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  1. Has any one had a HMI freeze continuously? There are 4 screens in the HMI it doesn’t matter which screen is loaded the HMI will freeze after an undetermined time(sometime 2 hours some times within minutes) doesn’t seem to matter if the HMI is being utilized or left untouched. The PLC logic still executes as the IO all functions and the process still works but as stated the HMI will freeze and not update. The only way to get the screen to respond is to unplug it and plug it back in. This has been replicated on another unit and separate CPU. Once the display freezes: -UniApps cannot be accessed -Downloading a new program doesn’t work(UniLogic will complete the download process but the update doesn’t take) -UniStream management will not reboot the PLC(command executes but the PLC doesn’t reboot) -Online mode will connect and display values at the time the HMI froze but those values will not update(even though the logic still executes) -All Modbus communications still function( the unit is connected to KepServer and the I/O is a URB I already have an open ticket with support(they suggested rolling back one version which requires me to re-wire my IO due to the URB IO power module bug which the newest version corrected) and am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has a suggestion so I can avoid this. The program is written in 1.28.26 Any suggestions are welcome. APSHOW10102019-A.ulpr
  2. Maybe a little late but, What modules are on the URB?? I had the same issue with power distribution modules connected to a URB, removing them(in the program and on the din rail) solved the issue. You can still use them they just cannot be conned in to the URB IO they have to be separate. You can also now update the most recent version of UniLogic.
  3. RFideas makes an Ethernet/IP enabled reader that you can interface in to a UniStream.
  4. Look at the protocol send FB. You can declare and ASCII variable in it to do what you are trying to accomplish.
  5. Which IP are we talking about here the mail server or the PLC?? If it's the mail server then as AlexUT said. If it's the PLC Unitronics does have a DHCP server program which was written by a user that functions for the Vision series. You'd have to review it and integrate it into your program.
  6. You can access the IP from info mode on the touch screen. -enter info mode -select Etherent -Select Ip parameters this will display the IP subnet mask and gateway information. You can then just keep pressing esc to exit.
  7. Ask @DanT I know he has worked with that mail server and got it functioning
  8. How are you turning off MB33?? is the system trying make it go high and low in the same cycle?? or do you have a direct coil in the project for MB 33??
  9. Can you post a copy of the program?? Is the IP set from directly or indirectly (from MI's)in the ladder?? Any chance that the battery needs to be changed??
  10. Yes. The value in the linked MI is NOT the voltage you want out of the output, a value of 5 in the MI is not going to reference pretty much 0 volts The output has a 12 bit resolution. meaning 2^12=4096 so your MI can have a value of 0-4096 0=0V on the output while 4095=10V 5V would be around 2048. If you want to put a value in a MI and have the output respond to that IE 5 in the MI gets you 5V you need to look at the linerization function.
  11. Use a formula block A*9/5+32 A=SI14 will get you close and store it in a MI to use later
  12. U90 doesn’t use function blocks. It uses special registers in order to accomplish the work of a function block. Refer to the help files.
  13. That works for the PLC itself but not a node which is declared under the scanner
  14. I don’t believe there is a way to do this as you can not assign a variable to the node IP. why do you need to dynamically assign the IP anyhow?
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