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  1. I have the April15 help file and i try to update and i get a message that i have the latest version. Where i can find the June 5 help file?
  2. I can't find anything in help files related to alarms. which help files are you talking about? I have few questions: 1.Are there any system bits associated with alarms? For example a bit that is triggered every time there is new alarm? 2. About the ACK bits they set automatically when you acknowledge an alarm, do you have to reset them manually after you clear the alarm?
  3. Since the last update alarms are now supported, thank you Unitronics! Unfortunately there is no help file or example provided to help us take full benefit of the new feature. What I need to know if there is a way to link the active alarms with a bit so i can play an external sound overtime there is an active alarm. Also I need to know how its possible to if all alarms have been ACK but not clear to have another bit linked to this status. My end goal is to have an external LED BUZZER to make sound each time there is an active alarm until I ACK it but its LED to remain on until I CLR all alarms. Is this possible with the new alarms feature or do i have to use events?
  4. At last! NEW RELEASE UNILOGIC 1.14.33 UNISTREAM OS 1.14.7 JUNE, 2015 This major release brings you a brand-new power feature: built-in Alarms. any example?
  5. Well 1.5seconds delay make it useless for applications like sound for button click. I think that audible buttons are very important for HMI experience and is sad that such a new product can't offer this option to the programmer!
  6. I don't know what was wrong! I deleted the store block and added it again and now it displays all the variables inside the PIDCOnfig struct! Thank you! Just another question on this if you can help me. I have the load input 0-30A (0-10V) on the UAN0402N 12-bit (0-8191)input port. I linearise it 0-8191(0-10v) to 0-3000 and store it in the process value and the control value will have limits 0-16383 and directly stored on the UAN-0402N 14bit (0-16383) output port. Is this a correct approach for PID control
  7. But the store function accept only INT16 variables. It does not allow me to add any INT32. How to i use a store block with INT32 variables?
  8. No. I just have a button on screen that it has an action to load a new screen and the same time has a second action to set a coil. That coil is used in project actions to trigger "play sound". Once i press the button the new screen appears immediately but the click sound lags the actual click for about 1.5secs Did you try it and you get a sound output as soon as you press the button?
  9. Hi, I have the same problem with Unilogic. I am working with PID and i want to store the Control Value which is INT32 into the analog output of UAN0402N which is INT16. How should i do this?
  10. Thank you I did what you suggested but the sound lags 1-1.5sec of the button click action! I am doing something wrong or the processing speed is relative slow for such a task?
  11. Hi, I would like to know how can I add a "click" sound during a button press in UniStream. Thanks, S.Andreou
  12. I hope I can get an answer as soon as possible I ve been using VisiLogic since 2006 with Windows XP. I was able to update the OS firmware of all of my Vision280 PLCs without any problems. I was using either the onboard serial com of my desktop PC or the usb to serial adaptor of my laptop. Since my upgrade to windows 7 I am not able to perform an update of the OS firmware. I can only download the source code on the Vision280 PLC. I was wondering if it has something to do with the default com port settings of Windows 7.
  13. Hi I have new Dell Desktop PC with windows 7 professional 64bit and visiLogic 8.6.3. I am able to use the onboard serial port to download my programs to the Vision280 BUT when i try to update the OS of the Vision280 the communication fails. I try the same think on my laptop with usb to serial adaptor that i recently installed windows 7 professional with visiLogic 8.6.1 and i have the same problem. Please advise
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