SD card using the SD Card Utilities - this also adds Unitronics specific folders onto the card. In the V350, use Info Mode and SD card Functions to install the new program. If the PLC has an Ethernet Port, you can also download thru the Ethernet Port ( IP and PLC Name are required) If No 2nd com port, create a service screen and disable the Modbus Activity while working thru COM1, then enable Modbus Activity when done. DanT
  2. H; A few more questions : What is the Communications setup in the PLC ( V130, V350 )? Port 2 -- Ethernet or RS232/485 or None? Which Port is being used for Programming? Which Port is being used for Modbus? Is the Modbus Serial ( RTU) or Ethernet (TCP) ? What is the Baud Rate for the Com Port(s)? If unknown, this can be checked via Info Mode. Is the Modbus set up as Master - Doing the polling? or as Slave - Responding to requests for data? Are you using COM 1 for Modbus and Programming? Using COM1 as a Modbus Master and for Programming is asking for trouble Communications Clashing - In and Out Is there a way in the program to disable the Modbus Communication and allow the port to be used for programming ? Maybe in a user menu? Separate if at all possible - Add a 2nd Comport or Ethernet Port. If there is a COM 2 and it is RS232/485 then this would normally be used as the Modbus Com Port and Com 1 is open for Programming and Remote Access Is Com 2 Setup for Ethernet ? -- IP address and PLC Name and the Program Name can be gotten via Info Mode. Then Modbus Serial will use Com 1 , and you can get into the PLC via Ethernet You can go Online with the Unit and at least looks at the data even if you do not have the program. You can try an UPLOAD from the PLC - If the program is unlocked, you can recover the ladder. -- If the ladder is locked, then you are out of luck. ( DO NOT ATTEMPT a DOWNLOAD as this will overwrite the program in the PLC !!!!!! ) DanT
  3. Hi; Ausman : Correct - looked at the Spec Sheet for the IO-AI4-AO2, Power is 24 VDC ( 20.4 - 28.8V Range). -- needed for the Analog Outputs IO-ATC8 -- does not have an external Power Supply Requirement, all terminals dedicated to Inputs IO-PT400 - - does not have an external Power Supply Requirement, all terminals dedicated to Inputs Soooo -- these are dependent on power from the Bus, and are NOT Isolated !! Dant
  4. Hi; EX-A2X Expansion Adapter Comes with 1M Cable, longer cables thru your distributor IO-ATC8 8 Analog in -- 0-10V, 4-20ma, or Thermocouple -- Setup via Jumpers IO-AI4-AO2 4 Analog In, 2 Analog Out 0-10V, 4-20ma ( No temperature ) IO-PT400 4 PT100 Inputs DanT
  5. Hi; Contact your local distributor for a set or ask Support for part numbers. Dant
  6. Hi; What PLC do you have? Are you using the Serial port to communicate or the USB Port? DanT
  7. Hi; Function keys are not locked out buy the OS, or Ladder Function. The Function keys are always available for use. Use depends on the program and the current screen operations. The Function keys on the V1040 use SB's SB58-SB65 ESC is SB57 Go to the Online Mode or via Info Mode and check the key by pressing them. If they are functional, then the SB will be 1 . If they do not respond, then the Key may be defective ( is this an older unit and the is key(s) is used very often?) If the key does not respond, then hardware issue. Unitronics does not repair the units. If under warranty( 2 years) contact your distributor or Unitronics. Non Warranty - you will have to buy a replacement. Note that in the replacement process, it is possible to save all the Memory data and put it back into the new unit. ( save the data tables, save the variable data) Be sure you have a copy of the program or a compiled version that can be downloaded. Dant
  8. Correction: If you want a challenge, see the post in TIPS and TRICKS Forum about Python and Modbus and Vision PLC and try to apply it to the JAZZ
  9. Hi ; The Jazz Ethernet Module has very limited capabilities. Jazz Ethernet allows Modbus Data Transfer Only. Unitronics does not have an application to remote operate a JAZZ via Ethernet. U90 Ladder has its limits, and communications is basic. Ethernet is rudimentary - vey basic. If you want a challenge, see the post in Visilogic Forum about Python and Modbus and Vision PLC and try to apply it to the JAZZ. DanT
  10. Hi; There are differences in how Modbus uses registers between V260 Standard and the Newer V130,350, 570 etc Enhanced Models. Under Help, Index - MODBUS Slave Address Tables Standard ( V260, V230, V120 ) Modbus register addressing is DECIMAL ENHANCED ( V130-V1210 -- Colour Touch ) Modbus register addressing is HEXADECIMAL Review the details in the help file. Dant
  11. Hi; The Main Program scans the nets from net 1(Top) to Net X(End) - Top to Bottom - , deviating only to do called subroutines. When a Contact Output is used multiple times in the program, Only the LAST Time Used Counts because that is when the Scan does the final determination of the condition of the contact Output before setting the outputs, doing housekeeping and restarting the scan again. Where else is MB 64 being used? Subroutines are only Active when CALLED, otherwise, the subroutine and all it's internal logic is ignored. Dant
  12. Hi; IO-AI1X-AO3X is not a valid I/O Module. What I/O Modules are attached to the unit? or Snap On Module What is the OS in the V290 ( and how old is it) and what version VisiLogic are you using? OS -- Touch Screen for 5-8 seconds, to get into Info Mode, enter 1111 and then go to system( up/down arrows) Dant
  13. Hi ; A few things to check : Electrical Noise can be an issue. Are the PNP outputs controlling relays ---- are there suppressors on the relay coils? Are the relays controlling other relays or solenoids? Do they have suppressors? Check the relay contacts visually- smoky or pitted? do they arc when switching? -- replace the relays and add suppression to reduce the kickback. ( locate the article about Electrical noise suppression -- and see pinned top of this section -- Flyback Diode -- Great advice ) Check your power supply. Also -- upload the program into U90 Ladder and compare it to the original - ( Memory Glitch) -- Check the battery -- via info Mode -- SB9 1 = Low Battery DanT
  14. The JZ10 Needs the JZ-PRG Programming Kit to communicate and program. Contact you local distributor if you do not have the kit. There is a Dongle for the Port in the JAZZ and a RS232 DB9 connector- MJ20-22-CS10 - and a 6 wire cable in the kit. DanT
  15. Hi; What are the communications parmeters used in the Inverter? If RS232 or 485 - Do you have the V100-17-RS4 or 4X Com Board installed, and Initialized in Visilogic ? Also in the Inverter( Inverter Manual) If Ethernet, do you have the IP Address Set up. Can you Ping the Inverter and the PLC from your computer? Is the Inverter using Modbus Protocol? Can you read any of the Modbus registers in the Inverter? Post your program and we can look at it. What version VisiLogic are you using? DanT
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