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  1. IS this MODBUS? There are limitations in the MODBUS standard for register reads.
  2. Do I understand you correctly that you are trying to read 255 registers at once via MODBUS? I believe there is a limit to how many registers you can read with a single Read Holding Registers command (a MODBUS limit, not Unitronics). Try breaking it up into multiple reads.
  3. Post your code for the V350.
  4. Yes, timeout values will impact performance in this situation.
  5. Just use any unused MI to hold the value that will change depending on the state of MB 31.
  6. If the connection is lost, the socket is already closed, is it not? Isn't the socket being open the definition of a connection? Just reconnect. In fact, if you gate the socket connect function with an inverted contact of a bit that is on when the socket is open, you can trigger a reconnect as often as you like and it will do nothing until the connection is lost.
  7. Perhaps I don't understand what you're doing because it seems simple and obvious what to do. Use a buffer MI to store the value you want to go to the analog output. Use two rungs, one with a direct contact of MB 31 to store MI 20 to your buffer MI and a second rung with an inverted contact of MB 31 to store MI 22 to the buffer MI. Use the buffer MI in the Linearization function block.
  8. Well, that's frightening. I use that frequently and had no idea I was at risk of removing an operand that was in use. Not horrible, I suppose, since it's only removing the description. It sounds like there may be a bug in that routine.
  9. Which elements are not being found under View / Operands Not Referenced in Project?
  10. Post your code.
  11. Hey Flex,

    This is Ryan, we spoke on the phone about a week ago. I wanted to see if you could lend your expertise to a blog post I wrote about Unitronics platforms as a whole. Perhaps you would have something to weigh in on or critique. I wouldn't want to be providing anyone with inferior information and would really appreciate your review!


    That's a link to the post. Please, let me know what you think. The host of that site is a really nice guy too, maybe you'll like the site if you haven't discovered it already. Thanks!


  12. This is rare, but I've seen it happen, too. I do what you do - change something else inconsequential. The other alternative is to select Download All & Burn, but that is rather lengthy. I know Unitronics is aware of this as it was mentioned by the instructor in a training course some years ago.
  13. Have you looked at the "Projected Memory Map" under the Build menu?
  14. https://www.google.com/search?q=.rar
  15. Hmmm, I was thinking of the Vision products. I agree that I don't see any applicable display System Integers. It does sound like a hardware fail, but you should check with Unitronics Support for any procedure they might have to troubleshoot. Just email with your problem description above to: support@unitronics.com.