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  1. Yes. The PID Config without Auto-tune is an older version that remains there for non-Enhanced Vision products. Your V570 is an Enhanced Vision product and should use the PID Auto-tune FBs. Besides the P, I, & D, be sure you enter values for: Sample Time Process Value Low & High Control Value Low & High and of course, target value.
  2. Oh, I see I may have misinterpreted your question. You would still use the PID Auto-tune even if you don't plan to use the Auto-tune functionality.
  3. Assuming you are using a Vision PLC (you also posted this question in the UniStream forum), then you can always determine and set P, I, & D, with or without Auto-tune. When you set up the PID Configuration, you assign operands to the P, I, & D. Just manually place values in those operands, either through HMI entry or Power-Up and you are good to go.
  4. To my knowledge, Ausman is correct. This function is only applicable when communicating between Unitronics Vision PLCs (doesn't work with UniStream either).
  5. There are example projects - you just have to download them separately. Go Here: https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/Support/UniLogic/UniLogic_Example_Projects.zip
  6. Moved to the correct forum. It looks like the help file could be a little more clear, but the bottom line is that the Vector: Store function always overwrites the register or bit at the location A+B. It will only overwrite A if B=0.
  7. Took a quick look at your master program. Using the Legal Entry bit is a good way to go here, but I would do it this way. You have a lot of superfluous stuff you don't need (timer, etc).
  8. I've been meaning to ask you, Joe. Do you have a preferred cigar brand?
  9. You're too kind. My approach, as is most of the other experienced members on this forum, is not just to answer questions, but to teach. More education helps the user and anyone else browsing these boards. I could have written your program for you in about 2 minutes flat, but you would not have benefited as much. We all learn best while doing, not watching.
  10. I haven't had time to review your code yet, but I'll make a general statement. Typically there isn't an easy or elegant way to have a master control in two different places. In any system there can only be one master if you want straightforward code, at least in my experience. If you need two different masters controlling the same thing you generally have to think it through very carefully and the algorithm will have to be tailored to the exact situation. You have to deal with communication timing and register overwrite. It can easily become a mess, especially if you don't fully understand the underlying mechanics. If someone smarter or more experienced than me comes along with elegance, I am definitely interested in learning along with you.
  11. You will also need to know the PLC name to connect with VisiLogic. That's also available from INFO Mode.
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