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  1. All good. I think we've all had one of those days.
  2. Hmm sorry missed that somehow
  3. FTP Client Issues

    Do you have The SDcard Explorer installed? If yes set it up to listen (Ethernet listen)on a port say 20275 and change the port in your tcp connect to match. Click ok the click listen. Set the IP the PLC is to connect to your PC's . Trigger the connection thru the PLC LOGIC if it connects SB 150 will set and you can browse the contents of the SD card in the ad card explorer window. This will let you test your connection logic.
  4. In this specific network can you access a different npt server? With the PLC functioning in different networks it would seem to be something local to this network. Can you work from the outside in having the plc make a request from a public ip directly from the ISP's modem or router and then move it back behind any firewall/DMZ which is the first line of network security if it works. So long as it keeps working keep moving it back till it stops the last line of security you put in front of it should be your issue. Something else to check out would be managed switches. Is there a proper route from the PLC's local IP address to the outside world. Aus suggested plugging a PC in and checking the connection, take it one step further and assign the PCthe same IP as the PLC. Some facilities and network admins assign static IPs from different sub nets than the DHCP pool a PC would use. Which can make a PC on the same drop work but the PLC won't.
  5. FTP Client Issues

    Dave, I've never tried connecting to an FTP server but I have connected to PC's with the PLC initiating communication. 1) does the SB 150 go high ever stating that the PLC is connected? 2)The protocol Scan FC in net one will only be active for 1 scan on the positive pulse of MB 100 so long as all the conditions in front of it are active is this the intended operation? or did you want it checking for incomming messages when you are connected?
  6. Vision to Samba

    SD card stands out to me as the Samba has no SD card slot. Also check what your using for memory as the Samba series has a smaller memory space for opeands.
  7. Hi Jelmer, It should be possible, another option would be to look at the V430 which is expandable so you wouldn't need the output modules. You'd only have to communicate with the energy meter.
  8. Hi John, Are you doing any Vector Fills or Copies where the index starts below MI 13 and the length is causing MI 13 to be over written? The find function will not show MI13 linked to the Vector Copy or Fill if it's is part of the MI's in being written to due to the length of the vector. Cam
  9. Yes it is possible to downgrade the OS , you need the OS update and bin files and then can use the OS tab from the communication and OS window to load them into the PLC.
  10. Can you post your DataXport project?
  11. I don't know I've never done it that way. If you want an excel file of the data table you can do the following: Specify the Excel folder to save the files to by clicking Project-> Excel/.csv file properties In the site under Excel/csv files select: Create Excel files When a call completes the system will create an excel file and store it in the folder define in the Excel/.csv properties. ( I can't remember but you might require excel on the computer running DataXport)
  12. Hi Gael, Are you communicating via Ethernet or Serial ??? Connection -> Communication settings Will let you test the port you are trying to use in DataExport, however in order to set the port up for DataXport to use while running you need to go to the Design drop down menu Design->PC Ports Set up the port you want to use in the window which pops up. Then when you set up the site make sure you have the correct port selected.
  13. Good to know it's solved. Thanks for the update.
  14. By any chance are the operators wearing a glove made of cloth material?