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  1. I would like to know if you can show me you HMI display with Vision that you created. I need some idea to create new project with the V700. I upload somes displays that I created first time with the V350 for somes projects. Thanks
  2. I have 5 preset for this cable winder. 1) Slow down before stop 2) Stop the line at XX feet 3) Send a output pulse to the printer at 1/4 of length for cable identification 4) Send a output pulse to the printer at 1/2 of length for cable identification 5) Send a output pulse to the printer at 3/4 of length for cable identification Can I use the compare box (greater equal) to compare the length with a preset and output on when he reach the preset? The operator run the line at 400 to 1000ft/min. The plc will be fast enough to send a output at the good preset of length? My program has 25 rungs and when I test and go online with my laptop I see on SI0: 2.
  3. How configure the HMI to see the speed in Feet/min.? In the hardware configuration I setup I1 to Frequency measurement 1000mSec in ML 1. (I0 is configurated Shaft encoder X4). How convert frequency to feet/min.? When the encoder turn one time is 1 feet. Encoder is a 100ppr, Thanks
  4. I have a Durant counter that I want replace by a V350-35-T38 because I need 4 preset. In the setup of Durant counter we have to enter count scale. I don't see how put this number in visilogic software. My encoder is a quadrature 100 ppi.
  5. I have a M91-2-R1. How can we measure the speed of my conveyor with proximity switch. The conveyor go to approx 8 feet/min. and the sensor detect at all 1 feet.
  6. I have a M91-2-R1 to make some test. I want replace Fusion counter by the plc for a winder. The counter have a encoder 100PPR. When the count reach Preset 1 the motor jog at X speed and when he reach the preset 2 he stop the motor for cutting the material. In the U90 software the are samples of HSC. But I don't see where can I put the number of PPR of the encoder?
  7. Can we have a ziplink like : http://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/Programmable_Controllers/CLICK_Series_PLCs_(Stackable_Micro_Brick)/ZipLink_Wiring_Solutions/ZL-RTB20 for cable a control box with many push button for the plc input?
  8. I have a V350 with ethernet card. I setup a counter for the maintenance. I send a e-mail when the plc reach the counter. Work great. Also I would like control the plc with Remote Access? I try but don't work. For e-mail I setup the block ''TCP/IP - Socket init'' Master. But I can't connect to plc whith Remote acces when I configure with e-mail. Thanks. Can I send e-mail and use Remote Access?
  9. I have a M91 into a box. I would like to have a acces to the RS232 port for troubleshooting whithout open the box. I connect the cable to a coupler like that: (http://www.digikey.ca/product-search/en?x=0&y=0〈=en&site=ca&KeyWords=a34359-nd) but the plc don't want communicate. I check the continuity for both cables and is ok. I there a maximum length for rs232? When I plug the plc direct to the pc with one cable is ok. When I connect two cable with the coupler don't work. Thanks
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