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  1. Are there forces in place on those inputs??
  2. I know it will work strictly as a serial link however not sure about going Ethernet from Remote operator to serial at the PLC. To clarify you are set up like below correct? PC ->> Ethernet ->> TCP/IP - RS232 converter ->> PLC Remote Operator is going to ask for an IP, Port and PLC name in order to communicate, over Ethernet, while for a serial link all it is going to need is the Baud rate. While the converter will probably translate everything in the TCP communication from Remote operator there will be a lot of extra information going to the serial com port on the PLC that it probably won't know what to do with and more than likely you won't be able to establish communication. If you have all the components try it and see what happens, If not and you still want to use remote operator then either look at upgrading to an Enhanced Vision like a V130 which can accept an ethernet card, or you'll need to look at two TCP/IP converters and set it up something like PC ->> RS232 converter-TCP/IP ->>->> Ethernet ->> TCP/IP - RS232 converter ->> PLC
  3. If you know the protocol structure you can most likely use the protocol send and receive to communicate with the serial devices on RS232/485.
  4. I loaded them into a V700 and can send a serial command that my PC will see in Hyper terminal. I've got three subroutine calls in the main routine and then changed SB1 in both the Initialize and send subroutines. I suspect you've got an issue with how the subroutines are being called, but can't help as you didn't provide the full code. Are you using conditional subroutine calls??
  5. I think it would be around V9.3.1 or V9.5, contact support to find out for sure
  6. Use a positive transition contact -|P|-
  7. Right click on the exe file. Properties then look at the compatibility tab there should be a check box for run as administrator. Check it and you will still have to select to apply it for all users.
  8. https://mikrotik.com/product/RBmAP2nD is one we have a couple customers using. You will want to download winbox to configure it rather than using a terminal.
  9. Look at the installation guide. There's a jumper you need to move.
  10. Take a look at using the jumps found under the jumps and links tab on your HMI
  11. If you are connecting directly to a PC are you using a cross over cable?? Typically you need a patch or straight thru cable to go between the PLC and AP. Not knowing which AP you a using I can't really comment on how they function, but yes it is possible to do what you want. I always prefer a wired connection for industrial applications or industrial Wi-Fi access points. There's always noise and if your using home or business APs they can get lost.
  12. Two things to try. 1) With your project open Project -> System Images Change an image and then click on Restore all to defaults Download the project. 2)If the system images don't fix it then Add a font into the font handler and download your project again.
  13. Peter in your hardware config did you set the High Speed Inputs up as a shaft encoder?