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  1. You would run a timer activated by an inverted contact of the General.Touched bit. Use the Out bit of the timer to trigger an Action to change screen brightness.
  2. Not seeing the sensible reason here, but that doesn't mitigate the issue with the new software. What Ausman is asking here is did you install VisiLogic "as Administrator" and did you run VisiLogic "as Administrator"?
  3. You appear to be using Data Table Indexed. There is a function for "Insert Row to DTI" that automatically shifts the rows down below the point of insertion.
  4. You're right of course, but that's what the positive transition contact is for.
  5. Better to use the "Release" function of the HMI button to reset the bit.
  6. If you look at the top comment line of the RTC to ASCII UDFB, it explains what the numbers mean. It's basically selecting which format style you want your Time and Date strings to be in.
  7. Having difficulty understanding what you're trying to do. Can you post your code?
  8. You're on the right track using the UDFB RTC to ASCII. Just place a line like this in your Main Routine: Then copy those operands over to your Data Table Struct triggered by a positive transition of your button press. You will also need to index the Data Table down a line each time.
  9. Use a positive transition of your button push to activate a Time TE. Use the output bit of the TE to activate your outputs. Something like this: You appear to have the Horn coil in both rungs 1 & 2. THAT WILL NOT WORK. You can only have a direct coil in one ladder rung.
  10. Moved to the correct forum.
  11. The UniStream line does allow for more complex web pages to be built more easily, but with either the Vision line or UniStream line you will need to have the PLC visible to the internet in order to view a web page from a remote location. That's not a function of the PLC, but rather a function of your network. It's not the most secure method, but I usually just do port forwarding from the router that has the internet connection to the local PLC.
  12. Where are you getting a decimal point from? Everything in the context of this discussion involves integers only. Don't confuse the 4-20mA analog input with thermocouple or RTD inputs that provide temperature directly. Even with those, the input is still an integer with an implied decimal point.
  13. It's 16383. There are 2^14 counts, but it starts at zero, so the highest number is 2^14-1 (all 14 bits on would be 2^14-1, or 16383). This is what goes into your linearization block, though you would likely never notice it in the real world if your linearization was off by 1 part in 16384.
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