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  1. Flex727

    String to Num

    By the way, the answer to your question, @JOYE, is that FACTOR is how you deal with the decimal placement since you are converting the string representation to an integer. If the string looks like this: "123.45", then you would use a factor of 100 to result in an integer value of 12345. You can then display this integer number on the HMI screen and identify where to place the decimal. If you use the number in calculations, you would need to account for the fact that the number has been multiplied by 100 and deal with that properly.
  2. Flex727

    String to Num

    @Cara Bereck Levy, as far as I can tell, there is absolutely nothing on this function in the help file. Can you help?
  3. I think Ausman is correct here. You could set up multiple pre-set configurations for the user to select and have the selected configuration initialized by ladder. I haven't tried that, but it should work.
  4. Flex727

    Unilogic Simulation Mode

    No. You need to load the project in a PLC to simulate. You don't need to have any of the I/O modules though.
  5. Flex727

    TCP Rx block ladder

    Moved to the correct forum. Please don't make duplicate posts. This board is moderated therefore it can take a bit before posts are approved. I'll leave this up since it includes more detail than the previous one.
  6. You don't need to upload the image files in UnilLogic - simply point to the file you want to use for the specific element you're placing on your HMI screen by clicking the area called "Image" in the properties window and select the file from the File Explorer window.
  7. @GenXMeds, email me your program along with a description of what you're trying to do and what isn't working and I'll try to help (I have 9.8.79 installed and it seems to work on my computer). I'll also post it here for you if you like. Email to: blanier at arc-controls dot com.
  8. Flex727

    Data table column rearrange

    Thank you, @Saragani. Is this feature also available for the Web Server?
  9. Yes it does, though it's not terribly loud. It's activated via SB 310.
  10. Flex727

    Data table column rearrange

    Thank you both @kratmel and @Joe Tauser - that seemed to work.
  11. Flex727

    Data table column rearrange

    It's not the data in the table I'm concerned with. I just want the table itself rearranged. It's large and complex and I don't want to have to create it over again.
  12. PLC crashes are extremely rare, but they are essentially a "stop". I believe digital outputs will turn off, so your detection of a power failure will work for a crash. If you want an auto-reset, I think you'll need your detection to drive a power relay to power cycle the PLC. I'm interested to see if there is a better way though.