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  1. FTP Client Issues

    To clarify the part number for the Ethernet card is V200-18-ET2 or V100-17-ET
  2. Which Model Samba do you have some of the don't have a native RS232 port (only the SM35 does) the SM43 and SM70 program via USB and the serial port is an additional card which must be added. If you already have an Ethernet card installed you aren't able to add the serial port. GSM-KIT-17J-3G would be the kit required for a Samba. The 16J kit was for UniStream only I believe, and I don't believe it's available any more.
  3. Yes you will require a SIM card. If you have an Ethernet card already installed why not send emails rather than text msgs?

    You should also break you bet 19 and 20 up so that 19 becomes 2 nets and 20 becomes 3 separate nets
  5. the 3.5" samba has a native rs232 port it doesn't have RS485 though. You would have to add the v100-17-RS4 to get that. The SM43 and SM70. Do not have a native com port so you would have to add the RS4 in order to have either RS232 Or RS485.
  6. Is it possible to have two serial ports in the V130. It will require an extra card to be inserted into the PLC.V100-17-RS4 or RS4X.
  7. Read the help file, look at HMI variables. Also check out the example programs.
  8. Your right the PLC won't have an issue with it and it will function, however if you then want to manipulate the data after reading it you can't because your just going to over write it the next cycle.
  9. Hi Plum, The way that the read is set up your always going to be reading row 0. In order to read other rows you would need to assign and MI as a pointer(the number stored in it will be the row read). Also you'd only want the read bit to be pulsed not on constantly.
  10. All good. I think we've all had one of those days.
  11. Hmm sorry missed that somehow
  12. FTP Client Issues

    Do you have The SDcard Explorer installed? If yes set it up to listen (Ethernet listen)on a port say 20275 and change the port in your tcp connect to match. Click ok the click listen. Set the IP the PLC is to connect to your PC's . Trigger the connection thru the PLC LOGIC if it connects SB 150 will set and you can browse the contents of the SD card in the ad card explorer window. This will let you test your connection logic.
  13. In this specific network can you access a different npt server? With the PLC functioning in different networks it would seem to be something local to this network. Can you work from the outside in having the plc make a request from a public ip directly from the ISP's modem or router and then move it back behind any firewall/DMZ which is the first line of network security if it works. So long as it keeps working keep moving it back till it stops the last line of security you put in front of it should be your issue. Something else to check out would be managed switches. Is there a proper route from the PLC's local IP address to the outside world. Aus suggested plugging a PC in and checking the connection, take it one step further and assign the PCthe same IP as the PLC. Some facilities and network admins assign static IPs from different sub nets than the DHCP pool a PC would use. Which can make a PC on the same drop work but the PLC won't.
  14. FTP Client Issues

    Dave, I've never tried connecting to an FTP server but I have connected to PC's with the PLC initiating communication. 1) does the SB 150 go high ever stating that the PLC is connected? 2)The protocol Scan FC in net one will only be active for 1 scan on the positive pulse of MB 100 so long as all the conditions in front of it are active is this the intended operation? or did you want it checking for incomming messages when you are connected?