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  1. Ausman has provided a general purpose solution, but this is really extremely simple. A linearization FB with the 10-bit range going to the 16-bit range is all you need here, unless I'm misunderstanding something. But, as Ausman says, the output will be quite jumpy.
  2. The PLC battery will last for years, but is only used when there is no 24V power applied.
  3. Just increment a register (ML) with contacts SB 13 and your output in series. Divide the result by 3600 to obtain hours. Unless the PLC battery dies and 24V power is removed the PLC will retain all register values.
  4. Give it your best shot and post your .vlp file here and someone will take a look and assist.
  5. The Help file has quite extensive information about data tables. It appears you need to use the Find Row command and the Write Direct command.
  6. What table? Do you mean a Data Table? If so, check the example projects that came with your VisiLogic installation and review the help file for Data Table commands.
  7. I'm betting this information doesn't exist, but I think it would be interesting also.
  8. This is why Joe is the programmer's programmer. We all strive for the elegant solution.
  9. I think we've discussed this on here before. Duct tape is an essential element of the Snap-In I/O module, particularly if there is any vibration in the environment. With the proper tools available, screwing them on is even better. I wish Unitronics offered this standard.
  10. I recommend you search the internet to learn about this. A socket is a standard networking term for an endpoint for sending or receiving data. Your Samba has 4 sockets available for ethernet communications. Each socket has a default configuration, or you may configure manually via the Socket Init function block. The default for PC-PLC communications is TCP protocol via Port 20256. Socket 1 defaults to this configuration. It looks to me like your setup visible in the screenshots is correct, assuming you have the ethernet addressing right. I recommend you read the Help entries relating to ethernet communications and also review the example programs that came with your VisiLogic installation. Both are very good. There are also many YouTube videos produced by Unitronics that are very helpful. One other thing - you should probably perform your Power-Ups first before running your subroutines (reverse rungs 1 & 2).
  11. He's doing that - the deadband is between 400 & 600 degrees. sgull was suggesting a basic thermostat, which will work perfectly for eFisher0409's application.
  12. No inconvenience, and thank you for reporting back with the answer you found.
  13. I have written programs for various pulse totalizers and never had a problem detecting the pulses on a regular digital input. Perhaps you have a logic problem. Post your program.