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  1. Thanks a lot for your example, Kane. It works very well and it is easy to use! Please feel free to add more information when you improve this function.
  2. Hello everyone , I was wondering if you already face the following situation: A pressure regulation by two solenoid valve (one for adding pressure, one other for let it out), I didn't used a classic PID because I didn't figure out how to program it, I was wondering if you already face this situation and if you had an example of PID with two outputs? Thanks,
  3. Thanks to you Pascal, it seems like I found my solution, Gmx works and top of that, I can use the same I.P. address even if it change sometime (I don't know why, but if it works, who cares? ) By the way, I was unable to make the DNS solver work, if anybody has an example of this function, it will be welcome!
  4. Thanks jaredc and Walkerok for your ideas but I really need another mail provider and wich is free and simple for our customers (as Lavabit) Any other ideas?
  5. It seems like lavabit does not allow any new accounts Does anybody knows another mail provider wich could be use by a PLC? Thanks
  6. Well, I never had any problem to send SMS at this baudrate with enfora modems, but I never tried to establish a connection at this rate. The changes I told you is the only one I do when I want to initialize an enfora modem. I'm afraid you should try a lower speed until it works, unfortunately I don't have a lot of experiences on this...
  7. Hello, Did you changed the baud rate at the "Prepare PLC side Modem" window? If not, try to change them as it is showed on the pictures, This worked for me,
  8. I agree with this. This is so bad that we don't have at least a similar efficiency than with the V570... ! I really hope that UNITRONICS will make this a bit faster. Thanks to them again for keeping such good works
  9. Hello everyone , I wonder if you know a list of mail provider wich doesn't use the SSL encryption or if a future update will allow this, Unfortunately, almost every mail provider use this kind of encryption (Google, hotmail, yahoo, etc...) and one of our customer need a mail provider wich will be compatible with Unitronic's PLC, Thanks for your help
  10. Bonjour Marco Pour ce qui est des francophones, la traduction de Visilogic avance et Unitronics travaille à ce que plus d'éléments soient traduits, Au niveau de la communication MODBUS en GPRS, celle-ci fonctionne comme en ETHERNET, si vous arrivez a vous connecter au V570 esclave, il ne reste plus qu'a utiliser le bloc MODBUS IP => Lecture MIs MLs DWs. Je peut vous envoyer un exemple ou vous pouvez me contacter si vous voulez au Cordialement, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello Marco About the French-speaking, the translate of Visilogic is on his way and Unitronics works for increasing the number of translated elements, About the MODBUS communication via GPRS, it works as if it was in ETHERNET, if you are successfuly connected to your V570 slave, you only have to use MODBUS IP commands. I can send you an exemple or you could contact me if you want, Regards,
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