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  1. Yes, use SI 9 to adjust the backlight intensity from 0% - 100% and use SB 16 to return the screen backlight to its previous value. Be careful though, when a user touches a dark screen, any button or control that is there will be activated. I usually load a blank screen when I dim the display to prevent inadvertent activation of some control.
  2. If the "Burn Upload Project" option was selected when the project was downloaded, then the .vlp file can be extracted. If not, then no. Once you download a new project, the previous project in the PLC is gone forever.
  3. No! Either place both sets of conditions in the same ladder rung leading to the coil, or create two intermediate coils, one with each set of conditions, and use those intermediate coils in parallel to activate the original coil.
  4. I don't know, that looks like a smile to me. After all he appears to be enjoying a fine cigar!
  5. If you have the original .vlp file, then you can create anything you want and have a bit to run your new subroutines to the exclusion of the original subroutines and vice versa. Other than that there is no capability to load two totally separate programs into the PLC at the same time.
  6. I see that you've placed the contact for the Timer on the same network as the coil many times in your program. Don't do that. Break it up as I showed you above. Not sure what you're asking about O1 starting again. It will start whenever you get a pulse from the Pressure Mat.
  7. You've got the right idea here, just move the T2 contact and O2 Reset to the next ladder rung. Also, don't create multiple networks in the same ladder rung.
  8. My suggestion is to download a blank project, then re-download the project giving you problems. Also, make sure the firmware on the PLC is up to date. Also, in the Fonts Handler in VisiLogic, press the "Delete All Unused" button to make sure you've cleared out everything.
  9. In that case, you need to ask @Joe Tauser.
  10. I need one of those 4-20 mA generators! They're too expensive. I have no experience with the mA generator, but I would assume it would hold a steady reading. If you're still getting fluctuation with that, then maybe there is some kind of hardware problem with the I/O module or a power supply issue. You probably need some input from Unitronics on this.
  11. It depends on what the sensor is. Some are worse than others. You can add additional filtration if you need to, or show one less decimal on your HMI.
  12. Trigger valve when count reaches 30

    Sorry, I lost track of which forum I was in. I don't think U90 has the Reset Numeric function either. Increment just means "add 1".
  13. How many decimal points of precision on your clamp? Also, are you sure the clamp doesn't have some built-in filtering? The 60 point fluctuation is only about 1.5% on a 12-bit input.
  14. You can use both a positive transition contact and a negative transition contact to activate your toggle bit. However, it sounds like you don't need the toggle bit at all. Just use the positive and negative transitions of your input to log your time stamps.