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  1. Now it's OK I can't mail a file who was corrupted (created date of the file 01/01/0001 ) i have formated the SD and now it's OK
  2. I'm using visilogic 9.0.1 OS installed is 3.3 E.mail are send over ethernet Thanks
  3. Ok thank's So I have a problem to send a .csv to email The size is aprox 3Mo and the file is not send only a part But i have no error ?
  4. Hello, I have a little question about the SI58 The value of my SI58 is 1024 but i think that this must be 1 to 10 is it ? Thanks
  5. Yes I Know but like this i have to select one by one a filename But i wish to know every filename present in one SD folder (EXCEL1) Thanks
  6. Hello I ask me if it's possible to know the list of file (name) present in a folder of the SD Card Best Regards Mickael
  7. I have try the scan module but i think that i don't know how it can be used exactly Because it was not OK But for send data i do like you tell me I will try again on monday morning (in france it's 8.30 Pm) Thank's a lot Emil
  8. In fact i send the data (for example:S1) to the device ont a positive front of a pulse and on the negative front i read the buffer (value like "12:55" in ascii) then i erase the buffer And i dont know what is minimum clock to do this
  9. Yes i use FB protocol because there is other way ?
  10. Thank's for your quick answer I'm using V570 my question is if we have to wait between send and receive or if ther an other way
  11. Hello I have a question about the protocol RS232 I have to communicate with an instrument so: I send a data then i read the buffer then i erase the buffer my question is: After sending the data i have to wait how many time for read the buffer because sometime i have some error. Best regards
  12. Hello, I can't find how to copy file from SD to NAS. Maybe it's not possible ? Could somebody help me . Thanks Best regard
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