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  1. Hi, everyone I would like to know if you can give me ideas about how to do the following program. It is a table which I want to see in the oplc screen Samba 7 ​ ​ ​This table has to be filled as specified in ASTM D1709 (Plastic sheets impact resistance evaluation)​ ​ 1)So at first point ​I assume a initial value of weight that could cause the fault of a specific sheet , and the variable weight (to select between 5% and 15% of initial weight, it has to be 5gr multiple) and test the firs sheet. 2) If the first sheet fault, for the following sheet to test i have to decrease the weight (if not i have to increase). Each result is identified by fault: X, no fault: O. The fault or not fault condition are registered by 2 buttons in the screen cause the damage evaluation is only visual 3) And so on increasing or decreasing weight of test if last test result was fault or not, till I obtain a matrix (3x20 to 6x20, consecutive rows, and maybe non consecutive columns) in wich there are 10 faults and 10 no faults. ​The minimum quantity (ideal quantity) of tests are 20 (10 faults and 10 don´t fault). ​ ​ Example 1: A ideal test in which after carry out 20 tests (20 films tested) I obtained 10 faults and 10 no faults using 4 consecutive weights (between 3 and 6). ​Initial weight: 280 gr variable weight: 15 gr​ See attached file ​​​ ​Example 2: ​ For this more real example I had to develop 22 tests (22 films tested) to have combination of 10 faults and 10 no faults, using 5 consecutive weights (between 3 and 6 consecutive weights)​. So I have to discard tests #2 and #4 ​​Initial weight: 235 gr variable weight: 15 gr​​​ See attached file 4) Finally I have to math the impact weight resistance that represents to the batch of plastic films I hope you can give me ideas to develop this program Thank you very much in advance
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