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  1. Is there a way to know if a VNC screen has been touched? We are doing a project with a Uni PLC and I’m trying to setup a watchdog timer to activate a screen saver. In a standard Uni-Stream I’d use the General.Touched Bit as the bit that controls the timer. During testing with a VNC panel this bit never activates and I have been unable to locate a system bit that indicates this. Or am I stuck going their the project and adding an action to every single button that acts as the General.Touched Bit to achieve the same result?
  2. Doesn’t the project settings radio button provide this ??
  3. Idle will stop the whole process for however you set it. This includes I/O updates, as Alex said your probably better off using timers.
  4. Is there any logic occurring accidentally on the home sensors negotiate transition? Or in getting the unit to stop does the home sensor remain on or does the slide actually move past the home sensor and end up re-triggering a piece of logic with an unexpected positive transition that it shouldn’t be during your first move?
  5. Check page three of the install guide about the RG pins. If they aren’t connected properly you can get incorrect operation of the DI and AI.
  6. I seem to recall that there is a read socket status command under the COM>TCP/IP menu
  7. 1) is the common for the relay output connected? 2)Did you supply 24VDc to the V1 and 0V for the 24VDC digital outputs??? see page 4 of the install guide
  8. There's a programming port required for the Jazz series. Contact your local distributor and inquire about a JZ-PRG.
  9. Well this is partially solved. I can use explicit messaging and get data from the block if 1)No implicit messaging is active 2)I’m not in online mode with my PC If implicit is active there are two extra bytes inserted in to the explicit communication which the block then interprets as the class is 0xFF96 instead of the 0x96 which is declared. With the PC connected in online mode the status is always -1. Disconnect the PC and and disable implicit messaging and everything works. Support has everything including the wire shark files showing what is being transmitted including the extra bytes. I’ll update this once they provide a solution.
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