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  1. This doesn't appear to have anything to do with Unitronics products. If it does, please respond with more info. Otherwise I will delete the post shortly.
  2. Is this Vision or UniStream?
  3. I've seen power spikes or glitches change timer values. If you keep having the problem due to some electrical interference, you might try loading the timer preset into an ML and storing it back at the appropriate time.
  4. You have your laptop set to the same IP address as the PLC. That won't work.
  5. Maybe I wasn't clear. If you want help, you need to address every item that DanT mentioned - not just the last one.
  6. It would be helpful if you addressed the troubleshooting comments when you respond. No one can help you if we don't know your situation. @DanT was kind enough to type all this out. Please let us know that you've gone through each of these on the other laptop that you're now having a problem with.
  7. Are you using the same computer for both VisiLogic and Remote Operator? If so, they would be using the exact same pathway and if one works, the other should too, but they both can't connect to the same port at the same time. If not, then make sure the Remote Operator computer (or phone) is on the same subnet as the PLC. What I find is that my router hands out addresses to wired and wireless (wi-fi) with different subnets.
  8. It's very difficult to determine where the problem is from a few screen caps. Attach your program here and someone will take a look.
  9. When you store MI 100 to MI 500, you are only storing the single register. For a vector, you must use Vector Copy.
  10. I never store ASCII characters in ML, only MI. Why are you trying to use ML? Your attachment isn't making any sense to me. You show the column "Proizvod" to be defined as 10 characters, but in your Write Row FB, it shows as 20. Are they referring to the same Data Tables?
  11. What function are you using to write the ASCII string? Typically, if the column is defined as String, 10, it will automatically read a vector of 5 MIs into the column. Make sure your Data Table definition is correct.
  12. You cannot have initialization and configuration function blocks directly attached to the left ladder rail (your ladder rung 2). Do NOT do that. Use SB 2 to activate those. Also in ladder rung 3, you are resetting MB 10 when you should be resetting MB 9 (and MB 9 in rung 2 should be a Set coil, not a direct coil).
  13. Oh, I see that you are initializing the ethernet continuously (MB 102 direct contact). Don't do that. Use SB 2 to initialize.
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