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  1. Hi Juandiaza; Hardware setup -- Have you set the High Speed Inputs up for A-B encoder? Jumpers- Internal -- Is the Encoder PNP or NPN Output? Default is PNP, If NPN - Open unit, change JP12 to A( NPN) See the installation guide. Note: If Encoder is NPN, then JP12 set to NPN will cause ALL Inputs to be NPN If encoder is NPN, - Open Collector or Pull Up Resistors Internal? HMI Numeric Value tied to the MI you selected in Hardware setup. Dan
  2. Is this in the main routine? or in a subroutine? is the subroutine being called?
  3. Hi; I have interfaced a V1040 into a couple of Pi's. I used the TCP-RAW Method and it worked well. Sent Integer data between them to trigger the Pi Camera. Used Python 3 for all the programming. Took a bit of research and trial and error to get it going as some information out there is a bit incomplete or misleading. Also used the MODBUS TCP method - there is a Python based Modbus program out there. It works well. I has more flexibility in some ways.. I will get the code for both methods and post it in a day or so. Current project is connecting a Pi to a Blind(display dead) Lego NXT via USB - working, needs cleanup. Aim is to get it all working together ( Vision, Pi, NXT, and a PIFace Digital I/O interface.) Dan .
  4. What model SAMBA are you using. The -T20 and -R20 models do not support Thermocouples. Thermocouples produce very small voltages in relation to the temperature being measured. The 0-10V Analog inputs ( 10 Bit ) are not fine enough to read the millivolts generated. Thermocouples are supported on the -RA22 and -TA22 Models. The Installation Sheet describes the wiring for the various types. In the -RA22 and -TA22 thermocouple inputs is already converted and the value is stored as xxx.x degrees C or F
  5. Attached is a Simple Timer Demo to illustrate an ON Delay Timer and change the value from another screen( Timer Direct) or thru an MI ( using the Special Functions) Screen 1 shows the timer preset and current times Screen 2 is to change the timer preset from the keypad using a separate screen Screen 3 shows using an MI to change the Timer Value When using an MI to change a time, you must use the Function Blocks in the M90 and JAZZ See the last net of the program to see the Special Function set up, also refer to the Help and Functions for further details. Simple Timer -JZ10-11-R16.U90
  6. Big nets Review the STL code for the net and often the STL sets itself up a bit different than the way you think in the net. I have seen this. Sometimes re-writing the net helps, but, breaking the net up into smaller nets removes the problem and the logic comes through cleaner and clearer
  7. Hi Justas; I have looked at your program. You appear to be using the USB port for programming and COM 1 for Modbus, You cannot do this . The USB port is probably set for 115,200 and the Modbus is set for 9600 The Installation manual says : The USB port may be used for programming, OS download, and PC access. Note that COM port 1 function is suspended when this port is physically connected to a PC. Recommendations: . Add a 2nd Com Port to the PLC V100-17-RS4X or Setup the Ethernet port and program thru the Ethernet Port - nice feature in the V700. -- see below You Initialize the Modbus several times - 1 for each device. This Modbus Config is for this unit- the Master(Client) This is Modbus ID 1 - only need to do this once. You have to set up each device to a different Modbus Address. ID address 2 , etc. In the Modbus Read Holding registers, this is where you define the Server(Slave) address to read from.- Trim the program to work with 1 Modbus Slave unit to start, and get it working, then add the others in. Typical Ethernet Setup Line: --||-------PLC Name ----- TCP/IP Config ------ TCP Socket Init SB2 - Power up Set the IP address Socket 1, Port 20256, TCP,Slave In the Connectons, change Serial to Ethernet, and then favorite, and enter the PLC name, IP Address, and port 20256. Be sure the IP address is on the same network your PC is on, and is an unused IP. After setting up the PLC, do a PING from the PC to be sure you can see the PLC. DanT
  8. Hi; I did a test myself. Have you Set up the TCP Connect properly to look at the MI with the Slave Address? and is there an IP Address entered at the MI ? DanT
  9. Hi Assuming you have the JZ20-R16, you will need install the JZ-RS4 Module to the JAZZ to be able to work with MODBUS. ( You will be programming the JZ20 via the USB Port, and can go online with the JAZZ to troubleshoot your program) There is an Example program in HELP-Examples-MODBUS that will show the steps to setup MODBUS in the JAZZ-M90 Controllers ( You have to use the Special Functions Methods - See Help - MODBUS for further details) From the Description provides, the JAZZ will be the MODBUS Master . Look up the JZ-RS4 Installation manual to review it's settings and wiring. DanT
  10. Hi; Trying to connect to a Gardner Denver Airsmart Controller Comm Module. Serial Interface - RS232 works. Trying the MODBUS TCP UDP protocol on their ports 2000 and 2001 - no luck yet, we can ping the IP OK, just no connection for MODBUS Read Registers(3) Any one had experience with this unit? Dan
  11. Hi Ausman; Have you looked at DataExport - one of the Free Utilities from Unitronics Set it up - Serial or Ethernet to the V230 and capture the data table on a Schedule - say 24 Hours This can be run on a PC and left open all the time . It can capture the data table, save it to an Excel file and also email it. You may have to add the Ethernet Card to the V230,or via Modem.
  12. Hi Saragani; Do You Mean Visilogic? and he is using Windows, not Linux. Dan Thomas. Fred: Windows 7 updates up to date? Did you also upgrade the OS in the PLC? Dan
  13. Hi; Customer has a Siemens 353 Controller and needs to communicate to it via Modbus ( we are using Serial RTU) Unistream is the Master, 353 is the slave. Communications is working properly We can read bits from the 353 like the push buttons, after adjusting the addressing by 1 ( Siemens 342 = Unitronics 341) We are having trouble with the Integer registers, they are coming back blank. Siemens 40061 - 40066 are basic clock data and we cannot read that, let alone the data that we need. Anyone with experience with this controller? a few more clues? Dant
  14. Hi Arbellah; Had the same issue. You cannot change the value the MI assigned to the High Speed Counter in the IO-D16A3-TO16. I tried saving the count data an loading it back in after a power up, and tried in the Online mode to change the value of the MI. Neither worked. In my case, we ended up removing the module and using a V200-18-E5B ( on a V570) . In your case, you will have to consider using another V130 like the TR20 or TR34 or R34. I think this is something Unitronics should look at, or provide an explaination. Dan.