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  1. What happens if you use version swapper to re-register the version of Visilogic you want to use?
  2. 11 and 12 need to be connected on the input header. For PNP they connect to 0V, for NPN they connect to V+ 11 controls I0-7 while 12 controls I8-15. Also in the specification read the notes about the RG Terminal as I believe it needs to be connected to 0V on the expansion adaptor.
  3. To my knowledge to the Vision and Samba units are unable to do this natively. It may be possible to code it but that seems like a lot of work when the UniStream supports MQTT.
  4. Check the value of the back light and contrast SI's SI7 and SI9.
  5. Right click on it and use the find feature to see where it is being referenced.
  6. I believe support@unitronics.com can roll back the database of the project if you don't want to use the beta version email them a copy of the program.
  7. Another option is to send a compressed file to a SD card installed in the PLC and then trigger it to update the program from there. We typically do this if we are not having a tech on site(sales reps don’t count). As we have a copy of the current program in the SD card the rep can test and if there’s a problem they can revert back to the previous program and NOT rely on the Ethernet connection to stay up.
  8. Yes you can convert .udt files with the SD Card suite. SD Card Manager is the utility that you would use.
  9. Look up the data export utility. It will let you pull a data table from a PLC to a PC and convert it to excel format. You need a PC with excel on it in order for it to work.
  10. I’ve had a similar issue with a long drop. I accidentally used stranded crimp connectors instead of solid. It worked on the tester but didn’t work connected to anything else. Re crimped with solid crimp connectors and worked fine.
  11. When you say configured did you do both the hardware(jumpers) as per the installation guide and the software in Visilogic?? Not sure which model you have but id you didn't open the unit up and move jumpers your working with a digital input. Install guide links: https://unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/SMXX-J-T20_R20_DOC17015-A4_02-15.pdf https://unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/SM35_43_70_RA22_IG_2_16.pdf https://unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/SM35_43_70_TA22_IG_2_16.pdf
  12. Why not set up a dedicated VPN for the PLC and remote user?? You my have to invoke the customers IT department but that would be secure and they may already have the infrastructure in place to do it.
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