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  1. I’ve interface and Ethernet IP reader I. To a unistream before. Any chance your using one from RFideas? If so I can send you the struct required.
  2. Is 465 not a secure port?? Vision PLCs cannot use a secure email server. UniStream can or talk to your IT about a port you can use on your local email server or look into SMTP2GO which is an unsecured email server you can create an account with and use with the vision series PLC
  3. If it is the status LED that is solid Red check your 24VDC power. If you get 24VDC at the screw on the terminal with a multi-meter change the screw terminal header. We've seen 2 bad terminal connectors that do not make contact with the pins on the header when fully inserted on a UIS-WCB1. Drove us nuts trying to figure it out.
  4. Cam

    Reset TYPE bit

    I'm confused is the button action linked to triggering UserInput? or RangeCheckDone?? and what does the action collection for the button look like(do you have more than one??) If the UserInput is the HMI button it more than likely should be a postive transition contact so that it only executes once on the rising edge no matter how long the button is held. here's an example from a different program we did. Ignore the image below it won't let me remove it from the post.
  5. I'd stick with a Vision Aus, working with strings is just easier inside it, a SM35 would also be a good thing to look at as it's has the native serial port. and you can add a second one or put an ethernet card in if you don't want to use the same port for the program and programming the unit.
  6. Once the program in downloaded you should be able to ping the PLC as you tried. If you can't enter info mode on the PLC(place your finger on the screen and hold till a prompt appears, the password for info mode will be the default) Select Ethernet and verify that the card is initialized and that communciation has been established(it's connected to the network)
  7. I seem to remember that the Visions have a FB for a NTP server. RCF is the block you want I think.
  8. Also try to install your Visilogic's in order 9.4,9.5,9.8.65 etc... I had issues once when I installed 9.4 after installing 9.8.65 and 9.8.79. I had to uninstalled everything and re-install starting with the oldest version.
  9. @Cara Bereck Levy Can you have someone look at the demo programs for the V700 MODBUS TCP/IP as in the demo Socket 2 is showing as Default TCP 502 Modbus slave, while in the help file the defaults are: Default Socket Settings The V700 default settings are listed below: Socket 0- TCP_Slave Port: 20256 Socket 1- TCP_Slave Port: 20257 Socket 2- TCP_Slave Port: 20258 Socket 3- TCP_Slave Port: 20259 Socket 4- TCP_Slave Port: 20260 Socket 5- TCP_Slave Port: 20261 Socket 6- TCP_Slave Port: 20262 Socket 7- TCP_Slave Port: 20263 So when looking at the demo project it appears that you don't need to configure socket 2 as it's port 502 by default(believe its due to the version the demo was written in V8.0.1) but I can see how this would be confusing for new users.
  10. What happens if you use version swapper to re-register the version of Visilogic you want to use?
  11. 11 and 12 need to be connected on the input header. For PNP they connect to 0V, for NPN they connect to V+ 11 controls I0-7 while 12 controls I8-15. Also in the specification read the notes about the RG Terminal as I believe it needs to be connected to 0V on the expansion adaptor.
  12. To my knowledge to the Vision and Samba units are unable to do this natively. It may be possible to code it but that seems like a lot of work when the UniStream supports MQTT.
  13. Check the value of the back light and contrast SI's SI7 and SI9.
  14. Right click on it and use the find feature to see where it is being referenced.
  15. I believe support@unitronics.com can roll back the database of the project if you don't want to use the beta version email them a copy of the program.
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