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  1. WinAce is another progrjam you can use to open .rar files.
  2. Can any one explain what causes this error to randomly occur in Data Export? I can click ok and DataExport will close and then I can restart the project and it will run fine for anywhere from 1-5 days, then error again. I've tried stopping the project running and removing the log files which are created, but still have the same problem with the random crash. It's running on a Win 7 32 bit machine that is fully updated. Any ideas?
  3. Hi Vitor, The V350-35-TR6 is able to do what you describe above, Have you tried breaking the program down to verify. 1) you can receive text messages 2)that you can send text messages Then work on melding them together. What modem are you using? have you verified that the PLC can communicate with it properly to send and receive text messages.
  4. The Samba is non-expandable so it is not possible to add the required thermocouple input(s) to the unit you have. As Dan stated you'd have to look at the -RA22 or -TA22 models. or you'd need an external module to convert the thermocouple input to a 4-20 or 0-10V signal that the PLC can accept. Phoenix Contact or Weidmuller are two companies which have this type of module.
  5. Once you force and Input to 1(via info mode or online mode) it will stay one until you force it to 0 or cancel the force(return it to normal operation). This can be done as described by Alex or from the info mode on the PLC.
  6. Your MB 111 is being controlled by a direct coil every scan. You need to change the value of MB100 or MB 40 in order for MB 111 to be affected.
  7. I'd try a new USB cable.
  8. You should be able to use the Protocol TCP/IP: Send to do what you need, FB>protocol TCP/IP I've done something similar using serial and that protocol FB, I've never tried it on TCP/IP before.
  9. The 570 has 4 sockets you can use. Init one for port 80 and one for KepserverEx.
  10. Expansion I/O would let you do this. What I/O is required?
  11. Ryan are you running Visilogic as Administrator? -right click the exe file and select run as administrator
  12. What is the error?? Can you post the code?
  13. In the help file search for Password, then review the Password: Keypad Entry This would allow you to place a keypad entry variable(it's under Numeric -> Password) on the screen for each level. When touched if a valid password is entered you can then use the Legal Entry MB (which you have to assign to the variable.) to jump to the screen you want to protect. Cam
  14. Can you please clarify. Is it just three users/levels with 1 password per user/level? Or multiple users with three access levels(multiple users per access level with different unique ID's and passwords) For the first case you may want to look at a password screen. For the second case you may want to look at a data table that would conatin the user login, password and access level. Cam
  15. Look up the read DT row function in the help file. It allows you to read a row in the DT via a pointer in to operhands you pick. You can then link those to variables on the HMI.