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  1. Hello Unitronics. Help Center Eduardo Margulis 19th Nov. 2017 wrote: Configure the CANbus port using a COM init function set to CANopen + J1939. Note that the ECU adress used by theJ1939 protocol is the Vision Unit ID number, which is contained in SI 8 when COM init runs. After the COM init function, place the J1939 Configuration function. This has three tabs comprising the parameters listed below. Note that the status parameter, J1939 Configuration startup process status provides status messages for all tabs in the Configuration QUESTION: Tab name, what is the configurations parameters for my V570 Plc ( 64 bit or 8 bytes ) The Plc is only to communicate with one (1) diesel engine. Thank you.
  2. Hallo Joe Tauser. Thank you for your support. I have some basic questions. 1.Do i define the start adress (300001)in "Slave start of vector". 2.Do i define the start MI:s (M101)in "Master start of vector". 3.Do i define the number of adresses (#10)in "Read vectors lengdh" 4.If i want to read more then #10 adresses ? 5.Is it a diffrent program if i have more then one slave devise. My device information file did not get attached. I try again. Man_CG_EM24_Modbus.pdf
  3. Hello Unitronics. I have earlier got great help with HSC and ALARMS,Thank you very much. Now i am trying to understand how to get some information from a Modbus Device. Attach file i send my Modbus Device information. On page 8 there is some adresses i will have in my PLC display. Ex.adress 300001,300003,300005. My hardware is V570 + V200-18-E6B If i only could get som initiale help,i will be very happy. Thank you/jsmn
  4. Hi again Eyal Koren. Thank you for all support. Now i finely understand how the Alarm Displays works. I send you my test projekt so you can se the problem I have. I am working with diesel Power plants,and we make our own softwear. Look at the ladder code, this is a very common way to create alarms with Reset. It is for the ladder code(not the alarm screen)to deside if the alarm is reset able or not. If the alarm (MB940) is active, the alarm is not reset able. Is it possible to get an option Reset MB with the next update, so that the alarm screens reset button works even if the alarm signal is active. micke-alarms.vlp
  5. Hi Eyal Koren Shalev. I am very happy that we understand each other. For a specific alarm i select MB 841 as reset bit in the alarm properties. I put the reset bit in the ladder code for the alarm. I make the alarm with my alarm button. In the alarm screen i press the reset button for the specific alarm, nothing happens, the alarm is still active. The reset button in the alarm screen has no connection with my MB 841 in the ladder code. What is the problem, what is it that i dont understand.
  6. Hi Eyal Koren-Shalev. The alarms display must have an MB for reset funktion in the ladder code, If you have emergency stop the engine, you dont want it to start before you have reset the alarm from the alarms display.
  7. Hallo Eyal Koren. Thank you for helping me with the alarm displays. My problem is that the reset mecanism is not working. In the "alarms propertys" i select MB 841 as the reset bit for a specific alarm, and then i use the reset bit MB 841 in the ladder code. If i in the alarm display press the reset button for the specific alarm, nothing happens with MB 841 in the ladder code. What is the meaning to select a reset bit.
  8. Hello Unitronics. In June this summer i had a question about HSC, and with a few words from Joe T i was on track. Thank you!! Now my question is the alarms properties. I understand the use of the alarm active bit,( change the colore of the alarm button ). 1. What is the function of the Reset bit? I have no funktion on the reset bit when i press the reset button in the Alarm display. I want to extend the alarm in the ladder code with the reset bit until the operator make the reset from the Alarm display. 2. What is the funktion of the Ack.bit. 3. How to set the real time clock for the alarms in the Alarm display.
  9. Hello. My hardware is V570-57-T20B+v200-18-E6B. This is my first post. I am trying to create an rpm guard. The subroutine will create MB.s for >0rpm (2Hz), >400rpm, >1410rpm, >1500rpm, >1800rpm. Depending on the engine there is not always the equal numbers of pulses / r (2-200). Maybe there are some similar subroutin i can look in to, how do i setup the HSC I will be very happy to get on track with this.
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