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  1. As Flex said the ASCII is store with to characters per MI, To test go online and change the data type to HEX and insert 3333 in to MI120 and 3636 in to MI 121 You should see 3366 on the display If you dont check the String pattern and make sure it's long enough to display what your trying to show.
  2. Did you us a direct coil more than once for that output? Or is the output ina subroutine which is not being called?
  3. Is there a space on the end of one of the names?
  4. Look at the pwm output in the help file. Frewquncy and duty cycle can be controlled by push buttons you adding on the HMI
  5. Check with your local distributor, however most often the screen is not replaceable and you will have to replace the PLC.
  6. Run-time error 3709

    I've seen it a couple of times. Clean the log files out and remove them, the error will go away but I've never been able to find a root cause. I suspect a memory leak in windows but have never had the time to track it down.
  7. For some HTL outputs external diodes are required in order to make them operate and replace a NPN or PNP output. Also worth noting that your output voltage is typically your min supply voltage -3V are you still meeting the min voltage for a logical high?
  8. Why not run 2 timers using the socket connected SB? Timer 1 monitors how long a socket is connected for if it becomes to long close the connection and re-initialize the socket Timer 2 monitors how long between connections if it times out re-initialize the socket. I'm not sure you need to re-boot the PLC just re-initializing the socket should clear up the issue.
  9. When selecting keypad entry on a numeric variable you can select the key board type displayed here. If you click on the magnifying glass you can get a preview. I don't believe you can access the info mode keypad on a variable entry.
  10. I had to do this a few years ago and couldn't find a way to do with the string. I finally added and extra column into the data table which was a MI and searched for it. 0 Meant that it had an empty string field 1 meant that the string field had data in it. You'll have to make sure that when you get a new PLC you write a blank DT into it as often there is garbage in the DT which will mess with the above solution.
  11. 1) I can't think of a way to do this 2) You 'd have to separate the string in to MI's as separate ASCII characters and then recompile it back together with out the spaces.
  12. Take a look at the following you may require some extra diodes to make it function. https://www.posital.com/en/products/communication-interface/incremental/incremental-encoders.php
  13. To clarify the part number for the Ethernet card is V200-18-ET2 or V100-17-ET