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  1. Kieth and Joe, Thanks for all the input. I've been busy running in 5 directions at once but will check into all this soon. I'll let you know what I find. Russ
  2. Thanks Joe, I will take a look at the input values. When I was watching them they looked good and stable and below the 4095 max, however I didn't note if they were following the 0-4095 with 0-10V. Would this cause the other MI's in the linearization to randomly go negative. Russ
  3. I was setting up an input to an IO-A14-A02 expansion module with a V290 and the input was over voltaged. The actual amount of voltage is not known but may have been as much as 20 VDC. The system ran for awhile in this configuration and then began giving problems. In particular the power up values within the linearization that this input was being fed to would take on random negative numbers. The voltage input has been corrected to be within the 10 VDC level but the problem with the linearization continues. Has this problem been seen before due to an over voltage? Is something was damaged as a result would it just be the expansion module? Thanks, Russ
  4. I have been having difficulty trying to communicate with an external device using the protocol function block. I have verified that I can communicate with the device through my pc using hyperterminal so I know the commands I am sending it are correct. Best I can tell the commands message is not being sent from the V290 given that after the protocol send I am setting a 20 millisecond timer to the enable the protocol scan and that timer is not being sent. I need some thoughts. Russ
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