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  1. Hello.... I have freshly installed latest version of Visilogic on Windows 7 Professional , 32 bit os. I cannot use visilogic because I get following error :- "Run Time Error 2147024770 (8007007e) Automation Error".. Please help... Rgds, Maulik
  2. Yes, A & B are driven by a common hydraulic pump ( by vfd ) C and D are fixed. Cloth is unwinded from Roller A to Roller B. We have to maintain metres / minute speed of unwinding Roller. We will measure speed using proxy connected on Roller C. Depending upon this speed we have to vary speed of hydraulic pump. Rgds, Maulik
  3. Dear Sir, I want to configure Proximity Switch 1 as Input 0 as high speed counter to count rotations of Roller 1. Proximity Switch 2 as Input 1 as high speed counter to count rotations of Roller 2. Proximity Switch 2 as Input 2 to measure frequency of Roller 3. Please Help me whether this is possible with E3xB or not ? When I configure input I0 as HSC 0 in Hardware Configuration, i cannot configure input I1 as high Speed Counter 1. I can only configure input I1 as frequency measurement counter for Input I0. Please help . Rgds, Maulik
  4. Hello to All. I am new to Unitronics PLC Programming. I am using V570 and V200-18-E3xB. I have 3 Proximity Switches. I need to use 2 of them as high speed counters and 1 proximity switch for Frequency Measurement. I will use Input I0 as High Speed Counter 0 with Proximity Switch 1 Input I1 for Frequency Measurement with Proximity Switch 2 and Input I2 as High Speed Counter 2 Please help me whether above requirement is possible with E3xB snap in or not ?? Thanks And Best Regards, Maulik
  5. Dear Sir, I am getting an error in visilogic, while compiling. PLC is V570. Error no 55, DLU exceeds size limit, unable to understand the reason for his error. Please help me with this. Regards, Maulik
  6. I had made a project with Vision 280 for an extruder oem. Now I want to upgrade my hardware to Vision 570. How to convert a project from V280 to V570. Pls help, Rgds, Maulik
  7. I have installed visilogic 9.5. When i open the software, i m getting error 9 permission denied. pls help. rgds, maulik
  8. I have been using jazz plcs since last 3-4 years and have never encountered any problem. However, in last two weeks, two of my jazz plcs have encountered the same problem at two different sites :- 1) the logic is working.. 2) display yellow led is on, but, my hmi screens wont show up... please help... best rgds, maulik.
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