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  1. I don't see a good reason for using floating point in your application. Just use integer with implied decimal. You can display an integer on screen with the correct number of decimal places. Just do integer math, keep track of where the decimal goes, multiply or divide by 10 (or 100, etc) as needed, and display it accordingly.
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    Silly coincidences make me jump!

    Good for you, @Cara Bereck Levy! Where did you go?
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    Program download - "Yes To All"

    That's why I use this forum. I learn something new every day. Thank you, @Gabriel Franco!
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    Unilogic version 1.25

    Did you try "Resume" from the Chrome download bar at the bottom of the screen?
  6. The application software was lost. Is the battery good? Check the battery and the power supply, then reload the application from VisiLogic or an SD card. To prevent this, do "Download All & Burn" when downloading the application.
  7. The V350 is programmed in the same identical way as all the Unitronics Vision PLCs (model numbers start with V). There are also example programs that come with your VisiLogic installation. Take a look at those. There are also a number of YouTube training videos. Give those a watch. If you have specific questions after making attempts on your own, come back here and ask. You are welcome to post any code you've developed and ask specific questions about it that you may have.
  8. Yes, you should be able to do that with the proper setup of the routers. If the routers can communicate, then the PLCs should be able to also.
  9. As a programmer, I spend a lot of time downloading a program to a PLC that was previously used for something else. There are many, many prompts that I must wade through to get the program downloaded, most with no audible notification. Can we please provide a "Yes To All" prompt at the beginning so that we can initiate a download and walk away for the lengthy download process?
  10. Yes, you should be able to do what you're suggesting. I'm not sure what happens when you try 2 simultaneous connections between 2 PCs and 1 V1040 PLC on different ports, but it should work. Regardless, you can connect all 12 PCs and the 6 V1040s to a large hub, assign different IP addresses to each PLC & PC (all on same subnet), then any PC can connect to any PLC by selecting the PLC in the drop-down box in the VisiLogic communications setting.
  11. In this context, the subnet is the first three triads of the IP address. For example, your PC may have the IP address The subnet is 192.168.1.xxx. The PLC should have the first 3 numbers the same and the last number different from anything on that same subnet. The PLC could be set to A simple internet search should provide the answer to how you determine the LAN IP address of your PC. The easiest way, I think, is to bring up a command prompt and enter the command, IPCONFIG. You want the IPv4 Address.
  12. Yes, go into INFO Mode and obtain (or set) the IP address of the PLC. Also note the PLC Name. Make sure your computer you are trying to connect with is on the same subnet as the PLC IP address, then use a crossover ethernet cable to connect. Do you need to know how to enter the needed details into VisiLogic?
  13. In my 10 years of experience with Unitronics I've had something similar happen exactly once, except that they were all set to zero. Apparently there was a power surge at the plant and that is the likely cause. I call it a fluke and I don't worry about it.