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  1. You can access the IP from info mode on the touch screen. -enter info mode -select Etherent -Select Ip parameters this will display the IP subnet mask and gateway information. You can then just keep pressing esc to exit.
  2. Ask @DanT I know he has worked with that mail server and got it functioning
  3. How are you turning off MB33?? is the system trying make it go high and low in the same cycle?? or do you have a direct coil in the project for MB 33??
  4. Can you post a copy of the program?? Is the IP set from directly or indirectly (from MI's)in the ladder?? Any chance that the battery needs to be changed??
  5. Yes. The value in the linked MI is NOT the voltage you want out of the output, a value of 5 in the MI is not going to reference pretty much 0 volts The output has a 12 bit resolution. meaning 2^12=4096 so your MI can have a value of 0-4096 0=0V on the output while 4095=10V 5V would be around 2048. If you want to put a value in a MI and have the output respond to that IE 5 in the MI gets you 5V you need to look at the linerization function.
  6. Use a formula block A*9/5+32 A=SI14 will get you close and store it in a MI to use later
  7. U90 doesn’t use function blocks. It uses special registers in order to accomplish the work of a function block. Refer to the help files.
  8. That works for the PLC itself but not a node which is declared under the scanner
  9. I don’t believe there is a way to do this as you can not assign a variable to the node IP. why do you need to dynamically assign the IP anyhow?
  10. Hi Bence, Heres the Structs for the one we used, the reader wasn't connected to and IO link Master though just communicating over Ethernet/IP to the PLC. RFCardReaderEthIP.ulpr
  11. You may want to make an action to jump to another screen and then when the screen is touched jump back to the last display. This way no buttons you have on the screen are activated when filming out of sleep mode.
  12. I’ve interface and Ethernet IP reader I. To a unistream before. Any chance your using one from RFideas? If so I can send you the struct required.
  13. Is 465 not a secure port?? Vision PLCs cannot use a secure email server. UniStream can or talk to your IT about a port you can use on your local email server or look into SMTP2GO which is an unsecured email server you can create an account with and use with the vision series PLC
  14. If it is the status LED that is solid Red check your 24VDC power. If you get 24VDC at the screw on the terminal with a multi-meter change the screw terminal header. We've seen 2 bad terminal connectors that do not make contact with the pins on the header when fully inserted on a UIS-WCB1. Drove us nuts trying to figure it out.
  15. Cam

    Reset TYPE bit

    I'm confused is the button action linked to triggering UserInput? or RangeCheckDone?? and what does the action collection for the button look like(do you have more than one??) If the UserInput is the HMI button it more than likely should be a postive transition contact so that it only executes once on the rising edge no matter how long the button is held. here's an example from a different program we did. Ignore the image below it won't let me remove it from the post.
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