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  1. Can't argue with this. "Slick and professional" is what I try to achieve with every project.
  2. Another option for you that's a bit more straightforward, if a bit more cumbersome: If you can group your 60 Program IDs into some logical grouping, say 6 groups (each on a separate HMI screen) of 10 program IDs, you could just have pushbuttons for each program ID. Label each pushbutton with the program ID instead of having the operator enter it each time on the HMI (which can be a pain). Pressing the button turns on a bit that activates the cycle associated with that program ID.
  3. Just to shortcut this a bit. I would enter the 60 Program IDs into a Data Table then use the "Find Row" function to compare the HMI entry to the Data Table column with the Program IDs. This function will return the row number which you can then use to key the 60 different cycles.
  4. What would be an example of a "Program ID" that would be entered into the text box?
  5. Strings are stored in a vector of MIs, two characters per MI. Not sure what you're trying to do here. Are you entering a string via HMI or are you storing already known string for use in the program?
  6. Link the numeric input to an ML instead of an MI. Use a string input instead of a numeric input.
  7. That driver is for use of the Mini-USB port on the newer PLCs. You will need a USB to serial converter (such as this one: https://www.amazon.com/Trendnet-TU-S9-USB-Serial-Converter/dp/B0007T27H8/) and the serial adapter that comes with the older PLCs. I don't have the part number handy for that old serial adapter, but Unitronics (support@unitronics.com) can help you. Found one laying around and it says MJ 10-22-CS25 on it.

    Agree that he's probably talking about the OS, but if you're not updating the software I see no reason to update the OS.
  9. This is a Godsend for those of us with large high-resolution monitors. +1 on @tmoulder's comment!

    Why do you want to update the firmware?
  11. Anthropomorphizing PLCs

    Don't anthropomorphize PLCs. They hate that!
  12. Change of my HMI status on screen

    What is the purpose of MB 0? If the toggle button for MB 40 is hidden, you will not be able to change the state. Also, Why is your pushbutton assigned to MB 40 and then MB 40 directly controlling MB 53? Why not just assign the toggle pushbutton to MB 53?
  13. The three most dangerous things in the world are: A programmer with a soldering iron. A hardware type with a program patch. A user with an idea.
  14. Why isn't 6 afraid of octal?

    Ha ha! You got it.
  15. Why isn't 6 afraid of octal?

    Because 7 10 11.