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  1. Hi; The only catch in replacing the older EX-A1 with the EX-A2X is the Cable also has to be replaced and the EXL-CABxxx Cable is wired different to the Older Cable and HAS to be Plugged in a certain way - PLC and EX-A2X Ends are different. DanT
  2. Hi; On the Unitronics Website, under UniStream Downloads, there is a Zip File containing many Program Examples done by Unitronics UniLogic Examples. Look Under Communications , Modbus RS485 DanT
  3. Hi; In My test program The SMTP2GO Parameters for email are : Remote IP Remote Port 2525 DanT
  4. Hi; Contact Unitronics Support. DanT
  5. Hi Sometimes a strange touch experience on the HMI can be due to how tight the panel has been clamped in from the back. Loosen up the mounting screws a bit solves the issue. Dant
  6. Hi Aus; Too Many times, and a bit of research, registry editing(hacking), and help from other sources. There is a registry entry that has to be removed/bypassed , but this is a safer way. Dant
  7. Hi; Been there , done that. This is a Windows related issue. There is an install shield file that has information in it causing the problem, and has to be moved or deleted. Here is a solution: CAUTION : I Take NO Responsibility for anything that happens ( good or bad)!!!!! Local Administrator privileges may be necessary. KNOW what you are doing! Open C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information There are a few or many very oddly named folders e.g. {12AB95C7-C72D-4CF5-9B6D-7452DF048C56} Starting at the top, click on the folder to open it: Each folder has a group of files. Look for the file : Setup.ini Double click to open the file or open the file in Notepad ( Notepad ONLY, this is a simple Text File) Top Line [Startup] 2nd line AppName= If the App name is NOT VisiLogic, close Notepad ( DO NOT do a Save or Save As) Move on the next folder If the Appname= is VisiLogic, Close Notepad Back out of that folder, Cut the Folder and Paste it into the Downloads Folder -- Just a safe place to put it for now. Also Rename the Folder and ADD - VisiLogic Restart the VisiLogic Installation, and ( fingers crossed ) it should go smoothly. You can also run a registry cleanup program later to locate and delete unused registry entries. Dant
  8. Hi; What version of UniLogic are you using? What version is the OS in the PLC? If they are mis-matched, then downloads will not go thru until OS in PLC is updated. There is no trial period for UniLogic. The registration is just so Unitronics knows where it is installed and probably for the newer security requirements for windows programs. Dant
  9. Hi; Celsius is the predominate method of temperature measurement around the world. Part of being or adopting Metric ! A few countries still do Farenheit. As an older Canadian, I have think in both. DanT
  10. Hi; Since it Powers up , Use VisiLogic - Blank program will do - and get into it via the USB Port. Go to ON line Mode, and look at SI 40 and 40 - these are the X and Y positions when the Touch Screen is touched. -1, -1 are no touch, and when touched, the position is given Also SB16 -- Touch Screen is Active What state is SB 17 in?? DanT
  11. Hi, Go to the www.unitronicsPLC.com - Technical Support and at the bottom of the dropdown is the Contact select. Open it and submit a Ticket. This gets to Unitronics Support staff directly or send an email to support@unitronicsplc.com and describe the problem. These go directly to the Unitronics support team for the best answers in this type of issue. DanT
  12. Hi; Yes, the SD card can be used to download a new program into the PLC. In VisiLogic, Projects - Create the download file. Format the SD card using the SD Card Utilities - this also adds Unitronics specific folders onto the card. In the V350, use Info Mode and SD card Functions to install the new program. If the PLC has an Ethernet Port, you can also download thru the Ethernet Port ( IP and PLC Name are required) If No 2nd com port, create a service screen and disable the Modbus Activity while working thru COM1, then enable Modbus Activity when done. DanT
  13. H; A few more questions : What is the Communications setup in the PLC ( V130, V350 )? Port 2 -- Ethernet or RS232/485 or None? Which Port is being used for Programming? Which Port is being used for Modbus? Is the Modbus Serial ( RTU) or Ethernet (TCP) ? What is the Baud Rate for the Com Port(s)? If unknown, this can be checked via Info Mode. Is the Modbus set up as Master - Doing the polling? or as Slave - Responding to requests for data? Are you using COM 1 for Modbus and Programming? Using COM1 as a Modbus Master and for Programming is asking for trouble Communications Clashing - In and Out Is there a way in the program to disable the Modbus Communication and allow the port to be used for programming ? Maybe in a user menu? Separate if at all possible - Add a 2nd Comport or Ethernet Port. If there is a COM 2 and it is RS232/485 then this would normally be used as the Modbus Com Port and Com 1 is open for Programming and Remote Access Is Com 2 Setup for Ethernet ? -- IP address and PLC Name and the Program Name can be gotten via Info Mode. Then Modbus Serial will use Com 1 , and you can get into the PLC via Ethernet You can go Online with the Unit and at least looks at the data even if you do not have the program. You can try an UPLOAD from the PLC - If the program is unlocked, you can recover the ladder. -- If the ladder is locked, then you are out of luck. ( DO NOT ATTEMPT a DOWNLOAD as this will overwrite the program in the PLC !!!!!! ) DanT
  14. Hi; Ausman : Correct - looked at the Spec Sheet for the IO-AI4-AO2, Power is 24 VDC ( 20.4 - 28.8V Range). -- needed for the Analog Outputs IO-ATC8 -- does not have an external Power Supply Requirement, all terminals dedicated to Inputs IO-PT400 - - does not have an external Power Supply Requirement, all terminals dedicated to Inputs Soooo -- these are dependent on power from the Bus, and are NOT Isolated !! Dant
  15. Hi; EX-A2X Expansion Adapter Comes with 1M Cable, longer cables thru your distributor IO-ATC8 8 Analog in -- 0-10V, 4-20ma, or Thermocouple -- Setup via Jumpers IO-AI4-AO2 4 Analog In, 2 Analog Out 0-10V, 4-20ma ( No temperature ) IO-PT400 4 PT100 Inputs DanT
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