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  1. Analog Out Example

    Will passing the result value from Linearize to the tag assigned to my AO cause it to output my desired voltage? Yes it will.
  2. Analog Out Example

    Review Specs for Analog Out -- 0-10V is 14 Bit ( 0-16383) 0-5V is half of that Example Data to convert In is 0-100% ( 0.0 to 100.0) Use Linearize Function In is 0 to 1000, out is 0 to 8191
  3. RS485 is Daisy chain, just link them together. Use shielded cable and ground the shield at one end of each link A+ to A+ etc . B- to B- etc. The UniStream is 1 and each device has its own ID Number Baud rate is set to be common to all Connect 1 at a time and get it going before adding in the next one. Be sure to use the terminations 1 at each end,
  4. Got the answer from Unitroncis Up to 16 EX-RC1's can be used with a UniStream PLC+HMI
  5. USB stick (DOK) is not recognized by PLC

    The Minimum USB DOK is 4 GB for Upgrades. Anything less will cause the UniStream to Brick - I have seen one do this - It had to be replaced.
  6. Need help to connect Unistream to ex-rc1

    Hi Oobretenov; YOU MUST use the EX-RC1_IO.vlp example as your base program from the UniStream Examples because there are differences in MI registers being used from the EX-RC1 Examples in Visilogic. Rename the file when you have made configuration changes to suit your project. Did you configure the EX-RC1 _IO for your I/O Modules? Set the DIP Switches on the EX-RC1 Module for the address ( 2 and above) UniStream is at Address 1 by default Then do the Export file, and Import it into UniLogic. The Export file from the EX-RC1 tells UniStream what I/O Modules are connected. Make sure the ID number you set is the same as the DIP Switch setting on the EX-RC1, Leave the General Buffers Unchecked. Then do the the Export from UniLogic of the INPUT and OUTPUT files-- At the top of the properties --, and Import these back into the EX-RC1. The Export files FROM the UniStream back to the EX-RC1 set up the Structs for the Inputs and Outputs properly to synchronize with the I/O Structs in UniLogic. Be sure to put the files in the right Structs in the EX-RC1. Be sure to Setup CANBUS Com Parameters in BOTH the EX-RC1 and the UniStream to be the same Baud rate ! This is a separate setting in UniLogic. Be sure the Terminating Resistors ( 75 ohm) are on BOTH the UniStream Connect AND the EX-RC1 Connector The CANBUS is an isolated Communications system, It needs its own 24 VDC power. It does not draw power from the EX-RC1 Module. On the EX-RC1, The I/O COM Led is Green and Steady when the I/O Modules are running properly. On the EX-RC1, The BUS Com LED is on Steady when the CANBUS is communicating properly, else it flashes. Dant
  7. Hi Felix; If the unit is under warranty - less than 2 years old, contact support. They may cover it under warranty thru your distributor. Else -- buy a new one - maybe your distributor will give you a break.
  8. Hi; The Upper Right corner can take a Non Touch Image. The UniStream uses the Touch function in this corner to be able to get to the built in background functions of the UniStream Controller( like the 'I' Key on the Vision and M91 Series) When you touch this area, a menu will appear - UniApps -- the background system functions for Troubleshooting, Manual Communications setup, Upgrades, etc. Another feature is to take a Screen Shot of the current active user screen. Dan
  9. Visilogic 9.3.1 dont recover

    There is a guide in the pinned area of this forum: How Do I Perform a Full Re-install of VisiLogic? this was written some years ago, so Program Files can now be Program Files(x86) some additional notes: Before doing the above, check and BE SURE ...... Program Files or Program Files(x86) Unitronics Unitronics Visilogic_C -- MOVE any project files you have there - like in the Applications folder, then Delete the entire folder -- DO NOT Have PROJECT Folders here - They may get deleted during Uninstalls !! ( Applications folder is not a safe place to keep project files, store your projects elsewhere -- Visilogic Uninstall can automatically delete this folder) Save project files frequently using revision indexes I the names, so you can go back to a previous revision if necessary. ( In the end , the final project is kept, and the backups can be removed)
  10. Hi Juandiaza; Hardware setup -- Have you set the High Speed Inputs up for A-B encoder? Jumpers- Internal -- Is the Encoder PNP or NPN Output? Default is PNP, If NPN - Open unit, change JP12 to A( NPN) See the installation guide. Note: If Encoder is NPN, then JP12 set to NPN will cause ALL Inputs to be NPN If encoder is NPN, - Open Collector or Pull Up Resistors Internal? HMI Numeric Value tied to the MI you selected in Hardware setup. Dan
  11. "Store" Ladder function does not work

    Is this in the main routine? or in a subroutine? is the subroutine being called?
  12. Hi; I have interfaced a V1040 into a couple of Pi's. I used the TCP-RAW Method and it worked well. Sent Integer data between them to trigger the Pi Camera. Used Python 3 for all the programming. Took a bit of research and trial and error to get it going as some information out there is a bit incomplete or misleading. Also used the MODBUS TCP method - there is a Python based Modbus program out there. It works well. I has more flexibility in some ways.. I will get the code for both methods and post it in a day or so. Current project is connecting a Pi to a Blind(display dead) Lego NXT via USB - working, needs cleanup. Aim is to get it all working together ( Vision, Pi, NXT, and a PIFace Digital I/O interface.) Dan .
  13. What model SAMBA are you using. The -T20 and -R20 models do not support Thermocouples. Thermocouples produce very small voltages in relation to the temperature being measured. The 0-10V Analog inputs ( 10 Bit ) are not fine enough to read the millivolts generated. Thermocouples are supported on the -RA22 and -TA22 Models. The Installation Sheet describes the wiring for the various types. In the -RA22 and -TA22 thermocouple inputs is already converted and the value is stored as xxx.x degrees C or F
  14. Adjustable preset

    Attached is a Simple Timer Demo to illustrate an ON Delay Timer and change the value from another screen( Timer Direct) or thru an MI ( using the Special Functions) Screen 1 shows the timer preset and current times Screen 2 is to change the timer preset from the keypad using a separate screen Screen 3 shows using an MI to change the Timer Value When using an MI to change a time, you must use the Function Blocks in the M90 and JAZZ See the last net of the program to see the Special Function set up, also refer to the Help and Functions for further details. Simple Timer -JZ10-11-R16.U90
  15. Transition contacts

    Big nets Review the STL code for the net and often the STL sets itself up a bit different than the way you think in the net. I have seen this. Sometimes re-writing the net helps, but, breaking the net up into smaller nets removes the problem and the logic comes through cleaner and clearer