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  1. Moved to more appropriate forum.
  2. Why are looking for a better solution? That's pretty much why you have positive transition contacts available as a programming option.
  3. I don't understand. You say you know how to multiply but don't know how to divide??? Or is it you're just getting the wrong result? If you're getting the wrong result it's because you cannot store 53000 in a 16-bit signed integer format. Try doing the divide before the multiply. If that's not possible, read the Help entry under "32-bit long values".
  4. Under the Store menu, use Load Timer/Counter Preset. You'll probably want to use an ML as the units are in 10ms (the value for 5 sec would be 500).
  5. Assign an MB to the field for Legal Entry. When that bit goes high, an entry was made to that variable. You can then test that entry in ladder in any way you need.
  6. There are two possibilities (assuming your wiring is correct). Either the jumper is set wrong (as @Cam mentioned) or you do not have the MI assigned to the correct analog input.
  7. I haven't had occasion to use this object, but looking at it, it seems pretty straightforward. Did you read the Help entry? A Radio Button object just presents a set of mutually exclusive items that the user can select. Only one of the items can be selected at a time. An integer register will contain the index number of the selected item. Besides the Help file, you can also hover your mouse over each item in the Properties Window for a tip on how to use each item. Put it in your program and play with it until you understand what's going on.
  8. There are example programs that came with your VisiLogic installation. I strongly recommend that you take a look at the one for MODBUS TCP Master. Look in Examples/Version 900/Project Examples/Communications/Ethernet/Ethernet MODBUS IP/V280_Ethernet_TCP_MODBUS_IP_Master.vlp Your program still doesn't have a CONNECT function and you definitely do NOT want the SCAN EX FB. Also, what are you trying to do in Rung 6? You are attempting to communicate on every scan, and while that may be possible depending on the device you're trying to communicate with, your other communication functions will not work with that.
  9. Don't you need to CONNECT to the slave before you can exchange data? Also, don't forget that Unitronics addressing starts at zero while MODBUS addressing starts at 1. Be sure to account for the "off by one". And you should change MB 1 & MB 2 in rungs 2 & 3 to positive transition contacts instead of direct contacts.
  10. I haven't run across this before, but as a general rule when I have issues with downloading I do the following: - Confirm the version of VisiLogic that you are using matches what version was originally used to download the project. - After making sure you have a saved version of the project, download a BLANK project to the PLC. - Download your original project again. - Now try Burn Upload Project again.
  11. Not that it makes that much difference, but it looks like Dustin should be using List of Images by Pointer, not Range.
  12. Do you have the "Transparent Background" box checked? If so, try unchecking it.
  13. Did you try placing a positive transition contact of SB 7 in front of one and a negative transition contact of SB 7 in front of the other? That should work in your case, but the proper way to do this type of communication is to set a bit periodically and place the following in series: Direct contact of the set bit, inverted contact of the function in progress bit, the comm FB, then a reset of the first bit. That allows the function to "wait" while any other communication is in progress.
  14. Yes, but two things: 1) Don't use SB 7, use SB 15. SB 7 is a square wave - you want a positive transition. 2) Place an inverted contact of MB 0 (Function in Progress) between SB 15 and the MODBUS read FB.
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