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  1. DanT

    We want to know!

    Has Unitronics Partnered up with any IOT MQTT cloud providers? or recommend any MQTT Broker programs for Internal Sites? Dan Thomas
  2. Open Visilogic View HW_Configuration Click on the LOWER box - FULL PART NUMBER SM70-J-RA22 High Speed Inputs Tab none - dropdown - choose the High Speed Function to use ( A-B shaft Encoder x 2) and choose an ML as the operand Using any Analog Inputs and Outputs -- Open the tabs and set them up -- and the related jumpers in the unit AND -- Is the encoder NPN or PNP outputs? -- Set the NPN/PNP Jumper accordingly - And ALL inputs will be either PNP or NPN !
  3. Changing the Battery: Is this for V570, V1040,V1210? Battery can be changed while the unit is powered up. No Data Lost. V350, V130, V430, SAMBA -- The Unit has to be opened to change the battery --See Below: Want to save the current data table but do not have the program? PLC ON, Open Visilogic - Blank Program Establish Communications with the PLC In Project Box, Select Data Tables -- The Data Table Box Opens - Blank is OK Select the Icon "Read Structure and Values from the PLC " -- Tables and data will show up Save the Data Tables as Excel or csv files. If there are no data tables in the PLC, none will show up. Also, Under Connection, You can Export the PLC Data- Memory -into a Binary or Text File You will get only the MB, MI etc. names and current data. You will not get the description for the variable - Programmers' Secrets. This is the current state of the variables only. - SB,SI, any Sx Values will NOT be saved. Mx, Xx, T Values only are saved. Info Mode will is also useful to explore and you can record Com setting, Ethernet and Socket Settings You can get the name of the Program that is installed If you want the ladder -- try for upload. 1. Programmer set the Upload Bit and no Password - then it will upload -- Save it for future reference!! 2. Programmer did not set the upload option - Forget it, you will not get it, and there is no back door. 3. Programmer set a password for the upload and you do not have it -- Forget it, there is no back door, and after a few hacks at the password, the PLC will ignore you. 2 or 3 --- Contact the company/programmer to get the ladder. or at least request a downloadable file to reprogram the PLC if needed ( The downloadable file is compiled code only, cannot be opened - useful if the PLC Fails)
  4. Have you looked in Help - Examples - V900-Projects-Ladder-V1040 Alarms The sample will not be for SAMBA, but can help you. Dan
  5. DanT

    UniLogic with EX-RC1

    Hi; When using the EX-RC1 with UniStream, DO NOT USE THE VISILOGIC EXAMPLE PROGRAMS !! Down load the UniStream Examples from the UniLogic Download area -- just below the UniLogic download.. There are EX-RC1 Examples related to UniStream there. UniStream uses different registers than Visilogic. Based on my experiences , I have written a sequence of steps to take to use 1 or more EX-RC1 with UniLogic . Yes, there are steps that must be done ( Visilogic is Involved also) in order to do it successfully.
  6. Check the following: Control Panel - Programs and Features - Unitronics Visilogic - Is it there? - Uninstall it. C: Program Files(x86) Unitronics - Unitronics VisiLogic_C --- Delete it C: Program Files (x86) Common Files -- Unitronics -- Delete It Clean out Temp Files -- User ( your Profile) AppData- Local-Temp You can also contact Unitronics Support and they may do a remote session on your computer to help you.
  7. Did you try doing the install as "Run as Administrator" ? Windows 10 can be One Big Royal Pain to work with sometimes. It has some real "I know better than you quirks ."
  8. DanT

    UID-W1616R Output Wiring problem

    The 0V and +V are for to power the relay coils internally only. What do you have on the CM Terminal? The relay contacts are dry contacts and share a common connection on CM. Power on CM ( eg. 24 VDC) and load( eg. 24 VDCRelay Coil, or solenoid, etc. ) on the contact to the return( eg. 0VDC) Dant
  9. Hi Rajat; The data tables have a certain amount of memory allocated for them. You can have 1 or several Data Tables, but they all have to reside together within the space given. The number of rows is limited to the space available, the number of columns and the structure of the columns ( boolean, Integer, long, string) Have you considered moving some of the data onto an SD Card?
  10. DanT

    UIS-WCB2_0 Analog Input

    Analog inputs 0-10V have a MAXIMUM voltage of about 12 volts for the input. Above that may damage the analog input circuit. You have to use a voltage divider network to limit the maximum voltage of the pot to 10 Volts. What is the value of the Pot? That can affect he input impedance of the Analog input also.
  11. Hi Guillaume; Have you looked at the Example programs in the Help Drop Down? Help - Examples-Version 900-Project Examples-DataTable There are several files there, open and review V570_Data_Log For SD Card examples, look in the SD Folder. Dant
  12. Hi Mousemania; Windows 10? Latest Updates? -- Win 10 is a real pain! Uninstall 1.22.13 Get Into Control Panel - Programs and Uninstall the SQL Server Shut down the computer. and Restart. ( Sometimes RAM remembers what is supposed to be erased ) Install 1.22.13 ( This will cause an new SQL Install to be done ) (When doing and uninstall of a current UniLogic, it does not uninstall the SQL Server. Uninstall SQL Server forces the New UniLogic install to install it again, Subtle changes can cause headaches)) Been there , done that ! Dant
  13. Hello TheCarb; You will use the Function Blocks Protocol Scan and Protocol Receive. There are a few examples to work from in the Help/Examples/Version900Communications/FB Protocol The Baldor Example shows the Protocol Scan and Protocol Receive and the Serial Com Setup. Have the temp controller handy for bench testing. Dan Thomas
  14. See the attached program. Screen 1 Displays the number - but it cannot be edited Press the Up Arrow to go to the Next Screen to edit the number Press Enter 2 times -- 1st to accept the new number, 2nd to go back to the main display. Dan JZ20-Edit a Number.U90
  15. Hi; What type of encoder are you planning to use? Single Channel - pulse train counting up in any direction? Internal or external reset? A-B Quadrature Count Forward or Backward? With marker pulse? The High Speed Inputs are configured in the Hardware setup , select the method, assign an MI(16 bit +/-) or an ML (32bit +/-) If encoder inputs are NPN, then set the Jumper( internal) for NPN - ALL Inputs will be NPN Check Example Programs - Help-Examples for programming